His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 121

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 121 – Azalea POV

Dustin never slowed the car down once, but he glanced at me nervously when we came to a particular spot on the winding roads. We knew the castle was already aware of us leaving because Trey had mind- linked Dustin. Dustin had ignored him, so we knew the King would know by now. That made me a little nervous because I knew he would be furious. It also made me worry about Dustin. “What?” I ask him, seeing him suddenly becoming nervous.

“We are about to drive through no-man’s-land. I need you to get in the back. We aren’t sure if the hunters know about you yet. But it wouldn’t surprise me because they have eyes and ears everywhere. Nowhere is safe.” he tells me. My heart beats erratically at his words, and I swallowed. We were deep into the forest and heading toward a range that led between the mountains.

“Climb in the back and put your belt on. Stay low, the hunters have wild-game cameras in the trees, and I don’t want you spotted, and we can not stop along this stretch, especially without the royal guard with us,” Dustin tells me, and I glance at the backseat over my shoulder. I unplug my seatbelt before climbing between the seats and into the back. Looking around the back on the floor, I notice some tools, recognizing one to be a wheel brace. Also, some duct tape and rope. I bite my lip, not wanting to know why they were in the car. The wheel brace, sure, but why the duct tape and rope?

“Seatbelt, Azalea,” Dustin says firmly before shrugging his jacket off, only leaving one hand on the wheel at a time. I quickly plug it in and see him glance in the rear vision mirror. He tosses me the jacket.

“Now, get down! Pull that jacket over you. The windows aren’t tinted in this car,” he says, and I sink down in my seat just as he floors it, accelerating even more. I was shocked at how much speed this car had; I honestly thought we were moving too fast.

Everything zipped by in a blur. Dustin drove that fast; we were passing cars like they were standing still. I remained quiet, letting him focus on driving along the steep, winding road leading into the mountains.

When we came to the top, it was a harrowing drive back down the other side, and he never slowed, if anything. He sped up more, and I began to feel queasy from the motion. The car sliding around the corners made me hit the door. His eyes flickering to me in the rear vision mirror occasionally made my heart jolt in my chest when he took his eyes off the road, even if it was only briefly.

After another half an hour of driving, I heard him let out a relieved sigh, so I knew we must be coming into Alpha Kade’s territory or at least off no-man’s-land.

“How far out are we?” I ask him, and he looks back at me.

“About thirty minutes from the Packhouse,” Dustin says. We drove a little further, and I saw a sign saying we were coming to a town when my phone started ringing. Dustin glances at it where it sat in the center console. We were coming to another steep incline, and I wondered why anyone would live far out into the mountains, hoping this one wouldn’t be as winding as the last one. Leaning over, I grab it and answer it. What I wasn’t expecting was to hear Abbie’s voice.

“Pick up, pick up,” I hear her say, not realizing the call had already connected.

“Abbie?” I asked, and Dustin glanced at me in the mirror, his brows furrow, and I knew he must be listening in on the call. Pull the phone away from the screen. There should be a microphone picture. Press it so I can hear,” Dustin says. I quickly do as I am told before staring at the phone, wishing I could see her.

“Are you there?” I hear her ask.

“Yes, can you hear me?” I ask her, the phone volume turning a little static and crackling.

A sob escapes Abbie. “Ivy! Oh please, thank G*d.” She gasps.

“I’m right here,” I tell her, and she cries into the phone, trying to contain herself. “She answered?” I hear a man’s voice say in the background.

“Yes, thank you so much,” I hear her gush, her voice lower slightly so I know she turned her face away from the phone.

“You there still?”

“Yes, I am. I am…” The phone crackles before the phone drops out of reception. It immediately starts ringing again, and I answer it, putting it on the loudspeaker again. “Abbie?”

“Listen, I need you to come to get me. I was wrong about Kade, Ivy. Send Gannon. Please, I want to come home; I am.” she falls silent.

“I don’t know where I am. I can’t read the sign; I am… where am I?” I hear her ask the person with her.

“Metro service station, it is in Langley,” I hear a man’s voice tell her in the background.

“Metro Service station in Langley. Abbie is there?” I tell Dustin, and he nods, having already heard.

“Are you okay, Abbie? We are nearly there,” I recite that to Abbie, and she sighs.

“You have to be quick; I know he already knows I ran. Wait, you are nearly here?” she asks.

“You never said it back,” I tell her, and she breaks down, sobbing into the phone.

“I thought you didn’t figure it out.” Abbie chokes out, and the phone goes grainy again.

“You always say it back,” I tell her.

“What sort of car did you say your boyfriend drives?” hear the man ask in the background before listening to Abbie gasp. “A black one,” she says when I hear a bell chime in the background. “Get down behind the counter,” the man says, and the phone goes deadly silent.

“He found me. Hurry,” I hear her whisper into the phone. I hear the service station attendant speak close to her and realize she must be behind the counter with him.

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