She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce Chapter 11

She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Baby and I will personally welcome you when you return.” “Sure. Wait for me.” After hanging up the call, Amanda saw her son standing before her. He was looking up and grinning at her. “What’s with the silly grin?” The child was ecstatic, smiling charmingly while asking, “Mommy, do you think Mr. Simon’s a great guy too? Did you bond with him?” This kid… “What are you talking about? Go take a bath and go to bed early. You’re going to the kindergarten tomorrow!” Then, she picked up her son and headed for the bathroom. Aiden was unconvinced and continued asking, “Mommy, is your heart made of stone? Mr. Simon is such a great guy. You should capture his heart quickly, or he’ll become another kid’s father!” “Alright, alright. Let’s continue after your bath, okay?” She couldn’t win against her stubborn son, but on the other hand, she felt quite sorry for him. It seemed like he really wanted a father… … Early morning the following day, Amanda sent her son to kindergarten and got ready to head to the law firm. When she got into the driver’s seat, her phone rang. It was a call from Helean. “Hello? I’m about to head to the law firm.” “Wait, Amanda. Come straight to Winters Enterprise. There’s something we need to discuss about the infringement case.” Another trip to Winters Enterprise! Amanda didn’t want to take on this case, but when she remembered the perverted Jackson, she thought it would be better to make that trip. “Fine. I understand. You should get there soon, too.” “I’m already here. I’m currently inside the company’s high-level conference room. Come over, quick.” “Okay.” After hanging up, Amanda drove her car toward Winters Enterprise. … On the other hand, Elias was working at his desk in the president’s office at Winters Enterprise. At that moment, the secretary entered and informed him, “Mr. Winters, do you want to sit in during the infringement case’s negotiation session? The lawyer responsible for this case, Amanda Bailey, will be…” Before the secretary finished speaking, Elias’ pen tip stopped at the signature line, and he asked, “What’s the lawyer’s name again?” The secretary was terrified. She didn’t know what she had done wrong, so she carefully repeated, “Amanda Bailey from Justice & Associates.” Amanda again! A flash of surprise appeared inside Elias’ obsidian eyes as he wondered, Amanda became a lawyer after four years? He faintly remembered Amanda graduated from the Imperia University of Political Science and Law. However, could it be a coincidence that she was the lawyer responsible for this infringement case? At that moment, he seemed to recall the words Grace said yesterday and the recording he heard there. Did Amanda really return to get back with him and regain everything she lost? Putting his pen down, he instructed the secretary, “Make the arrangements. I’ll be sitting in during the negotiation.” “Got it, Mr. Winters.” The secretary was almost scared to death. She thought she had made a rookie mistake. Luckily, everything was fine, and she brought the documents Elias signed and quickly exited the president’s office. … In the high-level conference room. Amanda rushed all the way here and entered the conference to find the other party’s lawyer and the person in charge had already arrived. A taboo during legal negotiations was being late, but Amanda just happened to get stuck in a traffic jam on her way here and got delayed. After composing herself, she sat beside Helean and explained herself, “My apologies. I got caught in a traffic jam just now.” The opposing lawyer smiled without saying anything, indicating that it was fine. Helean whispered, “Let’s get started. Winters Enterprise hopes we can achieve a preliminary result after the first round of our first negotiation.” “I understand.” Amanda took out her documents and got ready to start working. But at that moment, the conference room door suddenly opened, and someone came in. Since Amanda was busy organizing her documents, she had no time to look. Unexpectedly, everyone stood up in unison and respectfully greeted, “Mr. Winters.” Mr. Winters! Amanda, who was organizing her documents, was so surprised that her eyes widened. Could it be… The moment she turned around, she felt like dying. It was Elias! She got up unwillingly and shot Helean a death stare before whispering in a voice only they could hear, “Didn’t you say Elias was busy with day-to-day work and wouldn’t participate in this case? What is he doing here then?” Feeling wronged, Helean shrugged as if saying he didn’t know what was happening. Meanwhile, Elias immediately spotted Amanda. This was the first time he saw her in a professional suit, and he discovered she seemed more charming. She wore exquisite but light makeup, and her waist-long hair was worn down. As for her attire, she wore a nude pink chiffon shirt with a white skirt that hugged her hips and a pair of black heels. Her waist was so slim that it seemed like he could break it with a slight pinch, and her long, beautiful legs were very attractive. That woman… seemed to have changed a lot in the past for years. To be more precise, she became more beautiful. Back then, Amanda never wore any makeup and only wore tacky clothes. It was completely different from now. Elias withdrew his gaze and sat in an empty seat before saying, “Please continue. I’m just sitting in.” He was exuding a majestic aura, and the chair he was sitting in didn’t seem like a chair but a throne. His strong temperament felt suppressive to everyone present. Meanwhile, Amanda was a little out of it. How could she focus on her work with Elias sitting there? She wanted the floor to swallow her up, but she still forced herself to get into working mode. Looking up at the lawyer opposite her, she said, “Let’s begin. We don’t have much time.” … An hour later. The negotiation process lasted an hour, and Elias’ gaze was glued to Amanda’s side profile the entire time. After the negotiation session ended, the other party’s lawyer and the person in charge left. “Mr. Winters, Miss Bailey and I will also make our leave,” Helean announced respectfully. Unexpectedly, Elias smiled and ordered, “You head outside. I would like to have a private conversation with Miss Bailey.” “Uhm… Sure.” Helean glanced at Amanda and left. Meanwhile, Amanda ignored Elias and exited the conference room after packing her things. The man suddenly stood up and blocked her way. At the same time, he pulled her into his embrace and pinned her to the conference table. Amanda’s eyes widened as she panicked. “Elias, are you crazy? What do you think you’re doing?” She struggled to get up but couldn’t move because the man had pinned her to the table. “Isn’t this what you’re after? Didn’t you want to get my attention? Why are you acting innocent now that you have it?” Elias held her slim waist and caressed it.

She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce

She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce

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Status: Ongoing Type: Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Read “She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce” What’s better than a classic romance novel? How about a romance novel set in outer space? With the same tropes that you might recognize from contemporary romances, and set in a world that’s nothing like our own, romance takes everyone’s favorite genre to a whole new level.


Novel She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce - After being secretly married for a year, Elias Winters brought his mistress home but was confronted by his wife, Amanda Bailey, who presented him with a positive pregnancy test. Falsely accusing her of infidelity, he vowed never to see her again. Four years later, Amanda returned to the country as a successful barrister, causing Elias to cling to her and beg for reconciliation. He even went as far as kneeling in the rain, seeking her forgiveness. However, Amanda remained unmoved. It was then that their child rushed out and asked about Elias. He was shocked because he had always believed that she had aborted the child. To his surprise, the little one standing before him was a spitting image of himself!


At the Winters Residence. "Elias, when are you coming home? I have something to tell you." A sweet smile appeared on Amanda Bailey's face while she looked at the two lines on the pregnancy test. The male voice on the other end of the call replied, "I'm already home. In the living room." "Really? I'll be right down." She hung up the call and rushed out of the room with the pregnancy test strip in hand, eager to tell the man the good news. She sprinted down the stairs but suddenly remembered her pregnancy and slowed down. Clutching the test strip in her hand, she wondered what Elias Winters' reaction would be once he heard the news. Yet, when Amanda was halfway down the stairs, she saw two figures in the living room—Elias and a sexy woman. Slowing down her steps, she held the handrail tightly and felt her heart sink. That was because she saw her husband and the woman behaving affectionately as though they were a smitten couple. The smile on Amanda's face froze, and her thoughts were a mess. Both her legs felt heavy as she slowly made her way down the stairs. "Elias—" As she finally made her way to the living room, she called him but was coldly interrupted. "She's pregnant, so let's get a divorce."
She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce

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She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce

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Name of the Novel: 1 She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce
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In conclusion “She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.


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