His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 107

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 107 – Azalea POV

Kyson refused to listen and said I was being unreasonable and that she probably forgot to say it back. However, I knew she said it to alert me something was wrong. I know Abbie, and she always says it back. Kyson said he would take me to see her on the weekend. That was not good enough for me; today was Monday, and I was unwilling to wait that long.

Although I had no choice with the heat ravaging me painfully, and I could not even move, it swept over me like a tidal wave, crippling pain the longer I denied it and showed no signs of easing.

“This is ridiculous, Azalea. You are in pain. Let me ease it,” Kyson snapped at me as he reached over and gripped my shoulder, trying to roll me onto my back.

His touch b****d, lust trying to consume me, and all l wanted to do was bathe in his scent, craving his touch and him like he was an antidote to crippling agony rushing through my nerve endings and making my entire body b**n and ache for him. Sweat glistened on my skin and drenched my hair. My pillow is soaked as I squirm in pain. No matter how I lay, I could not get comfortable.

“Bring Abbie home,” I snarl while curling up in a ball on my side and facing away from him. I bring my knees to my chest, trying to ease some of the pain, though nothing works. Kyson growls. Yet I ignore him. My stomach was cramping, and his scent was driving me insane. My burning anger was enough to keep me sane and determined not to give in to instinct until he either sent someone to get her or took me there himself. I refused to give in.

I wanted to claw at my chest, the bond refusing to settle, wanting me to go to my mate, urging me to mate and mark him, promising to ease my discomfort if I just gave in. Kyson growls, grabbing my shoulder and forcing me onto my back.

I thrash as he pins me, moves on top of me, and pushes his body between my legs, bearing his weight down, effectively trapping me beneath him. My skin tingles where his hands gripped my wrists. The calling rushes out of him as he tries to get me to submit to him.

A m**n escapes me, followed by a growl when recognition slaps me in the face. He claws my clothes away, ripping them to shreds, and I sink my teeth into his chest. I bite him as hard as possible. Kyson growls ferociously as he slams me down on the bed, my teeth tearing from his skin. His canines press against my throat as a warning, and I freeze, breathing harshly as anger twisted inside me that he would try to force me.

“Stop this, you need to mate!” he snarls, his teeth grazing my skin, and I fight the urge to shiver and fail miserably. His breath was on my neck as he panted in anger, his grip on my wrist tight as a vise as he pushed them into the mattress.

“It’s still rape even if you are my mate; you do, and l will never forgive you,” I spit at him. A whine leaves his lips, a noise I had never heard from him before. His tongue laves at my neck, and he breathes heavily before he presses his face into my neck, rubbing his face on me.

“I would never,” he growls, and I turn my head to look at him. Kyson genuinely looked upset over my accusation. “Then get off me,” I retorted, and his eyes flickered, his body rippling as he fought the urge to shift. Jet black fur grew along his arms, and his skin rippled. His c**k was hard as it pressed between my legs. My entire body tingled as his skin pressed against me.

“Get off me, Kyson!” I snap when he doesn’t move. His claws slipped into the bed where he gripped my wrists, but he reluctantly rolled off me, only to yank me on top of him, and I pushed off his chest.

“Stop! If you won’t, mate. At least try to lessen your discomfort. Your heat affects me to Azalea,” he snarled, holding me against him, and I tried to wiggle out of his grip, but he was a lot stronger than me, his arms becoming restraints, and after struggling for a few seconds. I relaxed, melting against his skin, letting it ease the agony rolling through me.

The heat getting some relief, my skin glistening in a sheen of sweat induced by the heat. It was like having the worst fever. My skin was blistering hot, and my insides felt like I was boiling from the inside out. A sigh escapes me, and Kyson’s hand travels up and down my spine, my temperature dropping slightly just from his skin against mine.

“We will see Abbie on the weekend; I promise I will take you to her, Azalea. Please,” Kyson pleads.

“Not until she is here. Go get Abbie,” I murmur, licking his skin before realizing what I was doing and clenching my jaw.

“I am busy. The weekend isn’t that far away,” Kyson purrs before burying his nose in my hair as he inhaled my scent.

“Then send Gannon!” I tell him, knowing Gannon would drop anything to get to her.

“Gannon is busy taking care of something and will be gone for G*d knows how long taking care of it; I will when he returns.” Kyson states.

“What about Damian?” I asked.

“I need him here with me,” Kyson says simply, and I curse under my breath.

“You won’t be able to fight the heat for long, Azalea. Just give in. It is pointless you will mate me, so give in! It doesn’t just make you uncomfortable!” he growls, gripping my hips and rubbing my p***y along his raging hard-on. I m**n at the feel of his c**k gliding through my wet folds. But still, I refuse, shaking my head and earning a growl from him.

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