His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 116

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 116 – Abbie POV

My stomach twisted with hunger. I was starving, and he still hadn’t let me eat since being here. A few girls tried to sneak me food but earned a beating for it, so l turned them down when they offered. Watching my mate f**k nearly every girl in this place was torture enough to watch without having to watch them cop a beating for it afterward. So when the door opened. I sighed and climbed off the bed, moving to my corner, knowing what to expect already.

Flopping on the ground, I leaned against the wall. Only Kade came in and stopped in front of me. Usually, Cassandra came in every few hours to dose me full of whatever c**p it was that prevented me from being able to shift. However, she was nowhere in sight.

“Get up!” he says, kicking me in the t***h.

“Pardon?” I asked, confused. This wasn’t what usually happened. Kade always forced me to watch before he would stuff his filthy c**k in my mouth, forcing me to taste them. He growls, and I glance at the door when he kicks me again.

“Get up and get on the bed,” he growls before reaching down and gripping my arm and hauling me to my feet. I struggled in his grip, my hand whipping out and slapping him before I dropped my weight, refusing. He snarls, ripping me back off the floor by my hair and dragging me toward the bed, but I thrash when his fist connects with my face. My vision blurs, and my neck aches as my head snaps back. Blood spurts from my nose as I stumbled backward. My hair ripped painfully from his grip.

Dazed, I blinked up at the ceiling when I heard his furious growl as he reached for me. His face twisted in rage, and his canines slipped from between his parted lips. I lift my leg as he pounces on me. He grunted, my foot connecting with his b***s, and I rolled trying to get away when he gripped my hair, ripping my head back.

“You will obey your Alpha,” He snarled.

“You are not my Alpha!” I screamed. He growls before shoving me back to the floor. I crawled toward the wall and pulled myself up. His snarls behind me grew louder when he suddenly stopped.

“Get on the bed,” he yelled at me. I felt his command wash over me before it suddenly slipped off like I was made of Teflon. It didn’t stick! And I laughed hysterically.

“I said get on the bed!” he commanded, but it rolled over me again and slipped right off. Turning around, lyrics couldn’t control the laughter that escaped me.

I had no idea why I was laughing, yet it made me laugh harder as I looked at him. The furious look on his face was almost comical suddenly, or maybe I had lost the plot. He looked at me like I was insane, but I was not getting on that bed. A beating, I could take one of those. S**t, I spent half my life taking those. So if I had to choose. I would take a beating over, letting him take more from me.

Wiping my nose, it dripped with blood and stained the back of my hand. “What’s wrong, Alpha? Can’t put your Luna in line,” I taunt. “Get on the bed!” he screamed, turning red-faced. I giggled at his pathetic command.

My muscles tensed, pain slivering up my spine. That command was stronger, rushing over me like a tidal wave, the pain crippling, yet still I laughed. Pain? All I know is pain. Pain ends. Years of nothing but pain, I had a strong tolerance for pain. The pain I could live with, expected, endured, survived.

And once again, I was becoming numb to my surroundings, numb to everything. So let him hurt me because the pain I could handle but could he? I know it must hurt him, but me? No, pain was in your head.

Something you could switch on and off, desensitize yourself to. So that is what I did. Most would call me mad for what I intended to do. Calm washed over me as I let my mind float. I went on autopilot, then I poked the wolf.

“Surprised you have a pack. Mrs. Daley’s commands packed a better punch, and she was an omega!” I laughed, and his eyes turned black, and he shifted in rage at my words.

His malt-colored wolf charges at me. His paws hitting my chest sent me flying back against the wall. My brain rattled inside my skull as it smashed against the brick wall. He snarled, stalking toward me, and I was suddenly seeing double, yet not a sound left my lips. Not even when his razor-sharp teeth tore through my flesh as he mauled me.

“Don’t cry. Tears won’t save you; I am done shedding tears for this monster.” I remind myself. When he got no reaction from tearing into my t***h, he tore into my shoulder and arm. Blood drenched me and pooled around me. My body shook, but I did not make a sound, just stared. Went to my safe place. Zoning out, my mind taking me to a place no one could touch me.

I was an empty shell, only coming back to my surroundings when his teeth snapped at my face. His fur puffed out as he growled when I heard a sob, and my eyes flitted toward the door to see a woman. Tears stained her cheeks, but none fell from my eyes; I felt nothing as I stared at her fear-stricken face.

Kade growls, and I turn my attention to his enormous wolf standing over me. He whimpers when he backs up, sniffing my t***h where he tore it apart, and I glance down. So much blood no part of me left unstained, left unmarred.

“Are you done?” I ask. My voice came out unwavering, yet I couldn’t recognize it as my own. Kade turned his furry head to the side, examining me, and I stared back, unblinking.

Kade shifts back, his bones snapping as he crouches before me. For a second, I thought I saw guilt flash across his features. “You will learn. You only had to get on the bed,” he said, his eyes scanning over my mauled flesh.

“It didn’t have to be this way,” he snapped, and my eyebrows rose. I laughed and shook my head, yet lyrics could feel my blood draining out of me. Felt the blood leave my face, the cold sweat beading over my skin, and I smile.

“Get the Doctor,” Kade screamed as I felt myself fading, the room becoming dull.

“Abbie? I… you need to stay awake,” Kade says, and l feel the tingles spread across my skin as he tries to stop the bleeding. I was bleeding out, I knew, and he knew it.

“Get the Pack Doctor Now!” Screamed Kade as my mark b****d my neck, and I relished the pain of the bond d***g along with me.

“Does it hurt?” I murmured, my eyelids closing, and my head fell forward, unable to keep it up when he grabbed my face. His fingers pry my eyelids open, yet I only saw white.

“What?… Hurry up!” Kade screamed, and I heard people running up the steps toward us.

“Does it hurt?” I repeat.

“You think I wanted to do this? Of course, it hurts, I…”

“Because I feel nothing!” I giggle.

“Hang on, Abbie,” Kade says, and I snort.

“For what? Certainly not for you,” I mumbled, my lips going numb.

“Hang on for me. I didn’t mean it. You should know better; I…I” he stutters frantically.

“Just hang on,” he said as my body went limp. I slid down the wall I was leaning on, my face pressing against the carpet, and I could hear the frantic beating of my heart drumming in my ears; I focused on that sound, waiting for the moment it would stop when everything went black.

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