His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 112

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 112 – “Sleep on the bed if you want. I promise I will remain here,” I tell him. Dustin shakes his head. Instead, follows me toward the couch. I retrieve my tablet and open it up and book before deciding to do something educational. Dustin stood there watching me, and l raised an eyebrow at him.

“You are supposed to be sleeping,” I tell him, patting the couch. He purses his lips.

‘Don’t make me try to order you. It will probably just embarrass me when I can’t,” I chuckle, and his lips tug in the corners, but he reluctantly sits, and I chuck the throw blanket over him.

“Now, sleep,” I tell him.

“Yes, boss,” he laughed, closing his eyes. It didn’t take him long before he fell asleep, and after an hour, he fell sideways into me, his head resting in my lap while I was trying to work out how to do the strange letter in the book. It had a dash above it, but I couldn’t figure it out on the tablet. Giving up, I move to the following sentence when Damian comes in, and I hold a finger to my lips, pointing to Dustin asleep.

“He should be on guard,” Damian growls, and I growl back at him.

“Thirty-six hours he has been rostered on for,” I snap at him, and he seems taken aback.

“No, Trey is his relief,” Damian says, looking at Dustin.

“Trey was here earlier. Dustin didn’t trust him and sent him off.” Damian seemed confused but sighed.

“Fine, I will speak with Dustin when he wakes; I brought your lunch up,” Damian says, passing me a plate. I sit my plate on the arm of the armchair.

“The King?”

“In a foul mood,” Damian says. He straightened his black shirt, which had bread crumbs on it from the sandwich he had made me.

“Can you take me to see-” Damian holds up a hand, cutting me off?

“I know what you are going to ask. The answer is no, l have to go with the King to check out something. We will be gone for a few hours.”

I huff, annoyed. “The King said he would take you on the weekend. He will, Azalea, just be patient,”

“I can’t be patient when I know she is in trouble,”

“The King said she was fine,”

“It was an act!” I growl, becoming angry. Why won’t they believe me?

“My Queen, I don’t know what else to say, The King-“

“Yeah, the King said,” I growl, glaring at the plate.

“He has his reasons,” Damian defends him and growls. If he has reasons, why not tell me those d**n reasons? I just want to see her, that’s it. If she is fine, I will apologize for wasting his time, but until I do, I will keep pestering him because I know I am right!

I place my plate on the coffee table before carefully slipping out from under Dustin’s head.


“No, he won’t take me, fine! But there are plenty of others here who can,” I tell him before stomping off out of the room. Excuses always an excuse.

Damian chases after me as I stalk down to the office, telling me I should leave him be. That he was in a mood! I roll my eyes and pull my arm from his grip when he tries to stop me from going into the office.

Pushing the door open, I stepped inside to find Kyson by the window. Whiskey in his hand. He looks at me and smiles, his eyes going over my shoulder as Damian steps in behind me, looking somewhat flustered.

“Everything okay?” Kyson asks.

“Yes, I was trying to take Azalea back to her room,” Damian says, grabbing my arm, and Kyson snarls ferociously, making him let go. He shakes his head, and his eyes flicker. Damian backs away from me with his hands up. What is wrong with him?

“Can I speak to you, please?” I ask Kyson, who was glaring at Damian. Kyson turns his attention to me before waving me over and dismissing Damian. He glared at the door as it closed, and I approached him.

Kyson sits in the armchair, flopping heavily into it, his whiskey sloshing over the sides of his glass. I take it from him, placing it on the lamp table beside him just as Kyson grabbed me, hauling me onto his lap. He buries his face in my neck and starts purring, tugging my shirt up.

“Stop. I need to talk to you,” I tell him while pushing off his chest. He growls, ignoring me, fondling my b****t and n*****g my shoulder through my shirt. His skin was scorching.

“Are you alright?” I ask him, but he growls again, tugging at my clothes, trying to undress me. With a sigh and I speak, anyway.

“Damian said you were leaving for a few hours, so can you get one of your other guards to take me to see Abbie, or even Dustin could take me?” I ask him, pushing his face away that was currently buried in my neck.

“I will take you on the weekend,” he mumbles, licking my neck, his hands pawing at me. His grip was rough as he tugged and pulled me around.

“Kyson, stop. We will be quick straight there and back.”

“No, it is too far to go on your own on the weekend. End of discussion.” he snaps at me. I growl at him before shoving off him and standing up.

“Then Trey can come too?” I tell him.

“I said no!” he said snarled, his eyes flickering dangerously.

“Abbie never rang last night,” I tell him.

“She was probably busy,” and I roll my eyes. I storm off toward the door. Fine, I would go myself.


“If you don’t take me, I will go myself,” I tell him while walking toward the door. Had barely gripped the door handle when the sound of snapping bones reached my ears, and his hand fell on the door beside my head. The growl that ripped out of him made me spin around to face him.


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