His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 114

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 114 – Kyson POV

I had n idea what came over me; I almost attacked her. Her heat is still intense despite her no longer suffering its effects. I didn’t mean to snap at her, but I would have bent her over my desk if she didn’t leave. It took twenty minutes before I calmed enough to shift back. I snatch the bottle of whiskey off the lamp table and swig from it.

“You b****y idiot, are you trying to get yourself k****d!” I snap at him.

“I’m sorry, I thought you had control, or I wouldn’t have grabbed her,” I click my tongue and curse, shaking my head before tipping the bottle to my lips.

“Just let me explain to her,” Damian says and I shake my head. “No, I want her to give herself to me when she wants to, not because she feels forced because my life is at risk,” I tell him.


“The injection only lasts two days. We have some leeway. Azalea will change her mind,” I tell him, not so sure she would.

“And if she doesn’t?” I bite the inside of my lip.

“She will,”

“If she doesn’t, I tell her,” he snarls, and I growl at him.

“You d*e, then what? You let her live with that guilt. No one can protect her the way you do, Kyson. Think it through.”

“I don’t want her to feel obligated,” I tell him.

“I won’t let you d*e, and neither will she!” he snaps. Damian tosses me some pants and a shirt, realizing l was still n***d. I take them, slipping them on and doing up the buttons. “We should leave. I want to get back before tomorrow,”

“We shouldn’t go, not while you’re like this,”

“Exactly why we are going. I am struggling to hold myself back. Now grab the keys. We are leaving,” I tell him, grabbing my wallet off the desk and stuffing it into my pocket. I push the doors open and walk out toward the front of the castle. I needed to be away from her for a little while, just until I got these urges under control.

However, when I reach the door, I stumble, vertigo washing over me, and the room tilted and slanted, making me stumble. My hand goes out, catching myself on the wall before I pass out. A cold sweat causes sweat to bead on the back of my neck.

Everything telling me to hurt my mate. When Damian grips my upper arm, I blink, trying to force the effects away.

“We should stay,” he murmurs, but I shake his hand off. “I’m fine, we will be gone only 12 hours max, plenty of time, and by the time we get back, the m********n should be nearly worn off,” I tell him.

Damian growls disapprovingly but says nothing as long start walking out.

“Gannon is on his way back. He should be here before we get back.” Damian assures me.

Azalea POV

An hour passed when I heard a knock on the door. I looked toward it before hearing the handle twist, but not open.

“My Queen?” Trey called out from the other side of the door. I worried my lip between my teeth as I got to my feet and walked over to the door. I twisted the lock and cracked it open to peer out the door.

“Clarice said to come down to have afternoon tea. The King doesn’t trust anyone to bring your food to you, so you will sit with Clarice,” Trey tells me, and I nod, slipping out the door. I followed behind him as he led me toward the kitchens. Once I stepped in, Clarice made some sandwiches and smiled warmly at me before wiping her hands on her blue apron.

“I have got everything out. You can see it all sealed,” she says, pointing to the jams and spreads, and I nod before grabbing a butter knife. Clarice hands Trey a salad sandwich while I make myself a jam one.

“I know the jam is probably not what you had in mind, but Kyson doesn’t want you eating anything unless he or Damian prepared it,” Clarice tells me, and I nod before taking a bite of my sandwich. I started packing the spread and bread away while Clarice fussed I shouldn’t be cleaning. Ignore her before we all stand in awkward silence. Clarice kept glancing at Trey, and so did I after what Dustin told me. He must have noticed the tension because he swallowed down a bite of the sandwich Clarice made.

“What? Do I have food on my face?” Shaking my head, I turn my attention to Clarice, who also seemed a little stiff.

“Want to help me outside?” Clarice asked. Smiling, I nodded. Anything was better than wasting away in the room.

“The King wants her to remain in her room,” Trey says with a shrug.

“I will deal with the King. He has no reason to worry,” Clarice chimes in before I say anything.

“Yeah, I told Damian that when I took over from Dustin. Not like she can drive on out here to go after her friend.” Trey chuckles. Clarice’s eyebrows furrow at his words, and so do mine.

“I can’t drive,” I tell him.

“Exactly, and only one way out is to drive out the front gates. Unless you used the back exit, but no one goes down there, the road is too rough,” he laughed.

Clarice sets her sandwich down on her plate and places a hand on her hip. “What?”

‘Are you trying to give her ideas?” Clarice asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“What? No, of course not. And she said it herself she couldn’t drive. Besides, there are guards at the front gate. She would never get past them. I was just saying he was worrying for no reason!” Trey says, sighing heavily.

The tension in the room becomes thick between them as they stare at each other. “Is everything okay?” Trey asked, glancing at us before he sighed.

“Is this about me taking over from Dustin? I swear I had nothing to do with that. I get you don’t like me, but I would never place you in harm’s way, my Queen. Dustin and I just have history,” Trey says. And my brows pinch.

“Pardon?” I ask.

“Ah, I probably shouldn’t say,”

“Well, you can’t say that and not say it now, can you?” Clarice says.

Trey glances between us both and rolls his eyes.

“Dustin used to have a thing for me. I knocked him back. Straight,” He points to himself.

“Anyway, we had the competitor trials last spring for the guard position. Dustin blamed me for sabotaging him by setting the clock back, so he missed the trials and didn’t make the cut,” Trey says.

“Ah, yes, I remember that caused quite a stir.”

“Well, did you?” I ask him.

“What? No, of course not. He forgot to put his phone on daylight savings time. He slept through the trial.”

“What are the trials for?” I ask Clarice.

“Just a competitor thing between the guards, makes them compete each year for ranking within the royal guard,” Clarice clarifies.

“Yeah, I don’t understand why he blamed me. Nobody could beat his track time anyway from the year before or any of his scores, so his job was never in jeopardy,” Trey shrugs.

“He holds the record?” I asked. “Yeah, there is a reason he is your personal guard? He even beat Damian’s record one year. Damian got it back, obviously. But it still shocked everyone. Especially with Damian’s Beta genes.” Trey states. I chuckle, happy for Dustin. Although I never pictured Dustin to be so competitive, then again, he looked like he lived in a gym and was the most observant out of all the guards I had. Also, the most protective. Interesting.

“Want to help me garden?” Clarice asks. Grabbing my plate, I place it in the sink.

“She right with you for a few minutes. I want to go use the bathroom,” Trey asks Clarice.

“Of course,” Clarice says. She leads me outside. We spent the afternoon gardening, all while my thoughts remained troubled as I worried about Abbie. When the sky started to change color to orange and soft pinks, Trey led me back to my room. Once again, Abbie never rang. Yet all I kept thinking about was that back exit he spoke about. Rummaging around the room, lyrics find some maps and try to read them, chewing my lip.

I glance at the door, wondering if I could trick Trey into showing me on the map.

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