Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapters List

Title: Alphas Possession

Author: Jessica hall

Chapters: Ongoing


After the death of her parents, Harlow and her twin sister, Zara are placed in an omega sanctuary.  There is something special about Harlow and she finds herself up for auction, no longer safe in the place that was supposed to protect them. Her sister steps in, taking her place only to end up killed by the pack that she was destined for. When they find out that Harlow wasn’t the one they received, she has to go on the run, posing as her twin, assuming no one will look for a dead girl.  Harlow finds out just how wrong she was when two alpha packs join the hunt for her. Now she has to escape her bidders and the authorities in a world full of alphas. Where being an omega is not only a blessing but a curse.  There is just one issue, Harlow bends for no man, especially an alpha. When she lands a job with the alpha pack that has been hunting her, she puts herself in a dangerous position. Can Harlow keep her true identity a secret or will she be found out and punished for running from her alpha?

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