She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce Chapter 6

She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Having not stepped foot in this manor for four years, Amanda found herself inexplicably sad. Her brows involuntarily tightened as she recalled many events from the past. In the meantime, Elias tugged her into the garden. When she saw Howard’s hoary back from afar, she felt tears welling up in her guilty eyes. Hearing the footsteps, he turned around only to see his b*stard grandson and snorted. “Why are you here? Scram!” Since Elias’ tall figure was covering Amanda, he moved to the side and asked, “You don’t want to see me, but I bet you want to see her, right?” Hearing that, Howard turned around again, shocked at whom he saw. “Amanda? Is that you?” “Grandpa… It’s me.” Her voice sounded choked. He was ecstatic and strode over with his walking stick, but he pulled a long face and reprimanded, “Where have you been all these years? I’ve looked everywhere for you! I need to know why you guys divorced! Didn’t you promise you wouldn’t divorce him no matter what happened?” When Elias saw how worked up Howard was, he was at a loss for words. It was as though Amanda was the Winters Family’s real granddaughter while he was picked up from somewhere. “Grandpa, I’m sorry… I let you down.” Back then, she had promised him that she would not divorce Elias no matter what happened, but the sc*mbag had gotten another woman pregnant! What was she to do besides divorcing him? “Amanda, tell me the truth. Did this b*stard force you into divorce? You’re a good child, and I know that brat’s character very well, so tell me the truth!” Howard looked at her anticipatingly because he refused to believe she would renege on her words. Elias narrowed his eyes at her as if warning, “Watch what you say!” Since she did not want anything to do with him, she did not want to agonize the innocent Howard either. “Grandpa, we broke up on good terms. I don’t love him anymore, nor does he, so we divorced. None of us forced the other.” She smiled while saying that, hoping he could find peace with this information. Unexpectedly, he suddenly roared, “That’s impossible! Have you forgotten your promise to me? You said you’d love Elias forever and will still love him even if he doesn’t love you back. How could you change your mind so suddenly? I don’t believe you! That brat must’ve forced you into getting a divorce. Did he tell you to say that too?” “Grandpa… That’s not it.” “Amanda, have you begun lying to me as well? You’re not like that. You loved Elias to death, so why would you change your mind so quickly?” He could not accept Amanda’s explanation because it was a lie. At his boiling point, Elias argued, “Grandpa, can you be more reasonable? You didn’t believe me when I said we broke up on good terms. How are you still so stubborn after Amanda told you the truth?” “You b*stard! Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to! Unless you anger me to death, that clown will never join the Winters Family! The only daughter-in-law we acknowledge is Amanda!” He did not forget to pat her hand, adding, “Don’t worry. He can’t do anything to you with me here. I will get you guys back together someday.” Amanda was at a loss for words when faced with Howard’s stubbornness. Tired of pretending, she decided to tell the truth. “Grandpa, we can’t get back together anymore. The child he and that woman had should be turning three soon, and you can’t expect me to become a stepmom, right? I can’t do that, so I’m sorry.” Remembering when Elias brought that woman home with the pregnancy news, she did a rough estimation and assumed the child might be the same age as Aiden. When Howard heard her, his eyes widened, and his jaw dropped. Similarly, Elias’ face instantly fell, and he pursed his thin lips. “A child? What child? Where did that come from? Did you and that clown have a child?” Howard glanced at Elias, unconvinced. Elias denied it, but his helpless visage sold him out. “No.” “You b*stard! I’ll ask you again. Did you have a child with that woman? How could such a woman bear the heir to our family?” Howard screamed his accusation, pointing his walking stick at his grandson. Suppressing his rage, Elias attempted to defend himself again. “We didn’t have a child together!” “If you dare to get that clown pregnant, I’ll never forgive you. I…” Howard only spoke half his sentence before losing his footing and falling to the ground. “Grandpa!” Elias’ obsidian eyes filled with shock as he ran over to catch Howard’s body. On the other hand, Amanda’s mind went blank at the unfolding scene. “Grandpa…” … Outside Howard’s bedroom, the private doctor exited and stood before Elias and Amanda after thirty minutes. “Old Mr. Winters was exasperated, causing his blood pressure to surge. I gave him medication to control his blood pressure, so he’s fine now. Let him rest, and don’t provoke him again.” After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Amanda instantly felt relieved. Elias pushed the door open and peeked inside before closing it again upon confirmation that Howard was asleep. Turning to look at her, he offered, “I’ll send you home.” She did not respond and led the way. Now that she had calmed down, she suddenly remembered what Howard had said earlier… So, it turns out that Grandpa didn’t know about the child, but why did Elias deny the child’s presence? The clown Grandpa was talking about was called Grace. Could she be the woman Elias brought home years ago? A clown… Is she a celebrity? Fishing out her phone, Amanda searched her name and soon found results on Grace Murphy. Her eyes widened in shock because Grace was not the woman he had brought home four years ago! Abruptly, she halted her footsteps and turned to look at the tall man behind her. “So, the woman you brought back four years ago wasn’t pregnant. Am I right?” There was never a child. Was all that just a ploy to push the divorce narrative and make way for Grace? Elias coldly replied, “Yes.” Yes?! How could he be so calm? So, he made up a fake child and divorced me for the love of his life? And I had no idea about who my love rival was! Was he so in love with Grace that he would use such a despicable trick to end our marriage? I almost went and aborted my baby boy! At that instant, Amanda was overcome with rage and swung her hand at the man’s handsome face. Unsurprisingly, he effortlessly stopped her and roared, “Are you crazy?” “Elias Winters! You will never know about his existence!” After that, she stormed away, vowing that she and her baby would never forgive him. The stranded man stood in his spot, staring at the furious figure. Whose existence?
She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce

She’s Pregnant So Let’s Get a Divorce

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Status: Ongoing Type: Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Read “She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce” What’s better than a classic romance novel? How about a romance novel set in outer space? With the same tropes that you might recognize from contemporary romances, and set in a world that’s nothing like our own, romance takes everyone’s favorite genre to a whole new level.


Novel She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce - After being secretly married for a year, Elias Winters brought his mistress home but was confronted by his wife, Amanda Bailey, who presented him with a positive pregnancy test. Falsely accusing her of infidelity, he vowed never to see her again. Four years later, Amanda returned to the country as a successful barrister, causing Elias to cling to her and beg for reconciliation. He even went as far as kneeling in the rain, seeking her forgiveness. However, Amanda remained unmoved. It was then that their child rushed out and asked about Elias. He was shocked because he had always believed that she had aborted the child. To his surprise, the little one standing before him was a spitting image of himself!


At the Winters Residence. "Elias, when are you coming home? I have something to tell you." A sweet smile appeared on Amanda Bailey's face while she looked at the two lines on the pregnancy test. The male voice on the other end of the call replied, "I'm already home. In the living room." "Really? I'll be right down." She hung up the call and rushed out of the room with the pregnancy test strip in hand, eager to tell the man the good news. She sprinted down the stairs but suddenly remembered her pregnancy and slowed down. Clutching the test strip in her hand, she wondered what Elias Winters' reaction would be once he heard the news. Yet, when Amanda was halfway down the stairs, she saw two figures in the living room—Elias and a sexy woman. Slowing down her steps, she held the handrail tightly and felt her heart sink. That was because she saw her husband and the woman behaving affectionately as though they were a smitten couple. The smile on Amanda's face froze, and her thoughts were a mess. Both her legs felt heavy as she slowly made her way down the stairs. "Elias—" As she finally made her way to the living room, she called him but was coldly interrupted. "She's pregnant, so let's get a divorce."
She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce

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She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce

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In conclusion “She's Pregnant So Let's Get a Divorce” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.


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