His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 102

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 102 – Abbie POV

Two days had passed, and Kade had left me to rot in this b*****l. He came to torment me every day, so l wasn’t surprised to see a woman walk in when the door opened. However, I was surprised to find it was the woman that used to park outside the cabin.

Her heels click on the floorboards. Today she wore a short black dress, and I could see the outline of her thong; it was that tight. I looked away, back at the wall where I sat in the corner. She was here to inject me with more of the s**t Kade had been using on me, or so I suspected. I will not cry. She did not deserve my tears. I kind of wished Blaire would come back. I wanted to know she was okay, and I hadn’t seen her since the night I was brought here, she tried to help clean me up when he was done with me and he ripped her from the room. I hadn’t seen her since.

The woman crouches next to me and grips my chin, forcing me to meet her gaze. She sneers, shoving my face away. “Kade is on his way, and you will be on your best behavior for my husband,” she says.

I gulp. Her words stung, but she could have him. I wanted nothing to do with the man, and I felt foolish for not believing Gannon, felt stupid that I actually thought I would have some sort of happiness.

“Seems, your little friend, that b***h Queen of yours has been asking about you, you do anything to jeopardize the life I have with Kade, and he won’t be the one you need to fear, I will order every pack warrior to run through you, treat you like the home-wrecking w***e you are,” she says turning her chin up at me.

I laughed. Of course, that piece of s**t’s wife was just as depraved as he was.

“Must have really s****d when you learned he had a mate,” I tell her, glaring at the woman. She slapped me, her handprint burning into my face, I could even feel her the outlines of each finger etched into my cheek. My face stung yet she smiled, I could see the sadistic gleam in her eye as she grips my hair and yanking my head back, making me grit my teeth.

“Accidents happen, remember that. This is my pack. Kade is my mate; you will learn your place,” she says.

“My place isn’t here, and you should mind your own. Ivy will come for me,” I snarl at her, and she laughs before gripping my throat.

“Why do you think Kade is coming? To see you?” She laughed and clicked her tongue.

“Your friend won’t be an issue after today. Kade is only keeping you, so he doesn’t become weak. You do well to remember that you are nothing to him, just a warm hole to f**k,” she says when the door opens again.

His scent wafted to me before I saw him, the bond recognizing him instantly, and I now despised the reaction he stirred. I wanted his blood, and I hated that he could easily influence me the way it does.

“Ah, there are my girls, having a chat, I see,” Kade says, walking in wearing a tailored suit, and the woman lets me go and rises to her feet.

“Abbie dear, I see you have met my wife Cassandra, pretty isn’t she?” he says, sweeping her hair off her shoulder before cupping her neck and jamming his filthy tongue down her throat. I averted my gaze, relishing the pain that serrated through my chest.

When he had finished his disgusting display of affection, he spoke.

“Now, the Queen has decided she wants to video chat with you today. She found out about Cassandra, and you love, will convince her everything is peachy and that you are happy here,” Kade says, walking over to me and gripping my arm. He yanks me to my feet. Yet excitement bubbles within me. Nobody knew me better than Ivy; she knew my darkest secrets, my biggest shames. She would see through any facade Kade tried to put up.

Kade pushes me on the bed and grips my face; I try to pull away from his grip. When he kissed me, I was near tempted to bite his filthy tongue but learned last night not to do that after he knocked me out cold. My jaw still throbbed even this morning.

“It won’t work. Ivy will know something is wrong,” I spit at him when he stops.

“Now I had a funny feeling that you would say that, so I have a motivator for you,” He whistles, and I hear a struggle outside and a woman’s shrill cries and that of a baby. My heart leaps in my chest, and I get to my feet as a woman in lingerie is tossed on the floor on her knees, a baby clutched in her arms that was barely a few months old. I glare at the man who shoved her before turning my attention to Kade.

“Now you will put on your best performance; Abbie, meet Stacey, Stacey, this Abbie,” he says, and I s*****w as he grips her hair, ripping her head back.

“Now, Stacey, Abbie over here is the one who decides if little Jacob here is going to get to live another,” he says. Tears streaked down her face. The baby was bundled up, clutched in her arm, and tucked to her chest. Her mascara ran down her cheeks as she looked at me pleadingly. Her bright red hair stuck to her face as tears smudged her makeup and lines trekked into her foundation.

Kade reaches for the boy in her arms, but I speak before he grabs him as she tries to fight him off. “I’ll do it. You touch one hair on that baby or her head. I will refuse to do anything you ask, leave her,” I snap at him, and he pauses his outstretched hand; he stands and clicks his tongue, letting her hair go, and she crawled quickly over to me, holding the baby with one hand stopping by my feet. Kade snarls at her and goes to grab her, but I step over her, putting myself between them.

“Seems you do have a backbone after all,” Kade says.

“It will do you no good here, you f**k this up, you watch them d*e,” he adds.

“You touch them, and you do,” I tell him. I was the only thing standing in the way of having Ivy get the King here, and I knew she would cause h**l in the castle for me because if our roles were reversed, I would do the same.

Kade nods and looks at Cassandra, who smiles sweetly before tugging her handbag off her shoulder. She pulled a smaller bag out that was clear and contained makeup. I sat on the edge of the bed, knowing exactly what would happen next. Mrs. Daley was good at this facade, too, when she wanted sponsors and had covered our scars plenty of times. If I can survive that b***h, I could survive anything.

Stacey cringes away from her, and Cassandra raises her hand to hit her when Stacey accidentally bumps into her. Rage courses through me, and I grip her wrist. We stand-off for a few seconds. Cassandra was clearly shocked I would grab her, especially in front of Kade, who she was expecting to jump to her rescue, but he only chuckled.

“Now, now, ladies, no fighting,” he says, sitting in the chair in the corner beside the bed.

“You don’t want to jeopardize that future you want so badly, do you?” I ask her, and she glares at me.

“You are asking for d***h, girlie,” she spits, yanking her arm away.

“Good thing I don’t fear it, but I bet you do,” I tell her, and she glares at me. I sit on the bed, and Kade clicks his fingers impatiently at her.

I shut down, letting her play dress-up, solely focused on keeping the woman at my feet and her baby safe from these monsters.

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