His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 125

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 125 – Rattled by what happened, he shakes his head. “You stupid girl,” he snarled before lunging at me. Dustin was quicker, however, and punched him, sending him flying backward when all the wolves suddenly ran at us.

“Run!” Dustin screamed as he started fighting them off and keeping them from us. The sound of flesh tearing and whimpers and broken bones as he grabbed any wolf that got too close was loud. The sounds were savage, but as he got rid of one, another came in its place.

My heart thudded painfully in my chest, and I grabbed Abbie, pulling her to her feet and nearly passing out from the pulling strain on my abdomen as I pulled her up. We run for the trees, and I hear Dustin fending them off. Wolves dropped like flies as he took them out. We started racing up the hill, only for one to slip past him, pounce on us, and knock us down.

The moment we both hit the ground, his weight lifted abruptly, and a furious growl rang through the air. His feet were next to my face and I gasped, looking up to see Kyson in his Lycan form. The wolf that attacked was held off of us by his hand wrapped around its throat. He squeezed his hand, and I gritted my teeth when I heard the sickening crunch of its neck breaking when he flung it away. The wolf hit a tree, Kyson tossing the wolf like it weighed nothing.

Kyson glared down at me, and I dropped my gaze back to the ground at the angry look on his face when he stepped over us. Gannon was right behind him, and he grabbed both Abbie and me, pulling us to our feet and away from the fighting.

“Thank G*d,” I hear him murmur, clutching us tightly in his arms. I looked down toward Dustin, who was fighting the wolves, when Kyson’s aura slipped out, and his voice boomed around us echoing through the night.

“Enough, now stop!” he bellowed, and everyone froze under his command. Dustin clutched his knees breathlessly. Kyson stomped past him and shot him a glare as he made his way to Kade.

Kade backs away from Kyson, hands up in surrender. At this moment, he truly looked like the Lycan King. He towered over everyone, standing tall and intimidating.

Power oozed off him and his aura was deadly, suffocating the wolves pinned to the ground by it. “I have done nothing wrong; I was merely getting my mate,” Kade choked out before falling backward as Kyson’s massive Lycan form growled menacingly, stalking toward him with calculated steps.

“Wrong!” Kyson said calmly. Somehow that made him even more sinister as I watched him approach Kade. Kade shook his head, and the wolves all looked away from him, cowering and whimpering.

“I hereby sentence you to d***h for treason!” Kyson told him, stepping on Kade’s foot and making him fall on his a*s.

“Treason? But I didn’t commit treason,” Kade stammered, his voice more of a petrified squeak.

“Wrong, you touched my Queen. Your Pack just tried to k**l her!” Kyson snarled, grabbing the front of his shirt and j*****g him forward.

“And for that, I sentence you to d***h,” Kyson snapped before punching him. Or I thought he hit him until l heard Kade gasp and the sickening sound of flesh on flesh and a gross tearing noise. The wolves near him wailed, writhing on the ground in what looked like pain. Kyson shoved him backward, letting him go.

His back is tense when he drops something on the ground, his breathing loud while the muscles of his back flex. Kyson looks around at the wolves as they all run for the trees when I notice a woman standing out the front of the service station. I couldn’t make out her features with my blurry vision, but seeing her for some reason made goosebumps rise all over me as she watched. She then simply turned and walked away, disappearing into the night.

I feel the bile rise in my throat when I realize what Kyson dropped was Kade’s heart. Kyson then turns toward us, and his eyes go to Dustin. I struggle in Gannon’s grip when I watch, horrified, as Kyson stalked toward him like a predator hunting its prey.

Dustin doesn’t even move like he simply accepted the repercussions. Lycans burst from the treeline forming a circle around us, looking for any threat having caught up with their King. Damian, one of them, and I turned my attention back to Dustin, only to see Kyson punch him so hard it knocked him out cold. Dustin dropped at Kyson’s feet and just took it. Didn’t even fight back.

I whimper seeing my friend hurt, and Kyson’s head snaps in my direction. He snarls, his upper lip pulling back to reveal his razor-sharp teeth. He moves toward me, and I press closer to Abbie, who cried hysterically while Gannon tried to soothe her.

“Grab him,” Kyson snaps at Damian as he passes him on his way to me. His eyes did not leave me and my heart beat faster as neared closer. Damian rushed to do his bidding and grabbed Dustin, tossing him over his shoulder. Kyson nods to Gannon, and he lets me go as the King approaches. His eyes looks me up and down when he grabbed me. Despite his fury, his grip was surprisingly gentle, though his next move wasn’t.

“You disobeyed me!” Kyson growled. “And now you’re injured!” he snapped.

“But Abbie,” I tried to say before he cut me off.

“I don’t want to hear it,” he growled before his teeth sank into my neck. I grip his shoulders and choke on a sob when I feel them pierce and slide through my skin.

My eyes b**n with tears before they roll into my head as I am s****d under. Kyson forced me to submit, and I had no strength left to fight him.

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