His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 108

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 108 – Kyson POV

Azalea could be d**n stubborn. I could feel her agony; the rippling pain rushes through the bond, making mine ten times worse. My skin against hers eased it a little but not much, and the longer she denied us both, the crankier I was becoming.

Each wave of her heat made my muscles tense, and l had to grit my teeth to stop sinking my canines into her and forcing her to submit. She wanted Abbie returned here. However, Abbie looked fine, excitable, and her usual self.

Being King, if I broke the rules, the consequences were far worse for me. There were things Azalea didn’t understand, like the pact I was under as ruling King. She thinks it is as simple as commanding them. It isn’t when I am obligated to give the five founding council members my blood every year, making them immune to my commands.

Lycan blood was one thing, but a King’s blood. I couldn’t command them if I wanted to. Azalea has had dribs and drabs of my blood when biting me, and those times if she had noticed I was struggling to hold rein over her, each time she grew stronger when she bit me, but the Council, they have been drinking my blood for years making them un-commanding. I hated it, but it was necessary. What was law if the one creating them didn’t uphold those very laws? It is what made me a fair King.

Meaning everything had to be agreed upon somewhat. Sure, I could probably command them if they had only a few drops, but the council members were immortal.

They had been advising alongside me for centuries because they had been drinking immortal blood for centuries.

Lycan blood was potent, prolonging a life span long after it should have ended. It was the only trait it gave them besides making them resistant to my commands. I couldn’t persuade the council members.

Everything had to be discussed and set out. It was a safety measure put in place for the packs. That the five elected council members would have a say, and nobody had any say against me any other way.

It was why packs were helping the hunters in the first place. They thought it unfair that someone should have so much rein over all packs. I could be a mad King. Order them to k**l themselves, and the packs would.

This way, there was someone to serve judgment on me for any wrongdoings, and it is also why very few have helped the hunters to eradicate Lycans now. Not long after my sister was k****d, it was put in place to calm the packs.

Suddenly, I regretted that pact because my mate thought I was being a j**k by denying her. Still, the consequences for someone of my status against the werewolf communities were far greater than that of an ordinary wolf. They would come for me, so until Abbie said to come to get her, I had my hands tied, and unfortunately, I couldn’t just take Azalea’s word for a gut feeling.

She would come to understand when she meets the Council. Until then, I would just have to put up with her tantrums.

Another wave rushes over her, her body tensed, and sweat beads on my skin where she lay on top of me, the heat emanating from her growing hotter with each wave. She was boiling herself from the inside out. Her teeth sank into my chest, her claws raking down my sides as she squirmed, her b**e p***y rubbing along my throbbing length made me groan. My blood boils hotter, and I grip her hips, rubbing her against me.

Azalea m***s before her claws sink into my chest.

“No!” she growls.

“Azalea, your temperature is too hot. You’re in f*****g heat; heat can k**l Lycan women if they don’t mate!” I snarl.

“Then bring Abbie home!” she snarled, trying to roll off me. The scream that left her when her skin left mine made my blood run cold. Dustin’s voice was instantly in my head at the soul-shattering sound.

“My King?”

“Get the Pack Doctor,” I snap at him. I risk her life if I let her go on like this much longer. How she could resist mating in this state was beyond me. I had never heard of a Lycan female lasting this long without giving in. Her stubbornness would k**l her. “Yes, My King,” Dustin replies as I grip her arm, ripping her back on top of me, her temperature dropping slightly but barely.

She left me no choice but to stop her heat. Either she gave in to save her life, or I stopped it and risked mine. Without a doubt, she would choose Abbie over me; I knew that. I should have known she and Abbie the day I found them were a package deal. Both were willing to d*e for the other, both would rather be d**d without the other. A friendship no one could get between.

Azalea tries to climb off me, but I snarl and bite her shoulder, making her m**n and shiver, pressing the points of my teeth near her mark. Her breathing becomes labored and loud to my sensitive ears, made even more acute because of this heat.

“Move, and I will make you submit. I have the Doctor coming, so stay,” I growl, letting my teeth retract. She nods against my chest, and I glare at the ceiling, cursing that she was so strong-headed. It would be worse when she realized she could go against my commands when she found her Alpha voice.

“Azalea, I am not above begging,” I tell her when she keeps squirming, her arousal and heat coating my c**k as she squirms, burying her face in my chest.

“Not until I have Abbie back,” she snapped, biting my arm.


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