His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 141

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 141 – “My Queen,” she says and nods. Dustin walks over and opens the door for me.

“Abbie?” I whisper.

“You didn’t have to do this,” she tells me, yet the tension in her body had left, she looked more relaxed.

“Yes, I did, you needed to see,” she looks out at all the n***d guards and staff.

“Did you have to make them do it too?”

“No one made them do it, Love,” Gannon whispers, and everyone in the hall bows or tips their heads to her, and her cheeks flush pink.

“So, can I take you somewhere now and can I put some pants on, it is a little chilly?” Gannon asks, and l give her a nudge.

“Go, no one cares what you look like,” I tell her, and tears brim in her eyes as she hugs me.

“More than my life,” she whispers.

“More than my life,” I tell her.

“More than my life,” all the guards and staff murmur in unison, making my heart skip a beat.

I look at Dustin, who nods, keeping his eyes on mine. I wait for Abbie to disappear around to the stairs before racing to the cupboard for clothes. Clarice steps into the room as I pull on some pajamas and I let out a breath.

“You’re a Good friend,” Clarice says, wrapping a sheet around herself.

“I can’t believe everyone did it for her,” I chuckle. Clarice chuckles.

“Yes, but also you, you are our Queen, where you go, we follow even if it is doing something as silly as being n***d,” she says when Kyson’s voice booms through the link.

“For g*d’s sake, please tell me she has clothes on now,” he growls.

“I have clothes on,” I tell him, and he growls and goes to say something, but I cut him off.

“I will deal with you when you get home,” I tell him.

“With me? You better b****y run when I get home,” he snarls.

“Good, I will do it n***d,” I tell him, and he growls, but I shove him out of my head.

“He is a little angry,” I sigh.

“Don’t worry, my Queen, you have an entire castle to back you” she says, and my brows furrow, remembering how I was able to override the commands of Kyson.

“How?” I ask her.

“How what?” Clarice asks.

“They all listened, Kyson commanded them, and they listened to me instead,”

“Ah, now that is something you need to ask your king about, my Queen,” she chuckles before walking out. I sigh and sit on the bed. Now to deal with my King when he comes home.

The day passed by quickly, I had a doctor stop by to take blood. I worked on my reading with Liam and Dustin. At first I was a little embarrassed of my earlier spectacle, but as I walked the halls it was like it never happened, everyone completely normal despite all of us being n***d this morning.

After dinner, I went to bed yet I could feel Kyson burning anger dissipate, he almost seemed giddy and excited to get home which I thought odd and it made me wonder why his mood had switched, because his anger festered all day through the bond. It was still there yet not even a quarter of what it was earlier.

Crawling into my nest I was rearranging the edges, twisting them as I tried get comfortable looking for my mates scent that had only gotten weaker throughout the day, it was making me anxious. My eyes opened when I heard the door open and Kyson stepped in. I sat up waiting for his wrath, having decided I was too tired to argue with him, so I would just listen to his ranting if it meant I could sleep.

Kyson was quiet as he moved toward me. He stopped next to the bed and shrugged off his jacket tossing it on the end of the bed. His silence was worse as he watched me, undoing his cufflinks, he set them on the bedside table before unbuttoning his shirt. His scent filled the room, making me purr involuntarily. He smirks when I do, watching me fight the urge to throw myself at him.

“You are in trouble,” he says and I gulp waiting to hear it.

“But I think I can forgive you,”

“You think or you have?” I ask forcing myself to remain where I am, I wanted to bite him, taste his skin and inhale his scent, like a d**n animal. It infuriated me yet my mouth watered all the same. Kyson raises an eyebrow at me before taking his shirt off and offering it to me, I reach out for it wondering what he is playing at. He lets me take it before walking off into the bathroom. I hear the shower turn on yet he still hasn’t answered me and his silence was almost worse than his wrath.

“Kyson?” I call.

“My Queen,” he says in return making me purse my lips at his weird behaviour. When he finishes showering he comes out and tugs the duvet back lyrics was huddled under.

“You didn’t eat all your dinner,” he growls, reaching for me. My skin tingles from his touch and his warmth instantly bleeds into me as he lays me on top of him.

“I wasn’t hungry,” I tell him, n*****g at his chest, he lets me, brushing his fingers through my hair, as the calling slips out of him.

“I thought you were angry?” I ask.

“I am,” he answers and I sit up, straddling his waist.

“You don’t seem angry?” I tell him.

“Clarice said you didn’t eat your lunch either?” Kyson growls, his fingers tangling in my hair, he tugs me back down and pulls my head back before brushing his lips against mine gently.

“Who cares if I ate, did you find out anything about the m******d rogues?”

“No, nothing, and I care if you aren’t eating and so should you,” he says and I roll my eyes pushing off his chest only for him to tug me back again. His lips brush gently across mine.

“Because you’re eating for two,” he purrs before his tongue invades my mouth.

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