His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 133

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 133 – Kyson POV

Azalea falls asleep quickly, and I run my fingers up and down her spine, enjoying her closeness and her scent. Relief flooded me, she was officially mine, and l was hers. An overwhelming feeling washed over me, and I had never felt so complete before as I did now. Yet worry gnawed at me. I knotted her. Lost in the moment, I forgot to pull her off.

Azalea is most fertile while in heat, and the fact I knotted her just upped the chances of me getting her pregnant. Worry ate me, not because it happened but because it was clear to me that Azalea had no idea what I was talking about when I told her. Her confusion at my words made me worry more. Would she hate me if I got her pregnant so soon? My troubled thoughts clawed at my insides and gave me a headache.

Time slipped me by as I became trapped in my thoughts. When I finally feel the swelling at the base of my c**k go down, I am able to slip free of her body. I groan when I notice the d**n handcuff still attached to my wrist. Opening the mind link, I feel Damian hoping he has the key.

Yet I could feel he was asleep, though Liam wasn’t, his mind link buzzing like a live wire in my head. I push on his tether, and he lets me in.

“Finished already, my King, that was fast. Need me to show you how it’s done,” Liam taunts.


“Sorry, my King. Offer still stands,”

“Like the offer to give me a good f**k?” I ask. A stupid smile slipped onto my face as I thought of the brute…

“If that is what my duty requires, I am up for the task,”” he laughs.

“That will not be necessary, but I appreciate the offer,” I chuckled.

“You should get laid more often. You seem to be in a cheery mood now you got rid of the blue b***s,” he mocks, and I look down at Azalea and sniff her hair. She reeked of my scent, making me purr with contentment.

“No need to purr at me, my King. I’m pretty sure your calling doesn’t work on me, but hey, I can pretend if that is what you are into,” Liam snickers.

“Sorry, Azalea distracted me,” I admit.

“Sure, now what can I do for you? I assume you want something or did you just drop into my thoughts for a friendly chat?” Liam asks.

“Well, I was trying to get a hold of Damian about this customary piece of jewelry I appear to have attached to me,” I tell him.

“Oh, my Justins! Do you like those? I have a hot pink fluffy set too,”

“I would like them off and was wondering if you had a spare key since Damian is asleep.”

“I do, and Damian is definitely asleep. I am looking at him,”

“Hmm, so who is on guard?” I ask.

“Just little ole me, I noticed Damian needed a grandpa nap and Trey. Hmm, don’t like the fella, reminds me of ferret,” Liam growls.

“A ferret?” I ask.

“Yep, cute and fluffy, and then it bites. I had a ferret once, only it bit me, then I wrung its neck, twisted it all the way around, those fuckers’ bite hard,” he rambled.

“The key, Liam,”

“Oh right, should I slide it under the door, open and toss it. I could try my ninja skills, creep on in slowly and take you from behind.”

“Liam!” “Right, I am getting ahead of myself. Should I knock?” he asks, and I roll my eyes.

“Now, why would you knock?” I ask him. “Well, don’t want to be rude, now do I,” he says when I hear him knock twice. I tug the blanket up and cover Azalea.

“Come in,” I laugh. The man was bat s**t crazy, but I could see why Gannon liked him so much. He was a funny b*****d. He pops his head in and wiggles his eyebrows before covering his eyes with his hands and peering out the gaps between his fingers.

“I see nothing,” he says, stumbling over his feet.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” he asks dropping his hand and sauntering over to me. His calculated movements reminded me of a cat. I roll my eyes at him and wave him forward for the key.

He holds it out to me, then pulls his hand back at the last second. I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Liam, have you been drinking while on the job?” I asked, sniffing the air.

“Just a smidge, my King, want some. I won’t tell if you don’t,” he says, sending me a wink.

“Not a good thing to tell the boss,” I scold.

“I may be many things, but a liar I is not. If you don’t want to know the answer, my King, don’t ask,” he says, his eyes glistening mischievously.

“Can I have the key, Liam?” I ask. He sighs and quits his mucking around, offering me the key. I take it from him and undo the cuff before rubbing my wrist.

“You seem troubled, my King,” Liam says, tilting his head to the side. I look at him. He was drunk, but even I knew he could handle himself in this state. He passed the guard trial while obliterated, literally woke up when the starting gun went off, having dozed off at the line, and still placed 5th.

I bite the inside of my lip and look down at Azalea.

“Ah, I see. You knotted her, didn’t you?” He says and I nod, stroking her hair. Liam wanders off into the bathroom, and I hear the bathtub turn on as he rummages around in there.

“Get her cleaned up. Never know, might be able to wash it from her,”

“Wash pregnancy from her?” I scoff.

“Hmm, I do have another suggestion, but I would like my limbs to remain attached, especially the right hand. I am rather fond of it,” Liam says. He leans forward, cupping his mouth with his hands. “I w**k with that one,” he whispers, and I groan. That was far too much information.

I roll my eyes and he snickers, the scent of vodka reaching my nose and I look at him, waiting for him to answer.

“Morning-after pill,” he whispers. My brows furrow, and he shrugs.

“I mean no offense by that, but if you are worried, I could I retrieve you one?” he says.


“We can keep it on the down-low. No one has to know. I know it is a taboo thing with Royals, but if you think of it, Royals are taboo anyhow, right? Few of you left,” He rambles.

“Just ask Doc to keep it to himself, though he knows lyrics just don’t want it getting out. Especially with Clarice. She would be far too excited, and the place would be baby-proofed tomorrow, I also don’t want Azalea to feel pressured,” I tell him.

Liam nods, rushing out to do my bidding while I get up. I carry a sleeping Azalea into the bathroom, climb in the hot bath, sitting her on my lap, and wash her. She moves around, waking, but my calling forces her back under as I wash her the best I can. I heard Liam slip into the room again before shutting the door. When I am sure he is gone, I sit on the edge of the bath and dry her before setting her in the bed and tugging the blanket up.

I noticed the pill sitting on the table with a bottle of water. Climbing back in bed, she instinctively moves closer before crawling on top of me, pressing her body to my chest, and she grabs my hand, placing it over her. I chuckle, running my fingers up her spine.

“I feel cold,” she yawns, snuggling against me. “Because your heat has subsided,” I tell her, and she shivers, nodding her head sleepily.

“Do you want kids?” She was already asleep when asked, and I knew she would stay in this dreary state for hours. I brush her hair with my fingers for a while before letting myself drift off. I would have to ask her when she would wake. It wasn’t my body or my decision. However, I had to tell her there was a chance she could get pregnant.

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