His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 137

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 137 – Kyson POV

The next few days passed by quickly. We were no closer to finding anything on the rogue children, but another woman was found, and we were going to investigate. Like Blaire, we found she was rogue, only this one was different. She was found wearing scrubs and appeared to be a nurse and not the usual s*x worker, so we had trouble figuring out any pattern. Getting ready to leave again, I felt like I had spent hardly any time here lately. I missed Azalea terribly when I was away, usually crawling into bed late at night while she was sleeping only to leave early in the mornings.

“Ivy!” I whisper, shaking her shoulder, and she g****s, rolling onto her back.

“No, let me sleep. I will do it later,” she whined, and l growled, scooping her n***d body up off the bed. The same argument every morning as I hauled her to the bathroom and dropped her on the toilet. She huffed and glared at me with tired eyes.

“I don’t understand why you have me testing every morning. It’s too early to tell,” Azalea growled but held her hand out for the pregnancy test. I unwrapped it, passing it to her, and she glared at me until I turned around.

“Because Lycan pregnancies are only 12 weeks compared to normal pregnancies or werewolf pregnancies, if you are, we should be able to tell soon,” I told her and she mumbled incoherently.

“You know I can’t just pee on demand, right?” she says, and I roll my eyes, turning the tap on, hoping the water made her need to pee, it worked yesterday. I tap my foot impatiently, waiting with my hand out for the test. Only when she passed me, she giggled as she dropped the test in my hand. It took me a few seconds to figure out why she was laughing as she dashed off into the bedroom.

She didn’t put the cap on, and the part she peed on was now in the palm of my hand. I blinked at my hand holding her pee and dropped it on the counter, quickly washing my hand.


“That’s what you get for waking me,” she laughed, and I growled.

I could still hear her giggling as I waited for the test show. I growled, inconclusive, nothing appeared, this time the test was faulty. S**t, I rifled under the sink for another and stuck my head out the bathroom door to look at her to find her inside her nest, still laughing to herself.

“You little Brat! It was faulty. You need to do another,” I tell her.

“No can do. I no longer need to pee,” she said as stalked out of the bathroom. I try unraveling her nest, earning a feral growl from her. She swiped at me as l ruined her nest, trying to get to her. She frantically tried to put it back together, making me worry. This is precisely why I wanted her to do the test, her nesting was becoming out of control, and it had only been three days.

She assured me she felt the same, yet her instincts told me otherwise. I would call Doc to do a blood test, I thought to myself as I helped her rearrange her nest; feeling bad I upset her before I had to leave. Leaning over to kiss her, she growled at me, her eyes on my shirt, and I rolled my eyes, peeling it off, knowing she wanted it for her nest.

My poor bed was reduced to torn sheets, clothes, and duck feathers as she ripped the d**n pillows every night. She reaches for it, but I pull it back before she could grab it, wanting a kiss. She growls but leans forward, knowing what I want. Just before her lips brushed mine, she snatched my shirt from my hand, and turned back rearranging her nest.

“Brat!” I scolded, leaning across the bed and grabbing her hips, dragging her toward me. I nuzzle her neck and purr, letting the calling slip out. Azalea relaxed before turning her face toward mine, her lips parted as I kissed her, and my tongue slipped between her plump lips as I kissed her, my tongue tasting every inch of her mouth, savoring her taste. With a sigh, I let her go knowing the others would be waiting for me.

“I will be home as soon as possible,” I tell her, watching her crawl beneath her nest. I stopped by my office on the way down to the car to grab a fresh shirt that was the last one I had left in the room. Thankfully I had a cupboard full in the office. Slipping one on, I step out of my office while buttoning it up.

Walking out to the car, I find Gannon standing beside it. “I thought you had the week off?” I tell him as he opens the door. I duck my head, stepping inside.

“I do, but I wanted to speak to you before you left,” Gannon tells me, peering in the car at me. Trey clears his throat behind him, and Gannon steps aside to allow him to climb in the back with me. I was wary of him, especially since finding out he had, in fact, been around and handled Ivy’s meals. Yet, when love commanded him and questioned him, it was clear he was not the one that p******d her food, so we were still no closer to finding the culprit at the same time.

After spending the last few days with him, I was getting the same strange vibes, or maybe the rumors about him and Dustin going around the castle set me on edge. Regardless, until the person responsible was caught, I only trusted her with very few people, and Trey wasn’t one of them right now.

Turning my attention to Gannon, he looked at me.

“What do you need?” I asked him.

“I want to take Abbie away for a few days but wanted to clear it with you first,”

“Of course. Where are you taking her?”

“Don’t know yet, somewhere, but I will be back before my week off is over,”

“Take your time, Gannon. I can manage without you. Besides, when was the last time you had time off anyway?” I ask, knowing it had been years. Like Damian and Dustin, the man never took days off.

“Thank you,”

“Just make sure Azalea sees Abbie before she goes,” Gannon nods just as Damian climbs in the car also. Opening the mind link, Gannon stops as he goes to shut the door, but I didn’t want to ask aloud with Trey in the car, few people knew, and I wanted to keep it that way, not that he was paying attention too busy playing on his phone.

“Have Doc come to take blood from Azalea for me before you leave,” I tell him and nod.

“Still no luck with the tests?” he asks, and I shake my head.

“Will do, anything else?”

“Yes, enjoy your time off,” I tell him, and he smirks, shutting the door.

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