She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce Chapter 10

She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Outside the emergency room at the hospital, Amanda waited by the bench on the side. Suddenly, a series of rushed footsteps echoed in the hallway, prompting her to look up and see Elias approaching her. He had a gloomy expression and barked, “What did you do to her? She has a heart condition!” Huh. Such unconditional trust for Grace. He doesn’t even know the whole truth, and he’s already accusing me of provoking her. “Why don’t you ask why your girlfriend would come to my office and cause such a commotion during working hours?!” She had had enough and was fed up with these two, but Grace just had to show up at her doorstep! At that moment, the ER door opened, emerging a doctor who asked, “Family of Grace Murphy?” Elias went forward. “How is she?” “She has congenital heart disease and might’ve been triggered, causing her emotion to surge and eventually faint. I’ll keep her for two nights and observe her situation. Remember, do not trigger her again.” Once the doctor left, Elias furiously turned to glare at Amanda. “What else do you have to say? What exactly did you put her through?” “You can ask your lover once she wakes up.” She turned and was ready to leave. Moreover, how could she have known that Grace had a heart condition? Why come to my law firm stirring up trouble if her heart can’t take it? “Ahh—” Just as she turned around, she was tugged back and pressed onto the cold wall. The man’s long fingers pinched her chin while he screamed, “You can come at me with your grievances, but don’t provoke Grace! Her condition can’t handle it!” When her body slammed into the wall, she felt immense pain in her back. “Elias, how dare you accuse me of provoking her when you don’t even know what happened? Let me reiterate that she was the one who appeared at my office. I’m not the one harassing her!” “What was she there for?” He stared into her eyes while questioning. “To shove money in my face so that I’ll stay away from you! Do you think I was provoking her now? Be a man to your woman so that she’ll stop interrupting my work!” She pushed him away and stormed out of the hospital. The solemn man sent a heavy punch into the wall. … Inside the VIP ward, when Grace opened her eyes, she saw Elias’ back while he stood before the French window. Smiling, she called out to him weakly, “Elias…” When he heard that, he turned around and approached the bed. “Amanda and I are divorced, so you have no reason to confront her.” She was taken aback. “Elias… I’m sorry. Are you mad at me?” He seemed displeased. “What do you think? Don’t you know about your condition better than anyone?” “I just don’t want you to contact each other anymore, but Amanda said she wants to get back with you and pester you. She wants to break us up. That’s why I was so worked up…” “That’s impossible,” Elias denied. Grace was shocked because she discovered that he had subconsciously believed in Amanda over her. She struggled to get up and acted like she was looking for something but was too weak to do so. Pushing her shoulders down, he asked, “What are you trying to do?” “Do you think I’m lying? I have a recording as proof! Amanda said those words herself and vowed to use Old Mr. Winters to accomplish her goal of getting back with you!” She grabbed her bag and took out her phone before playing the recording. She had expected Amanda’s reluctance to take the money and disappear, so she recorded their conversation in advance. With a skeptical attitude, Elias watched as she played the recording of their conversation, especially the part where Amanda said, “So what if I am? If I win his heart, I can still get the extremely wealthy Winters Family. Why would I be interested in that 1.5 million you’re offering? Take your card and scram! Elias can pamper you all he wants, but I have no obligation to spoil you!” His expression altered slightly as he frowned in displeasure. Then, she embellished the matter. “Did you hear that? That’s what Amanda said! I wasn’t telling lies!” Without saying anything, the man frowned deeply, lost in thought. Did Amanda return to remarry me and get back her place as Mrs. Winters? … Back at Lotus Waterfront, Amanda returned home after a busy day but could not find her son anywhere in the room. When the nanny saw her, she greeted Amanda. “Miss Bailey, I’ll get going since you’re home.” “Where’s Aiden? Why don’t I see him anywhere?” “Aiden is in his room, making a call, and he doesn’t want me to listen. Your child is so adorable. He’s like a little adult,” the nanny commented happily. Amanda could not hold back her smile either because her son indeed liked pretending to be a grownup. When she approached Aiden’s room, she heard his cute voice saying, “Uncle Simon, I missed you!” Uncle Simon? Is that little brat on the phone with my boss? Pushing the door open, Amanda saw Aiden, hiding in the corner with the phone, suddenly spring to his feet and quickly dash toward the balcony with his phone. While running, he yelled, “Mommy, don’t take away my phone. I wanna talk to Uncle Simon!” She was rendered speechless as she wanted to stop Aiden from disturbing Simon’s time. It was already tiring for him to work the whole day and still have to make time to chat with the little brat. Since the phone was on loudspeaker, they heard a man’s gentle and low chuckle. “Aiden, be good and give your mommy the phone. I need to speak with her.” The child pouted and muttered, “Alright. To let you and Mommy bond, I’ll put up with it just this once.” Boy, what? Is it just me, or my baby knows a little too much? Aiden proffered Amanda the phone. “Here, Mommy. Uncle Simon wants to talk to you.” She felt resigned and placed the phone to her ear. “Mr. Nicholson.” “Your son calls me ‘Uncle Simon,’ but you call me ‘Mr. Nicholson.’ Do we have to be so estranged?” The man’s voice from the other end was attractively gentle. She smiled. “Aiden’s young and insensible. Don’t mind him. He just dreams to have a father figure in his life.” Sometimes, she felt sorry for her baby, always having to admire other children for having fathers. A low chuckle came from the speaker. “I think Aiden’s quite sensible. He knows you’re having a hard time caring for him, so he wants to get a father to help you.” When the man described it that way, Amanda felt warm and inexplicably touched. That brat is indeed obedient, but sometimes he’s a pain in the butt. “You’re right. My son is quite sensible.” She chuckled. “How are you coping over there? I still have two months of work here. You can ask me for anything.” Simon was the real boss behind Justice & Associates. Moreover, she was content enough to be able to join the country’s top law firm right after returning, so she could not ask for anything more.
She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce

She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce

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Status: Ongoing Type: Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Read “She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce” What’s better than a classic romance novel? How about a romance novel set in outer space? With the same tropes that you might recognize from contemporary romances, and set in a world that’s nothing like our own, romance takes everyone’s favorite genre to a whole new level.


Novel She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce - After being secretly married for a year, Elias Winters brought his mistress home but was confronted by his wife, Amanda Bailey, who presented him with a positive pregnancy test. Falsely accusing her of infidelity, he vowed never to see her again. Four years later, Amanda returned to the country as a successful barrister, causing Elias to cling to her and beg for reconciliation. He even went as far as kneeling in the rain, seeking her forgiveness. However, Amanda remained unmoved. It was then that their child rushed out and asked about Elias. He was shocked because he had always believed that she had aborted the child. To his surprise, the little one standing before him was a spitting image of himself!


At the Winters Residence. "Elias, when are you coming home? I have something to tell you." A sweet smile appeared on Amanda Bailey's face while she looked at the two lines on the pregnancy test. The male voice on the other end of the call replied, "I'm already home. In the living room." "Really? I'll be right down." She hung up the call and rushed out of the room with the pregnancy test strip in hand, eager to tell the man the good news. She sprinted down the stairs but suddenly remembered her pregnancy and slowed down. Clutching the test strip in her hand, she wondered what Elias Winters' reaction would be once he heard the news. Yet, when Amanda was halfway down the stairs, she saw two figures in the living room—Elias and a sexy woman. Slowing down her steps, she held the handrail tightly and felt her heart sink. That was because she saw her husband and the woman behaving affectionately as though they were a smitten couple. The smile on Amanda's face froze, and her thoughts were a mess. Both her legs felt heavy as she slowly made her way down the stairs. "Elias—" As she finally made her way to the living room, she called him but was coldly interrupted. "She's pregnant, so let's get a divorce."
She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce

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She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce

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In conclusion “She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.


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