His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 140

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 140 – I watch her grab a towel and wrap it around herself, and I stand, stepping out of the shower. My face is already heating. I start shredding my clothes dropping them in awet heap as Abbie sticks her head out the door. Kyson was yelling at me through the mind-link and the guards and I tried my best to ignore him.

“I will get you some spare clothes,” Abbie says.

“Don’t bother,” I tell her, and she glances at me but quickly rushed into the room. Kyson was still talking through the mindlink, arguing with Guards to leave Gannon’s quarters. While Liam asked neverending questions, it was hard trying to keep tabs on how many people’s voices were suddenly flitting through my head.

I grab a towel and dry myself, and Abbie runs back into the room with a cami and shorts, trying to pass them to me while she starts pulling on a turtle neck and long pants.

“Here,” she whispers, but I shake my head.

“Az?” I go to step past her when she stops in front of me.

“Gannon is out there,” she says, gripping my arm when he suddenly opens the door standing completely n***d. I had no idea where to look, so I stared up at the roof, and so did he. Awkward.

“Hang on, we doing this in style,” Liam says through the mind-link and I look at Gannon who sends me a wink.

“I swear, Azalea when I get home,” Kyson starts.

“Well, that sounds like a challenge, my King,” I tell him.

“Put some clothes on, and Liam, stay away from my mate,” he snaps.

“What? Na, I am streaking with her, got my best apron for this, and if Gannon is strutting his stuff, so is me, sometimes you gotta air out the skinsuit,” Liam says.

“I said clear the halls,” The King commanded.

“Everyone remains at their posts!” I commanded back a little shocked at how easily I did.

The King growls “Azalea!”

“My King?” Clarice says, through the mindlink.

I could hear Abbie asking what was going on, but I grabbed her hand almost blindly as everyone’s faces flitted through my head along with their voices.

“I can’t do this with you in my d**n head,” I tell Kyson.

“Good because you aren’t doing it,” he growls.

“What is going on?” Clarice asks.

“Azalea is about to streak through the d**n halls,” Kyson tells her.

I focus on the mindlink, trying to get him out of my head. When I manage it, I am still standing in the bathroom though now I can see Gannon. I made sure to keep my eyes above the waist. I did not want to see more than I needed to. However, I was shocked to find his flesh torn apart more than ours.

“Are we doing this?” he asks, looking at me.

“Doing what?” Abbie squeaks looking between us.

“Oh good, I am not late,” Liam says, busting into the bathroom with only a floral apron on.

“Oh la la, my Queen, lovely birthday suit,” he said, not even being subtle as he looked me over. I swallowed under his leering gaze.

“Eyes off my mate Liam,”

“Hitting above your belt there, my king,” Liam chuckles, earning a growl through the mindlink Kyson kept forcing open. Liam reaches past Gannon, grabs my wrist j*****g me to him, and loops his arm through mine while Abbie stands stunned. She grabs my arm as Liam tugs me toward the door.

“What are you doing?”

“We are showing you. You aren’t the only one a little broken,” Gannon says, offering his arm to her.

“Man, the King doesn’t shut up.Bit Bossy if you ask me. How do you put up with him,” Liam says. As Kyson kept trying to order his men out, when I realized something, his commands on Liam and Gannon were not working. That realization hit me at the same time it hit Kyson that I knew something was amiss.

“Azalea?” he asks.

“I love you, but I am doing this for Abbie,” I tell him, and he growls.

“Them Cameras better be f*****g off?” he calls through the open mindlink.

“Already off,” I hear Dustin call back.

“Well, now this is definitely an adventure so I guess we are off,” Liam says, opening the door and bowing. Abbie giggles behind me, and I glance over my shoulder to see Gannon put his hands over her eyes when Liam shakes his a*s at her. I try not to laugh and close my eyes, willing myself to step out the doors and not run back for the bathroom.

“You are in so much trouble when I get home,” Kyson snaps at me.

Anger courses through me, and Abbie gasps. I open my eyes at the sound and gasp myself. All the guards were still stationed where they were, their clothes at their feet in a heap, their eyes straight ahead and hands over their privates. I look at Abbie, who was fully clothed, gripping Gannon’s arm tightly, looking like she wanted to run back into the room.

“Ready, my Queen?” Liam laughs, looping his arm back through mine. I nod my breathing heavy and look straight ahead before I start walking. I headed for the King’s quarters, and I could hear Abbie crying behind me as she followed Gannon. Every staff member lined the halls n***d, eyes straight ahead, thankfully. My chest warmed knowing they did this for her. Kyson growled through the bond angrily, and I could almost sense the angry look on his face.

As we walked the halls, I felt a strange weight lift from not only me but Abbie as her crying stopped. Each person we passed bowed or nodded and she looped her arm through mine. She rests her head on my shoulder as we climb the last set of stairs to find Clarice and Dustin standing up top n***d.

“I knew you were a fine lady, Clarice, but d**n,” Liam says, giving a whistle.

“Liam, you are not too big for me to s***k or wash your mouth out with soap,” she scolds.

“Lucky me, which knee would you like me over?” he laughs, and she folds her arms across her chest and her eyes narrow at the man.


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