His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 144

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 144 – The moment I stepped out of the safety of the castle doors, I was surrounded and grabbed. They dragged me to the front of the castle, and Kyson was in my head the entire time, telling me to stall them. His fear was potent, and I wondered what sort of history he had with the council that they would be daring enough to go against the Lycan King.

“Azalea, my Queen. So lovely for you to join us,” Denali purred, and my skin crawled as he approached me. He clicked his fingers at one of his men, who shoved me toward the iron gates and handcuffed my wrists to the solid bars. My heart skipped a beat as everyone took a few steps back as they watched beyond the gate.

“Fear not. You will have your say. We just have a few questions for you. This is merely a precaution,” Denali says, gripping the back of my neck to turn my face toward his.

“Are you really that gutless that you had to wait for my mate to leave?” I ask him, and he laughs sadistically.

He stepped away, and I could see Oliver kneeling next to Clarice, crying, huddled in Logan’s arms. Turning my attention back to Denali, he sneered at me.

“It is a mere coincidence that the King wasn’t home. We were sent the report and investigated; this is just a questioning,”

“If that is all it is, why did you feel the need to take out my guards and handcuff me to a d**n gate?”

“Because we are aware of the pact the guards hold, they will fight. We haven’t hurt them, just made them more compliant,” he states.

“What Pact?” I asked, a little confused.

“The King never told you?” He asks, and I glance around at the crowd of onlookers watching me.

“Regardless, I am here to administer the serum, ask the questions, and choose punishment if necessary,”

“15 minutes, love. Keep stalling. Leave the link open, so I can hear what is going on. Help is coming.” Kyson says in my head. I s*****w when Mr. Crux approaches with a vial.

“The Landeena Kingdom, head to the castle your Queen needs you,” Kyson calls through the link. I didn’t have time to process his words, and I knew the town was a good 15 minutes from the hill on which the castle stood.

“What is this about?” I ask, knowing full well by the woman standing on the other side of the gates watching me. Denali follows my gaze and motions for one of the guards to let her in. The gate is opened beside me, and the smug b***h steps inside her heeled boots clinking on the stone driveway before they close it, nearly jamming my fingers. She moves behind me and stops beside him, folding her arms across her chest.

“Cassandra,” I snarl.

“So you do know each other, wonderful. Cassandra here says you commanded Abbie to reject her husband, Alpha Kade and made him accept the rejection; she also claims that you also stole the pack’s future Luna,” Denali says.

“That is not true. Abbie tried rejecting him. He was abusing her,” I told Denali before glaring at Cassandra. “With her help,” I growled.

“That wasn’t what I asked. I asked if you abused your power as the King’s Mate and broke a sacred law regarding mate bonds?”

“As I said, he was abusing Abbie. He sexually assaulted her,”

“And where is Abbie to verify this?” Denali asks, tilting his head toward me. He nods to Mr. Crux, who moves toward me with the vial. I clench my teeth together.

“Kyson!” I rush through the mindlink.

“Any minute,” Kyson replies when Denali grabs my hair ripping my head back while Mr. Crux pinches my cheeks, stuffing the vial in my mouth. Denali checks his watch while I cough and gag at its taste, yet something about it reminded me of Kyson.

“You can fight the effects,” Kyson links to me. “Focus, love, that serum is made from my blood. You can resist it,” he tells me.

A minute or so goes past, and Mr.Crux nods to Denali.

“Did you command Luna Abbie to reject her mate, Alpha Kade?” Denali asks. I grit my teeth. Fear so palpable it made goosebumps rise on my skin as the urge to answer rolled through me, making my body tense.

“Nearly there, fight it,” Kyson snarls when I hear a commotion outside the gates. Denali glances out the gates to the cobble road where Kade’s pack stood before waving some of his men to sort whatever is happening out. They rush out the gates, and Kade’s pack members murmur amongst themselves looking down the road.

“Answer me,” Denali demands. I don’t know what Kyson meant about fighting it. Fighting against it caused me to break out in a sweat, my stomach twisting painfully.

“Yes,” I gasped. Fighting breaks out outside the gates and down in the gully before the driveway in. Denali looks toward the commotion outside the gates.

“Enough proof, bring the whip,” he says, wandering off to talk to someone behind me. I look over my shoulder, twisting my neck to see what is going on behind me. I gulp when I see the barbed whip in the man’s hand, Denali was talking to the man with one eye, glancing nervously back at me.

“Tell them I commanded you too,” Kyson yelled through the bond.

“I can’t,” I said.

“You can and f*****g will, your pregnant Azalea, tell them I commanded you too,” I try to open my mouth to lie, yet whatever the truth serum contained wouldn’t allow me to breathe a lie.

“Azalea!” Kysin booms in my head. I choke on the words, trying to spit them.

“Don’t you dare fight me. I’m sorry, love, I have no choice,” he murmurs when I feel his command smash me through the bond and mind-link. It rolled over me, causing crippling pain as he ordered me to blame him.

“Kyson ordered me to do it,” I blurted. Mr. Crux gripped my face, and Denali came back over.

“Excuse me?” Denali asks.

“Say it again!” Kyson commanded through the bond, sweat glistened on my skin, and I felt like I would be sick.

“The King ordered me to command them,” I choked out, gasping for air. Denali and Mr.Crux look at each other before turning to Cassandra.

“Is what she says true?” Denali asks her. She opens her mouth and closes it.

“Well?” Denali snaps.

“I…I don’t know. I only got there to see her command them both. What does it matter? She still did it,” Cassandra says in her nasal voice.

“Good girl,” Kyson says, letting the command slide off me.

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