His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 105

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 105 – Gannon POV

Liam had to keep turning the music up. Mrs. Daley’s screams echoed around the basement. Eventually, her screams cut out completely, her body b****y and lifeless, having skinned the b***h alive. Oh, how I loved hearing them scream. Although I could have gone without the e******n, it gave me. Blood coated the stone floor red, the smell was pungent, and the place reeked of raw meat.

Washing my hands in the filthy sink, I dry them on a hessian bag I found sitting beside it before looking at the old hag’s pelt hanging up on a hook from the ceiling, admiring my handiwork. I headed for the stairs with a shrug. The rickety old steps creaked under my weight as I climbed them. Opening the door, I shake my head when I see Liam shaking his a*s and dancing to the music he had blaring loudly. Liam was still wearing his floral apron while doing the dishes.

Katrina comes into the kitchen with another pile of plates clutched in her hands, a tea towel draped over her shoulder. She gives me a wary look. She hesitates for a second, then hurries past me toward the small kitchen. I watch as she sets the plates on the bench beside Liam. He grabs her hand and twirls her around before pulling her to dance with him, tugging her body flush against his.

Only then does he spot me standing by the basement door. He smirks, letting her go before letting her go and drying his hands on the apron.

“About time; I thought you were trying on Mrs. Daley and wearing her skin as a suit with how long you were taking,” Liam laughs. Katrina stares wide-eyed at me, turning my head to look at her, and she hastily looks away.

Liam undoes his apron and sets it on the counter before pecking Katrina on the cheek. “Be seeing you later, Dollface,” he says, sending her a wink. I shake my head as he walks towards me when he stops at the door leading out to the hall. “On second thought.” He turns back and snatches the apron off the counter.

“You don’t want this, do you?” Katrina shakes her head. I was pretty sure she would give him her kidney if it meant he would get away from her. Probably even cut it out herself.

“Good, good, it looks better on me anyway,” he says, chucking it over his shoulder and sauntering out.

“Ah, Mrs. Daley?” Katrina asks me when I turn to follow him.

“No need to worry, I already hung her up to dry, just let her air out for a bit,” I tell her, following Liam back through the place. I stop when I pass Oliver and Logan, who are both still sitting in the same spot, huddled underneath a blanket, watching the other children playing with some puzzles.

“I will be back in a few hours to pick you up; I have someone I want you both to meet,” I tell them. Oliver rests his head on Logan’s shoulder, s*****g his thumb.

“Who?” Logan asks me, hugging his brother closer. “A woman named Clarice. You will like her, and she will love both of you. She will take good care of you.” I told him and he chewed his lip while looking at his little brother. He nods, so I turn on my heel before walking outside. When I do, I am confronted with Alpha Dean and Alpha Brock, who were having a heated argument with Liam.

“Can I help you?” I ask them, coming behind Liam and stepping over the small brick fence that ran along the footpath.

“Don’t you mean can I help you? This isn’t your pack, and we were called here about a disturbance,” Alpha Dean states.

“Is that right? Well, last I checked, werewolves were lower on the food chain. So I suggest you move along before you meet the real big bad wolf,” I snarl. Alpha Dean looks at Liam and me before focusing back on me and looking me up and down.

“Well, the King never informed either of us that you would be showing up; if we had known, we would have prepared for your arrival,” Alpha Dean adds, glancing around nervously.

“No preparations needed. If you will excuse me, I have a butcher who needs butchering,” I tell them before smiling and shoving past them both. I open the driver’s door, and Liam tosses me the keys, and l snatch them out of the air, about to climb in the car.

“Exactly why are you here?” Alpha Brock asks.

“Little slow, this Alpha is. No wonder the pack is going broke. Not one brain cell between the two of them,” Liam says, and I smirk at his words.

“The two rogue boys inside will be leaving with me when I return; touch them, you will be hanging alongside Mrs. Daley in the basement,” I tell them before climbing into the car.

They glanced at the orphanage behind them, and we drove off. Liam gave me directions to the butcher’s shop in town. It just so happened to be in the small town square, and we received a few nervous glances as we climbed out and headed inside the small place.

A huge glass display fridge was out the front taking up half the store, but I could see a room out the back behind the til. Pushing through the hinged door beside the fridge display, I went out the back of the small store to the freezer room. I could hear muffled yelling as I approached the enormous steel door. Twisting the handle, I yanked it open and stepped inside. The room was freezing, and I shivered instantly.

“Oh, a little frosty in here,” Liam chuckles. However, my attention was solely on the butcher, who stared with big brown eyes. He was in his mid-forties, still dressed in plaid pajama pants, his hair a mess and sticking up at odd angles. His teeth chattered, and his lips were blue. His chest was b**e, and his n*****s were hard. Goosebumps covered every inch of him.

Liam had skillfully tied him. There was no way he would have been able to shift to get out of his restraints.

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