His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 124

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 124 – Abbie shakes her head, trying to fight it off, and I hit the ground beside her. Kade rolled over the top of me.

My eyes go wide when I see wolves rushing straight at us. Snapping their teeth and snarling at us. I close my eyes, waiting for my d***h when Abbie grips my fingers, and my head rolls to the side to find her looking at me.

“More than my life,” she whispers, tears filling her eyes and her lips quivering.

“More than my life,” I murmured, closing my eyes when I watched her close hers, and we waited for d***h. Their paws on the earth grow closer when l hear a feral snarl rip through the air, bouncing off the trees, and I hear the wolves’ claws digging into the soft ground as they skidded around us.

My eyes flew open to find Dustin stepping over the top of us in his Lycan form. Dustin kicks Kade in the face as he tries to stand. He growls, but it comes out with more of a roar. The wolves jump back, and Kade gets to his feet and staggers backward.

“K**l him,” I murmured to Dustin. My eyes flickered as I fought to remain conscious.

“I do. It may k**l Abbie,” he growls, and I look at Abbie, tears glistening in her eyes.

“Reject her now!” Dustin tells him through gritted teeth. However, there was no command behind it. Rolling on my side, I grab Dustin’s leg, and his hand reaches down, gripping my arm to pull me upright.

“Order him,” I choked out as blood filled my mouth from having bitten my tongue.

“I can’t,” Dustin grinds out, and I look at him, not understanding.

“You’re Lycan,” I whisper to him.

“I’m under oath being a royal guard. I can’t break a mate bond. It is law and pact sworn to be upheld; I am bound by that oath, Azalea!” Kade laughs, getting to his feet. I glance at Abbie as she sits up.

“Come here, Abbie,” Kade orders, and I see her eyes glaze over, and she obeys, taking a step toward him.

My heart skips a beat as she dazedly starts walking around to her mate. Dustin grabs her arm, and Kade clicks his tongue.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Kade says, his Pack of wolves circling around us, and we were severely outnumbered. Dustin glanced around nervously.

Lycans are lethal but against 50 plus wolves. I wasn’t sure how we would fair when Dustin was the only one that was shifted.

“You are aware of the repercussions, Dustin. Don’t be foolish.” Kade snarled. I peer up at Dustin, hanging onto Abbie’s arm, preventing her from going to Kade, and his other hand holding me against him.

I move behind Dustin and rip Abbie backward and away from Kade. Gripping her arms, I shook her, but her fresh mark seemed to have done something to her willpower; I could see she had multiple mate marks on her neck from him.

“Abbie, reject him,” I murmur, shaking her.

Kade laughs and steps forward, which makes Dustin growl threateningly.

“You can’t touch me. I am just collecting my mate. I haven’t injured your Queen, only tried to hold her. Though by law I could, considering she tried to take my mate from me by force,” Kade says c*****y. “You do anything and I have a lot of witnesses,” Kade says, motioning around to his pack. Dustin moves in front of us, but even I knew if he attacked Kade, the rest of those wolves would a****k us.

“Abbie, reject him,” I begged.

Kade laughs louder and claps his hands. “She really doesn’t know, and she is expected to be our Queen, pathetic! Foolish, you would expect the King to have more sense to pick a mate more suited to the position and keep his w***e on the side. She can’t run a pack, noble blood or not, she isn’t fit for the title.” he chuckled.

“Hold your tongue, Mutt. You do not know what you speak of,” Dustin snapped at him.

“No, your oblivious Queen isn’t aware of the law. Should I educate her simple mind?”

I glance at him over my shoulder. “For Abbie to reject me, I have to accept it. Which I won’t. She will leave with me.”

“No, she rejects you. She can come home,” I tell him. Kyson promised she could come home, she just had to ask?

“Wrong. A minor flaw in the King’s law. Both parties have to accept, and if one doesn’t, it is decided by the council. Only then is it forced, but until then, she is mine! And I would like to collect her now!” Kade says, moving toward us. I looked at Dustin, whose entire body tensed, and I glanced back at Abbie. I shake her anger coursing through me.

“Reject him!” I snapped at her, trying to get her attention.

“Abbie, reject him!” I yelled in her face, and she suddenly straightened. She blinks, shaking her head.

“I don’t know how. It didn’t work,” she murmurs, coming out of whatever stupor she was in.

“He is an Alpha you have to reject as your mate and as your Alpha. State your full name and reject him using his title,” Dustin murmurs, not taking his eyes off Kade. “But he is right, Azalea,” Dustin glances at me. “I can’t force him to accept it,” Dustin whispers.

“Reject him,” I tell her, shaking her. Kade laughed. Stepping toward her, his hand goes to grab her.

“Come, Abbie,” Kade says, clicking his fingers at her. That same glazed look washes over her face at his command. I swallowed, and she pushed past me when anger courses through me. I grab both her arms j*****g her back to me.

“Reject him!” I growl, and much to my astonishment, she does. My aura slipped out, and I did not know how I did, but she looked at Kade and spoke clearly. “I, Abbie Marie Barker, reject you, Alpha Kade, as my mate and Alpha,” she says. Kade growls, clutching his chest while Abbie shakes her head and blinks rapidly.

“I, Alpha Kade, reject your rejection,” he snarled before I felt his aura wash over her, and she whimpered. My fury becomes emblazoned by the fire burning in me at his words, and I turn on him.

“Accept it!” I roared, and it was like a burst erupted out of me. All the surrounding wolves yelped and cried out, and I felt the tingling sensation wash over my body and out of me as the command took hold of him and made him tense.

“I Alpha Kade, accept your rejection, as my Luna and Mate.” Kade blurted out, unable to fight the command.

Abbie screamed, clutching her chest and falling to her knees, and Kade staggered backward, clutching his chest, looking dazed.

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