His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 149

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 149 – “That doesn’t make it your fault,” Gannon says.

“Anyway, Azalea found me afterward. We cooked dinner, and she fed us. We had a bowl of rice to share. Both of us were starving, yet neither of us touched it. That was the payment, a bowl of rice, Mrs. Daley then called us ungrateful, and Azalea,” I close my eyes. Guilt flooded through me and shame.

“Azalea took 39 lashings for me that night. It was only supposed to be five. Then Mrs. Daley made it forty, but I wasn’t going to tell her she was one short,”

“Was supposed to be five?” Gannon asks. I nod, feeling terrible, knowing how much she endured for me.

“Yeah. Mrs. Daley threw the bowl at her when we refused to eat. It hit her in the face and split her eyebrow open. When she brought the cane down, she used to have this whip that went around the handle, which was usually reserved for Azalea.” I tell him, s*****g in a shuddering breath. A whimper escapes me at the memory of what she endured that night, just so I didn’t have to.

“What happened?” Gannon asked.

“Mrs. Daley gave her the five lashings, but when it was my turn, Azalea…” My face burns with shame at my next words. “I couldn’t sit, it hurt too much, yet Azlaea was already hurt and still she did it,”

“What did she do?” Gannon asked. I chewed my lip and glanced out the window as that night b****d through my vision like I was right there all over again.

“She attacked Mrs. Daley so she wouldn’t hit me with the cane. Azalea slapped her, and I was so shocked I just stood there. We were petrified of that woman, yet Azalea slapped her. She got another five lashings for it, but then when it was my turn again, she got back up and hit her again, knocking her over.” Tears b****d my eyes, and l could still see the blood gushing from Azalea’s face where the bowl hit her, Azalea had worn my stained clothes because I couldn’t bear to put them back on afterward, Mrs. Daley already whacked her good for that before dinner for wasting clothes. Only to suffer more for me.

“Mrs. Daley smacked her head on the coffee table. She had a nasty bump, she then sent me to my room, but I stayed on the stairs. Mrs. Daley said Azalea was going to get 40 lashings for messing up her face before the Alpha visit.”

“Forty Lashings?” Gannon asked shocked. He growls when I nod.

“Most of the scars Azalea has are because of me. She always took most of my punishments after that. Mrs. Daley was brutal with her. That night Azalea collapsed on the ground, and l watched as she just kept whipping her over and over until she wasn’t moving. I thought she was d**d. I waited for Mrs. Daley to leave, and I helped her clean up as she did me,” I tell him. The car was silent for a few seconds until l couldn’t handle his silence any longer or his burning aura.

“So, what did Damian want?” I asked him, changing the subject.

“They have Cassandra in the dungeons,” Gannon answers and I gulp, biting on my lip to stop it quivering.

“It’s up to you what they do with her. That’s what Damian called about,”

“I get to choose her punishment?” I asked, horrified. Gannon grips the steering wheel tighter, his knuckles turning white under pressure.

“You don’t have to do anything, you don’t want to. You don’t even have to see her if you don’t want. I can handle it when we get back it is up to you,”

Gannon says. I s*****w and nod.

“And the council?”

“Kyson k****d Denali and Kendrick. The other two he let go,”

“Why would he let them go?” I ask, confused.

“Because Mr. Crux has immunity. Despite Kyson hating him and Larkin he left alive, to serve as a reminder, that no one is untouchable, Denali and Larkin are from very prominent families,”

“What do you mean, Mr. Crux has immunity?”

“He has immunity because he is Azalea’s cousin,” Gannon tells me.

“Then why isn’t he ruling?” I ask confused.

“Because he was an illegitimate child to Garret’s brother. Plus, Kyson always held out hope Azalea was alive and that one day he would find her. He refused to believe she was d**d until he had proof,” Gannon tells me.

“What do you mean?”

“The Landeena’s kept her a secret. Kyson knew he would be betrothed to any daughter they had, but for some reason, they never told anyone she was born. We never knew until we heard of their slaughter and found the nursery,”

“So why did he think she would be alive?”

“Because Landeena blood is special. When we learned there was a child, and we couldn’t find her, we at first thought the hunters took her,”

“But if hunters k****d them, why would they want to keep the child?”

“Because Landeena’s are venomous,” Gannon says, and my brows furrow. I look at him, and he sighs.

“Landeena blood is more potent than even the King’s,” he adds.

“I am not sure what you are saying,” I confessed.

“They were the only ones that could make a human a Lycan. Lycan’s like me can turn a normal werewolf into a Lycan, but the Landeena’s could change a human into a Lycan,”

His words shocked me. “Wait… Does Azalea know this?” I ask and Gannon shakes his head.

“And you can’t tell her, Abbie. Let Kyson do that,”

“I am not going to lie to her,”

“I’m not asking you to. I’m just saying don’t mention it unless she says something, just don’t deliberately bring it up. Give Kyson a chance to tell her first,”

“Why are they different, though?”

“Because they were the first Lycans. They were created by gods, or so the story goes anyway,”

“So the Moon Goddess?” Gannon nods.

“But if hunters wanted to get rid of Lycans, why would they want to become one?”

“Same reason anyone would, to gain immortality. Landeena blood is the only blood that could make humans immortal. We believe that is why her parents kept her hidden by everyone except those in the castle”

“They were worried someone would try to take her,” I state with a sigh.

“And they did,” Gannon says.

“So what, she just has to bite them?”

“Yes, there is more to it tho. For me to change you, I only have to mark you, which is part of the reason Kyson wouldn’t do it. You could sire to him, basically become an extra mate. It’s rare for that to happen when you already have a mate, but it has happened in the past,” Gannon explains.

“Can Azalea do it?” I asked thoughtfully. Gannon clenches his jaw but nods.

“Yes, but I would rather change you myself,”

“I know, but-“

“You think you aren’t worthy of me, but you are. I am the one not worthy of you, Abbie. I want to be with you. I don’t care about your past or the s**t that has happened. I told you I could wait for anything more as long as I can have you as mine. The rest we can figure out. Just let me love you. That is all I am asking for,” he says, cutting me off and becoming angry.

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