His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 113

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 113 – The sound was so deep and menacing it raised goosebumps all over my body. The hair on my head stood and an icy shiver slivered up my spine, making my stomach drop. The feeling rushed over me so quickly it was like I had jumped off a tall building. The plummet of my stomach as I came face to face with him in his Lycan form terrified me.

Kyson had gone, and a savage was in his place, his voice also a harsh growl as I stepped back and hit the door. His entire body shook with his anger. I suddenly understood why everyone feared the man; even when he tossed me aside, he wasn’t this rage-filled. This was something else, entirely, as no part of him was human, a monster, primal and animalistic on a scale l had never seen before.

“Mine! You will submit-” His words cut off, and he blinks, shaking his head. His claws raking down the door behind me sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I grit my teeth, and he stumbles backward, looking shaken, like he had no control.

“Where is your guard?” he says, turning away from me and putting some distance between us.

“Outside,” I lied, not wanting to get anyone in trouble, especially Dustin. Damian was angry enough at him earlier.

“You should go back to the room, Azalea,”

“But Abbie-“

“I said room, now go. I have to leave anyway,”

“Dustin and Trey,”

“I said no! Now get out!” he screamed at me, and I shook my head before turning on my heel and rushing out. Damian stood by the door and jumped when l came out before he sighed.

“I told you he was in a bad mood,” Damian said, and I growled at him before stalking off down the corridor toward my room. Just as I reached the doors leading toward the stairs, they burst open, and Dustin crashed through them, looking frantic. The look of relief on his face when he spots me was evident as he clutched his knees, trying to catch his breath.

“You said you wouldn’t leave!” he said, coming over to me.

“Sorry, I had Damian with me. I didn’t want to wake you,” I tell him, taking the arm that he offered me when Damian called after him.

“Dustin, a word,” I chew my lip, hoping I didn’t get him into trouble. Dustin sighs loudly but stops before walking back down the hall when Clarice comes up with the King’s lunch. She stops looking at Damian and Dustin, who are talking.

“Azalea, how are you feeling?” she asks, cupping my face with her hand. Before I could answer, I heard Dustin growl before yelling at Damian.

“F*****g b******t!”

“It’s an order. You need sleep,” Damian snaps back at him.

“I will lock the door and sleep on the couch,”

“Trey is her other assigned guard. The King trusts him, and so do I,” Damian says.

“Get anyone else; I am telling you something is off with him,”

“Oh, for f**k’s sake, if this is over the assignment last year, are you still pissed about that? He proved he had nothing to do with sabotaging you,”

“No, it’s about her safety. I couldn’t give f**k about that. But-” Dustin argued back.

“What happened?” Clarice whispers to me, and I turn my attention back to her. “I’m not sure. Dustin keeps taking Trey’s shifts, said he doesn’t trust him,” I tell her when I hear a growl.

“Dustin cursed under his breath before stomping back over to me. “Come on,” he says, looking furious, and my brows pinch as he grips my elbow, leading me away from Clarice, who glanced at us confused.

“Are you alright?”

“Damian pulled me from shift for next 8 hours,”

“It’s fine. You need sleep,” I tell him as he pulls me up the stairs.

We made it back to the room in record time, with his long strides as he tugged me after him. “Slow down!” l tell him, stumbling on the top step. His hand gripping my arm was the only thing stopping me from falling.

“Sorry,” he says, leading me to the room. He pushed the door open.

“Just sleep; I will be fine,”

“Damian ordered me back to my room to ensure l sleep. Just be careful around him. I am setting the alarm and will speak to some other guards to keep an extra up here,” Dustin almost looked frantic.

“Don’t trust him, Azalea. Just stay in your room the moment I can come back; I will be here, just-” He curses, shaking his head.

“Make sure you keep the door locked. Promise me you won’t let him in here!” Dustin says, gripping my arms.

“Okay, I promise, I won’t let him in the room with me,” Not that I would; I barely knew Trey. So I doubted he would try to come in here, anyway.

“It’s fine. I will see if Clarice will stay with you while the King is gone; Gannon can’t be too much longer, surely,” Dustin mutters, rubbing his chin.

“I’ll be fine,” I tell him.

“You know where my room is, right? Wake me if you need me. You also have my number on the phone; just press number three, speed dials straight to my phone,” I nod, wondering if the lack of sleep was making him paranoid. He sighs before kissing my forehead and hugging me, something he had never done. “Don’t let yourself be alone with him,” he whispers before walking out when I nod. I watch him leave, wondering why he felt so strongly about Trey.

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