She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce Chapter 46

She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce Chapter 46

Chapter 46

It was late at night when Amanda lay motionless on the bed. Her long hair was in disarray as it covered her delicate face.

As if her bones had come apart, she felt like she was about to die.

It seemed as though Elias wanted to kill her from the way he refused to let her go until she begged him to stop while she cried.

She could now hear the sound of flowing water from the bathroom where the man was taking a


Feeling overwhelmed with shame, she let out tears she couldn’t hold back.

Why do I have to endure such humiliation from Elias even after our divorce? Who does this jerk think he is? Why does he feel entitled to do whatever he wants?

The bathroom door opened suddenly, and Elias emerged looking refreshed and energized. He was wearing a bathrobe that exposed his sexy chest and abdominal muscles.

“You sweated buckets. Should I carry you to take a shower if you don’t have the energy to?” His deep voice slowly resounded in the room.

The woman weakly glared at him and struggled to get up. “No, thanks!”

She then looked at the scattered bikini on the carpet, wondering what magic it held that could instantly turn Elias into a beast.

As she reached for her clothes, he said in a low voice, “Don’t wear those. I’ll have someone send you a new set of clothes.

Hearing that, she sneered and lifted her chin to look at him. “I don’t need that sh*t! Stop pretending like you are doing me a favor. I’ll always remember how you acted like a savage tonight.”

Amanda hurriedly put on her clothes and tried to leave, but her legs were so weak that her knees buckled.

Elias caught her before he sighed. “You’ve just had a vigorous workout. You don’t have to rush to get up. Have some rest.”

“Don’t touch me!”

The more she thought about what had happened in the past few hours, the more she wanted to bite the jerk in front of her to death.

After she shook off his hand, she sarcastically mentioned, “You’d better start thinking about how you are going to explain to your beloved Grace, you se mbag!”


Amanda had finally confirmed that Elias was a player.

Despite being Grace’s man, he still gave Amanda his everything tonight…

Elias suddenly fell silent upon hearing that. He did owe Grace an explanation. Since he didn’t love her, he shouldn’t hold her back for the remainder of her life.

“I’ll talk to her and make it clear that we’re not suitable for each other. She should find a man who will take care of her.”

Amanda stopped in the middle of getting dressed and looked up at him. “You don’t want her anymore? Are you going to break up with her?”

Did I hear him right? Is that what he means?

“Yes. We are not a good match.”

“But she will not agree to it!” Amanda knew Grace too well. There was no way Grace would just let go of the man she considered her lifeline.

“That’s my business. I’ll handle it. What about you? Are you still going to be the stepmother to Simon’s son?”

Elias felt angry just mentioning Simon and the brat who took the call.

Amanda’s heart skipped a beat, and she turned her head to the side out of guilt. “Why do you care? I want to do that!”

She then picked up her bag and started to leave when Elias grabbed her by her wrist. “You must have forgotten what happened the past few hours. The woman I bed can only be my woman!”

“What do you mean?” Amanda couldn’t understand where this was going.

“We will have a remarriage as Grandpa wants us to.”

“Never!” she blurted out. “I won’t agree to it! So what if we slept together? We already did it four years ago. I’ll just consider myself bitten by a dog!”

Elias gritted his teeth and asked threateningly, “Whom are you calling a dog? Does it not matter to you that someone took you to bed? When did you become such an easy woman, Amanda? Have you slept with Simon Nicholson?”

The thought of this possibility made Elias boil with anger. If she dared to say yes, he might really lose control and ravage her again.

“You sick pervert! Do you think everyone is as obsessed with sleeping around as you are? Let me go!”

When Elias heard that, he suddenly felt relieved and his frown gradually smoothed out.


He then held her chin and reminded her in a deep voice, I’m warning you-don’t even think about becoming the stepmother to Simon’s son, or I won’t let you off easy”

He has always been an arrogant man who thinks that everyone has to obey his commands. He wanted me to scram as far away from him as possible when he didn’t want me. But now that he wants me again, I have to obediently come back to him? Bah! I’ve had enough!

“I despise you!” Amanda suddenly uttered, startling the man.


She removed his hand from her and snarled, “I said I despise you. Who do you think you are? You didn’t want me four years ago, so you got a woman to put on a show with and got rid of me. Now that you are in a better mood and find me slightly pleasing to the eye, I’m supposed to obediently come back to you like a dog? Elias, don’t you think you’re a se mbag? What do you take me for?”

An endless, deadly silence filled the room.

Elias knew she held a grudge against him, but he didn’t expect such deep hatred from her.


“Don’t you dare say my name! You are a sc*mbag through and through! Don’t forget we had at child that you abandoned. You didn’t want both me and our child. Do you have any idea how scared I was when I went to the hospital to have an abortion four years ago?”

Her heart ached when she talked about her baby.

These four years, starting from the time she got pregnant to after she gave birth, hadn’t been easy on her. She had had to endure tons of hardships while being taken advantage of by others.

Elias would conveniently get a son if they were to remarry. He can dream on!

Although Elias didn’t know that their child was still alive, Amanda didn’t think he was fit to be a father, not to mention a good one at that.

The man’s gaze dimmed a bit and his handsome face was thunderous.

He almost forgot about the aborted pregnancy…

Amanda proceeded to pick up her bag and leave the room without looking back.

Elias was left standing there in silence, his handsome face tense. Suddenly, it seemed as if a thousand-pound weight was pressing down on his chest, suffocating him.

Does she despise me?She… despises me…

Amanda left the pool party and drove away. She didn’t want to take on this case anymore. In fact,


she didn’t want to be here even a second longer.

However, her entire body was sore. She didn’t have any strength left in her legs that felt like they were jelly.

Her mind was in chaos as she sat in the driver’s seat, looking at herself in the rearview mirror. With her flushed cheeks and messy hair, she looked like she had had some thorough loving.

She hated Elias, but she hated herself even more. She couldn’t believe how her body reacted when the man took advantage of her.

Amanda thought that she didn’t love him anymore. It wouldn’t make sense for her to still love him after how badly he hurt her four years ago.

However, the way her body reacted was true. She hated how spineless she was.

“How shameless can you be, Amanda Bailey? Grow a backbone, will you? Why would you love a jerk like him? He is not the only man left on this planet!”

She kept scolding her reflection in the mirror as she tried to bring herself back to her senses.


She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce

She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce

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Status: Ongoing Type: Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Read “She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce” What’s better than a classic romance novel? How about a romance novel set in outer space? With the same tropes that you might recognize from contemporary romances, and set in a world that’s nothing like our own, romance takes everyone’s favorite genre to a whole new level.


Novel She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce - After being secretly married for a year, Elias Winters brought his mistress home but was confronted by his wife, Amanda Bailey, who presented him with a positive pregnancy test. Falsely accusing her of infidelity, he vowed never to see her again. Four years later, Amanda returned to the country as a successful barrister, causing Elias to cling to her and beg for reconciliation. He even went as far as kneeling in the rain, seeking her forgiveness. However, Amanda remained unmoved. It was then that their child rushed out and asked about Elias. He was shocked because he had always believed that she had aborted the child. To his surprise, the little one standing before him was a spitting image of himself!


At the Winters Residence. "Elias, when are you coming home? I have something to tell you." A sweet smile appeared on Amanda Bailey's face while she looked at the two lines on the pregnancy test. The male voice on the other end of the call replied, "I'm already home. In the living room." "Really? I'll be right down." She hung up the call and rushed out of the room with the pregnancy test strip in hand, eager to tell the man the good news. She sprinted down the stairs but suddenly remembered her pregnancy and slowed down. Clutching the test strip in her hand, she wondered what Elias Winters' reaction would be once he heard the news. Yet, when Amanda was halfway down the stairs, she saw two figures in the living room—Elias and a sexy woman. Slowing down her steps, she held the handrail tightly and felt her heart sink. That was because she saw her husband and the woman behaving affectionately as though they were a smitten couple. The smile on Amanda's face froze, and her thoughts were a mess. Both her legs felt heavy as she slowly made her way down the stairs. "Elias—" As she finally made her way to the living room, she called him but was coldly interrupted. "She's pregnant, so let's get a divorce."
She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce

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She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce

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