His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 119

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 119 – Tears p*****d my eyes as I felt his infidelity. Life was cruel and the moon goddess, if she existed, was determined to make me suffer. Rolling on my side, I hugged my belly with my free hand. Half an hour later, the pack doctor came in. The man was an older gentleman. He looked over my notes and shook his head. He checked my drip when the woman from before came in.

“Alana will give you something to help you sleep, and in the morning, I will give a small injection into your ovaries to bring on your heat. You were fortunate. You almost died, if it wasn’t for Kade’s quick thinking of remarking you, we would have lost you,” The Doctor says.

“Yes, so lucky to live with my pig of a mate,” I sneer, and he nods, having not paid attention to what I was saying, too busy looking at the charts in his hand.

“You can give it to her, Alana, then obs every two hours,” he tells her, and the woman comes over to me.

She smiles sadly as she walks around the bed and takes my arm in her hand. The Doctor watches as she stabs the needle into my cannula port in my free hand.

The Doctor sighs when I feel the top of my hand become wet, and I look at her. Her eyes met mine, and I looked down to see her hand covering the needle as she squirted the contents on my skin, not through the cannula, it spilled on the bed. She then places my hand over the spot.

“Hurry, I haven’t got all night,” the Doctor complains.

“I’m done, Doctor,” she says, dropping the syringe into the small green plastic bowl she brought in with her. He nods, and she makes her way over to my drip, changing the bags out while the Doctor walks out.

She waited a few seconds before rushing over to me and grabbing my hand just as the Doctor walked back in. I feel something metal brushing my palm, and she quickly makes out she was tucking the surrounding blankets around me.

“You may feel a little groggy, don’t fight it,” she says, staring at me before glancing at the hand she had placed a Key in, and the Doctor clears his throat.

“Alana, bed 4 needs changing again. Mr. Masters wet himself again,” the Doctor groaned.

“Yes, right away, Doc, just need to change out her bag on the drip,” she says, and he nods, walking back out.

This time when he leaves, he doesn’t return. Alana came over to me and started unplugging the machines attached to me, and I waited for the beep only to peer at the monitor to see she had switched it off.

“I found a spare key in Doc’s office. You have two hours to run east,” she whispers.

“Why are you helping me?”

“My sister Blaire told me about you; now, don’t waste any time; he will feel you once you get too far away,” she says before glancing over her shoulder.

Alana pulls a piece of paper from her cleavage and tucks it under my bottom. “I got your friend’s number. Blaire gave it to me. She stole it from his phone and sent it to me. He then k****d her for touching his phone, but I wrote it down. You must have been worth d***g for, or she wouldn’t have sent it. Blaire wanted to ring whoever it was. She never said who in the message. I would give you a phone, but all calls are monitored and listened in on. East there is a town there ring from there. You try before you leave the town limits and he will know about it,”

“What about you?” she doesn’t answer, just rushes over to the window and opens it before running out, closing the door behind her. I s*****w, pulling the paper out with a number scribbled on it. Waiting a few minutes to make sure no one was coming in, I then used the key to undo the handcuff. I rubbed my wrist before forcing myself off the bed.

My legs collapsed under me when they touched the floor, and I clenched my teeth to stop screaming. Pain ravaged me from my injuries and Kade’s infidelity, but I forced myself up and over to the plastic bag sitting on the chair that Kade brought with him.

Opening it, I find a man’s shirt and some jeans. I s*****w when I realize they must be Cassandra’s jeans. I looked over my shoulder at the door, but no one seemed to be in the hall. Pulling my hospital gown off, I pull the shirt on before gritting my teeth as I pull the jeans on.

My stitches are tugging and pulling. Sweat coated me from so much effort. As I walked to the window, I tried to figure out where east was. She could have pointed that out, or I should have asked. My skin b****d as the jeans rubbed my mauled leg, and I struggled to lift it over the windowsill, Breathing harshly, I pulled the other over before sitting on the ledge.

After a few seconds, I braced myself for the pain and jumped. It was only about a two-meter drop, but it felt like I had jumped from a lot higher when I hit the ground. Pain rattled through me as I landed on my bad leg. Choking on a sob, I fought the urge to pass out as I rose to my feet, using the wall for support.

I saw no one around, so I took off running. My legs were k*****g with each movement and the bad one dragging behind me, but I still bit down on the instinct to stop and pushed on. The pain would not stop me. Ivy would come for me. I know she will come; I just need to get to that town.

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