His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 153

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 153 – Gannon is gentle and sweet despite the hard exterior and sharp edges as well as the blistering fiery energy he exuded. Safe is what I felt with him and I trusted him inexplicably. Trusted him the way I trusted Azalea. His fingers massaged the back of my neck as he deepens the kiss before pulling back slightly. He s****d on my bottom lip, nibbling on it. I chuckle and he smiles against my lips before pulling away and hugging me. I hug him back enjoying his masculine scent as his arms engulfed my tiny frame.

“I will be back in a few hours and-” A knock is heard at the door and I look up at Gannon whose eyes are glazed over. He leans down kissing my nose before stepping away.

“Azalea is at the door,” Gannon murmurs, and my eyes widen. I was excited to see her, seeing her while she was asleep wasn’t the same. I needed to hear her voice and hear her say she was indeed okay. Ripping the door open, I ran into her. Her arms enveloped me instantly.

“More than my life,” she murmured.

“More than my life,” I whispered back.

Hearing those words, to me, were the most soul soothing thing. Most didn’t understand our language, not like we did. Half the time we didn’t need to speak, just the subtle facial movements, the way we moved, it spoke a language only we understood. We read each other’s body language as if it was a spoken language. So the crack in her voice told me she needed the hug just as much as I did.

Pulling back, I noticed the King, leaning against the wall behind her, keeping watch and making me nervous.

“Ready?” The King asks Gannon, though his eyes never leave Azalea. And the way she s***s in her pursed lip as she tried to stop the action made me realize she was livid about something.

“Yeah, just need to grab my wallet,” Gannon says behind me, I turn toward the doors at the end of the corridor. Azalea leans her shoulder against me. Before she even got two meters past Kyson, the harsh intake of breath she let out told me she was trying to keep her emotions in check.

“Azalea!” The King snarled. She ignores him and continues walking toward the stairs.

“Where are you going now?” the King asks. She doesn’t bother answering and instead kept walking and I press my lips in a line, a little worried. Azalea wasn’t usually defiant, one thing we were very aware of growing up was orders were to be followed. Only the King was her mate and she looked like she was deliberately trying to push his buttons for some reason.

“Where are you working today? I will come work with you,” she says, ignoring her growling mate behind us.

“I’m not sure yet,” I tell her, walking down the steps with her toward the kitchens.

“Azalea, answer me!” The King bellows from the top of the stairs. Dustin, I noticed was waiting on the stairs for her along with Liam. He smiles softly at us while Dustin raises an eyebrow at Azalea who continued to ignore Kyson.

I could hear him stomping down the steps behind us.

The King grips her shoulder and she stops and growls at him. “I asked you a question?” he said, looking annoyed.

“I asked you one too! I got my answer. Here’s yours,” she said, turning back and stomping down the steps, she shoots him a look when she gets to the bottom.

“Trouble in paradise, my King,” Liam taunts. That crazy Lycan. Although, I actually think he may in fact be clinically crazy.

“Shut up, Liam,” Kyson snaps and I was surprised at how angry he was becoming just from Azalea ignoring him. Clearly he liked being the center of attention with her. Yet Liam was the first to move in front of Kyson though, when he reached his hand out to stop her again.

Kyson growled and it was so strange for me to see them put themselves in front of the King for her. Bound by a pack oath to choose her over him. However, I never realized it extended to his interactions with Azalea too.

I would have to ask Gannon why next time I speak to him. Gannon’s hand fell on Kyson’s shoulder not even a second later. My breath hitched in my throat when Kyson growled, turning his intimidating glare on Gannon before he sighed. He looks down at Azalea who just raised an eyebrow at him.

“It was a simple question, Azalea. I just wanted to know where you are going, so I can ensure you have proper guards,” the king says while pinching the skin between his eyes.

“Can’t know all my secrets now, can you?” she growls back before storming off. I hurry after her wondering if she was talking about what Gannon told me the other day.

“Where are you going?” I ask her.

“Wherever you are going,” she chuckles when I catch up to her and loop my arm through hers. I giggle, but then again, she never goes anywhere, so l don’t understand why he would ask.

“Liam you’re with me, and Trey. Gannon is now watching the girls with Dustin,” I heard Kyson say as he reached the bottom of the steps. The King headed in the other direction. Liam huffs and growls making both Azalea and I stop to look back at him. Gannon walks toward us with a silly smirk on his face.

“Great! See what your defiance gets me, my Queen. I have to hang out all day with his grumpy a*s and ferret face f****r,” Liam taunts. Dustin snorts trying to maintain his expressionless expression.

“Liam! Now!” The King roars stalking off.

“I’m coming! Your royal pain in my f***y,” Liam calls while jogging after him. Azalea shakes her head at Liam, and Dustin moves to her side again while Gannon follows behind us.

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