His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 123

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 123 – Once I started running down the hill I found I couldn’t stop. The incline propelled me down, and even as I tried to gain traction, I was sliding, underestimating how steep the mountain was and I couldn’t regain my feet. I tried to grab a tree trunk only for my grip to slip straight off, and the air left my lungs as the motion of trying to stop myself sent me hurtling to the ground at an angle. The wheel brace pushed through me further, stealing my breath as pain coursed through me.

A scream tore from my lips at the agony, and I began rolling down the hill. Smashing into trees and becoming airborne, I tumbled down before hitting the bottom and seeing black as my head bounced off the hard ground.

It was only moments when my surroundings returned. I was too dazed and in agony. The wheel brace ripped out somewhere along the way. My vision blurred and doubled as I got to my hands and knees. Trees looked more like a wall encasing me as I staggered to my feet. I stumbled around blindly for what felt like forever until the vertigo and blurriness abated. The forest was deadly silent. Not even the sound of crickets could be heard. Coming out of the treeline, I was in a grassy area beside a road.

My eyes tried to scan my surroundings, and I squinted while my vision tried to correct itself. Everything looked extremely fuzzing except the neon sign which blinked and I could hear the static noise emanating from it as it did. The service station was about 300 meters from me and across the road. I was about to make my way over to it when Abbie’s scream rang out loudly and sent my head turning to my left to see Kade ripping Abbie backward from the woods. Abbie was kicking and screaming, thrashing around as she struggled against him. Those pleas fell on deaf ears, however. Kade ignored her as he ripped her out of the treeline near to me.

A gasp escapes me as I pivot heading toward her, only to trip in a small dip in the grass, landing face down in the dewy grass.

My heart raced as I got to my feet. My breathing was harsh as I staggered toward Abbie and Kade. I kept falling, four times, unable to keep my legs under me, and hitting the damp ground. The air leaves my lungs in a long wheeze on the fourth. I felt like I was trying to walk on the moon, or drunk. The ground is moving under me and I clutched my stomach, trying to the stem bleeding. My head pounded against my skull as l made my way over to them.

“I reject you, I reject you,” Abbie screamed, and I groaned, the sound barely audible to my own ears over her screaming. Kade tosses her to the ground, and she crawls away from him as I struggle to get back to my feet.

“Doesn’t work like that, Love. That is not how you reject someone,” he growled at her, stalking toward her. On my hands and knees, I see a rock and grab it before getting to my feet, and I hear a scream. Only realize it is my own war cry when I rush at him, and he suddenly spins around before deflecting my raised hand about to hit him with the rock.

Kade and I crashed to the ground. The rock flew from my grip as he landed on top of me and rolled away. Kade growled, trying to pin me. “What are you doing here?” he snapped, holding me down on my back. I thought it odd. He could easily k**l me, yet he only tried to pin me. Kade abruptly froze with a strange look on his face before he growled and looked over his shoulder.

I spot Abbie behind me, the rock in her hand, and Kade’s blood drips on me where she hit him with it. Kade turns to a****k her, but I grab his ankle, tripping him, and Abbie smashes him in the head with a rock again, and he goes limp on the ground, face down and unmoving.

Sitting up, I looked at her, and she rushed over to me. Tears streaked her face, dirt, and twigs in her hair and she was covered in dirt the same as me. The rock dropped from her hand as she stepped over Kade and moved toward me to help me sit up. My hand went to my stomach, which was bleeding like a steady stream and saturating my torn and filthy pants.

“Ivy!” Abbie gushes, clutching my arms as she hauls me upright. A sigh escapes me and she clutches my face in her hands, sobbing uncontrollably. Only the moment she does. I see Kade get back to his feet, and my eyes go wide as he stumbles looking around. “Abbie!” I gasped, and she looked behind her before ripping me to my feet with a strength, I wasn’t sure how she possessed given the state she was in.

“Can you shift?” I ask her but she shakes her head.

“You?” I look down at my bleeding wound and also shake mine. Abbie whimpers and Kade seems confused. Howls in the distance rang out loudly, sending my blood cold. An icy shiver slivered up my spine.

“The pack! He called his pack!” Abbie panicked.

“We need to get to Dustin; I can’t shift,” I choke out, nodding toward the treeline, and she looks up at the steep incline when she is suddenly tackled. I scream when I see Kade sink his teeth into her neck, re-marking her. Wolves burst from the trees and across the road, coming behind the service station, racing toward us.

“You can’t touch the girl!” Kade screamed at them while pointing at me before turning his attention back to Abbie. He grips her shoulders, slamming her onto the ground. Adrenaline courses through me and I was suddenly standing.

“Submit!” Kade screams at her. Abbie’s face goes slack under his command as my body c*****s into his.

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