His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 120

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 120 – Kyson POV

The drive was taking forever as we headed for the borders of Landeena Kingdom. Someone had strung rogues along the castle walls. My entire body vibrated from the effects of the bond and Azalea’s heat. The effects were no different, even miles away, if anything worse, as the urge to turn around and go home grew stronger.

Sweat coated my skin, and I had removed my shirt an hour ago, but not even that helped as my temperature kept rising along with my anger. Poor Damian had remained quiet most of the trip. Just the noise of the tires on the wheels aggravated me. We were not even three hours from home when the Mind link opened up. Trey’s panicked voices flitted through my head.

“I can’t find her,” he rushed out, and my stomach plummeted to somewhere deep inside me, and I fought the urge to shift at his words. My claws sank into the leather seats, and the stuffing sprayed everywhere. Damian glances at me nervously out of the corner of his eye.

“Excuse me?” I snarled back through the bond.

“The Queen, she ran off with Dustin. He said he was teaching her how to drive, one of the guards said, but it has been an hour and a half, and we cannot find either of them or the car,” he tells me.

“Dustin said he was teaching her to drive, and you didn’t think to f*****g question that?” I snapped at him. Damian glances at me, and I growl, my fist connecting with the dash setting off the airbag. My claws slash through it, and Damian jumps, nearly swerving off the road.

“I thought she was in her room. She was. I didn’t even know she had climbed out her window until Clarice went to bring her dinner in and found it wide open,” Trey tells me.

Turning to Damian, he looked at me. “Turn the f*****g car around,” I snarled, infuriated. I had no doubt where she would have gone, but when I got my hands on Dustin, he was d**d.

“Check the footage to find out which road they took,” I snapped at Trey.

“Already did. They left out the rear exit that ran along the river and headed for the highway,” I growled, knowing I was right. Azalea was going after Abbie even after I told her not to. The d**n girl couldn’t f*****g listen to save her life. B****y foolish, and Trey would be in for it when I got back for not paying better attention to his guard.

“Is Gannon back yet?” I asked him. Gannon would drop whatever he was doing and go if he knew.

“No, sir, he shouldn’t be far out, though.” I cut the link before feeling for Gannon’s link. It opens immediately.

“Where are you?” I ask.

“10 minutes out. What’s up?”

“I am on my way back home, but further out, I need you to get Azalea and bring her home,”

“Azalea?” He asks.

“She ran off with Dustin to go after Abbie. You need to head to her until I get there,”

“F**k! That b****y idiot should know better than to take Azalea into hunter’s territory at night,” Gannon growled. I knew the pact he made now would overwhelm him as strong as a command would. Pacts weren’t taken lightly and required my blood and hours of orders forced on them so they couldn’t break it. The only one who could break it was me.

I could force them to break it, but that would also be extremely difficult. They would still run back for her the moment the command would drop. Exactly why they all turned on me when I banished her out of the castle. Most that signed up for it passed out and couldn’t pass. Only 11 made it through the process, two of whom were d**d now. It worked similar to the council not being able to be commanded, only it was directed to a specific person, and I hoped I wouldn’t have to. But Azalea has now left me no choice. I knew she wouldn’t like it, but I wouldn’t have her life at risk.

She will be blood tying herself to her guard; I won’t let this mistake happen again. And Dustin would learn from this mistake. I trusted only Damian, Gannon, and him with her, completely followed by Trey. They lasted the longest during the trials, exactly why they held their positions.

The urge to protect her would be running through all my royal guards. No doubt, the others would be frantically searching the forests for her and Dustin. However, they wouldn’t have expected Dustin to do something so stupid, and being fourth in command, they wouldn’t have questioned him. I growl. He would paу!

“Which road?” Gannon asks with an angered edge to his voice. He would wanna k**l Dustin. And Dustin would know precisely what he would be coming home to.

“Highway,” I answer, and he growls. That is the worst road to travel on at night.

“Abbie?” He asks.

“Perfectly fine, seeing her on the weekend. You can come, but bring my f*****g mate home!” I tell him.

“I will bring the Queen back to you. What of Dustin?”

“Leave him for me,” I growled, cutting the link.

“What’s going on?” Damian asks, ripping the car around. Our entourage followed and spun around after us.

“Azalea has run to go to Abbie,” the moment the words left my lips, Damian floored it.

“F**k!” he curses, knowing how bad that area is predominantly of a night. Dustin should have known better, and he would pay dearly for his mistake. How he could agree to something like that was beyond me.

My eyes flicker, and I open the bond and feel for her, and heat smashes into me. She may not be able to feel it, but I indeed did, and its intensity forced the shift. Damian slams on the brakes, and I only just rip myself out of the car before destroying it.

Cars screech to a stop, some skidding onto the grass to avoid hitting me, but I had one thing on my mind: to get to my mate. So I headed for the forest, running, the trees blurring past me, and I let the bond guide me to her. She was in serious trouble when I got my f*****g hands on her.

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