His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 142

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 142 – Two days had passed, and I never thought I would be so excited for Kyson to not be home. He was driving me up the wall, watching me constantly, stuffing vitamins down my throat. A week and he was already overbearing. Kyson had explained that one week in human pregnancy is equivalent to three or four weeks for Lycans, but if this was a week, I would hate to see what a fortnight would bring. However, I was excited to know that Abbie was coming back tomorrow, there was only so much to do around the castle, and Kyson forbade me from helping Peter, the stable boy. Also from helping Clarice, I was bored out of my mind.

So today, when I woke up to find he had gone somewhere, I was a little relieved not to have him breathing down my neck. However, he had allocated me a babysitter in the form of Liam. Liam was alright, a little crazy but definitely entertaining, and Dustin didn’t seem to mind having him around either.

“My Queen,” Liam says while walking into the room. I roll my eyes and scoot the edge of the bed when I see him walk into the room. In his hand was the dreaded vitamins and some smoothie Kyson had been making me drink three times a day that tasted dreadful.

“Bottoms up,” he says, holding out the green chunky-looking drink and the pills.

“I will pass on that,” I tell him.

“Your royal pain in the a*s said I was to ensure you drink this lovely concoction that looks like snot, and baby s**t, my Queen,” I shake my head.

“Can’t be that bad,” he says, thrusting the cup toward me.

“Have you tasted it?” I ask him.

“No, but I watched him make it before he left, and he was very insistent that you drink this lovely glass of vileness,”

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him or my stomach,” I tell him, cringing. It was a taste you would never forget.

“Just a sip and I can say I watched you drink it,” Liam offers. I raise an eyebrow at him, he would have to pin me down to get me to drink that.

“If you can stomach it, I will try,” I challenge. Liam shrugs and sighs, holding the glass up.

“Not much I haven’t had in my mouth, my Queen, but if it gets you drink it, I shall have a little sippy sip,” he says, while bringing the glass to his lips. He tips the glass up, drinking a mouthful. I watched him try to s*****w, covering his mouth with his fist as he gagged and coughed. He forced it down like he was s********g a golf ball looking very pained. At the same time Dustin walks in behind him with my breakfast.

“Good G*d, that tastes worse than that prostitute I went down on,” Liam gasps shaking his head and I pull a face, and he shrugs and Dustin gives him a look of disgust. “What, the woman could have told me. How was I to know she was a hooker, and I was her fifteenth client for the day,” he mumbles the last part. I pull a disgusted face, and so does Dustin. I really could have gone without that information.

“Wait, if she was a prostitute, how did you not know?”

“To be fair, I was pretty drunk. I thought it was a hotel. Turns out, instead of a mint on my pillow, it had a woman,” Liam says, taking another sip of the drink as he rambled. He heaves, spitting it all over Dustin. Dustin tenses, his face covered in the green substance, and Liam drops the glass on the tray Dustin is holding. Liam frantically starts digging in his pocket before pulling out a small glass bottle that fits in the palm of his hand. I knew it was liquor by the potent scent. He chugs it down quickly, gulping it down until the small bottle is empty.

“Ah, nasty,” Liam says, wiping his mouth. I press my lips in a line trying not to laugh at the horrified look on Dustin’s face as he stood frozen. Liam, finally turning his head, notices he spat the drink all over him and chokes on his laugh before turning serious again when an enraged Dustin glares at him.

“Well, that shirt was d**n ugly anyway, all good. I will get you cleaned up,” Liam says, taking out a hankerchief to scrub Dustin’s face.

Dustin growls. “It’s my uniform. You are wearing the same one,” Dustin says while Liam cleans his shirt and face.

“One sec,” Liam says, licking the handkerchief wrapped around his finger before scrubbing at Dustin’s chin.

“They’re good as new,” Liam exclaims.

“You did not just clean me with your spit,” Dustin snarls.

“Ah, come on, Dustin, not the worst part of me you have had on your face,” Liam says, and Dustin’s face turns bright red. He shoots Liam a look.

“Liam!” Dustin snaps.

“What, I was just saying,” Liam shrugs.

“Little sensitive this one,” Liam says, sending me a wink.

“Do you have no manners? She is the Queen. You can’t speak like, ah,” he thrusts the tray at Liam before storming out.

“Wonder what crawled up his a*s… Besides me, of course,” Liam says, watching him leave. I didn’t know what to say to that, so I just ignored Liam’s comments and wandered off to the bathroom, shaking my head. I showered quickly and got changed, wanting to go find something to do.

The castle was pretty quiet today as Liam escorted me downstairs. Most of the guards went with Kyson because they were raiding a nearby pack, so only a handful was left here, and the place was locked up like a fortress.

“We could go for a walk in the gardens, my Queen. The King doesn’t,” Liam falls silent, his hand gripping my shoulder. Liam stepped down the last few steps before I suddenly found myself slammed against the wall, his hand going over my mouth.

My heart beat erratically as he held a finger to his lips. Gone was the fun-loving man I was used to as his eyes flickered oddly, a sadistic gleam in his eyes as they darkened and his canines protruded past his top lip. I could hear Clarice frantically talking down the hall before the doors next to the staircase burst open. Liam shoved me behind him as men in armor flooded the halls from every direction. My hands shook as clutched the back of Liam’s shirt, where he shoved me behind him.

Guns raised, four other men, who I could tell were Lycan, walked in wearing suits. Clarice rushed in after them bursting into the foyer.

“May I ask what this is about, MR Crux,” Liam asks, motioning for Clarice to come to him with his hand. She rushes to his side and whispers something to him, and I only catch the last part about how they took the guards out. She glances at me nervously behind him. Liam nods but doesn’t move his eyes from the men surrounding us with their guns trained on him.

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