Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 9

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 9 –  in the media,” Leila says, Zara looks between us nervously. “Right, sorry. Just when I applied here, I thought the job was for a floor receptionist downstairs, not working for four Alphas,” she stammered nervously and I rolled my eyes at her fakeness. “This is going to be a fucking nightmare.

I swear if you go into heat in my damn office, you’re fired. You step through those damn doors without your descenter or off your suppressants you’re fired! I will not have my mates go into rut because you can’t contain yourself. Am I understood?” | snapped at her.

She swiftly nodded her head, and I actually felt bad when she looked like she was on the verge of tears.

She quickly shakes her head and clears her throat. Well, at least she has enough control to suppress instincts. Most Omegas would have fallen at my feet by now and begged for forgiveness.

least she has some self-preservation. “Understood, sir,” she says and I curse under my breath. “And stay the fuck out of my office, unless called on,” I tell her, storming off and away from her when I hear Raidon ask her a question. “Why don’t you have a pack?” he asks.

“No, I never found one I was interested in and have no interest in joining one either,” she answers, yet the tremble in her voice was almost as if she feared Raidon. She didn’t have to worry about us claiming her. We all fucking hated Omegas after the shitstorm Harlow caused for us. Leaving them, I slip inside my of fice and close the door.

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