His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 154

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 154 – “So what’s up with you and the King?” I ask as we step into the Kitchen’s.

“Nothing. I just think he is hiding stuff. No. I know he is hiding stuff. I asked him about the council and what happened the other day and he never answered,” she says with a shrug.

Oliver and Logan were sitting at the bench, chopping pancakes and Azalea messed up Oliver’s hair before eating a berry he holds up for her.

“Clarice is hanging washing,” Logan tells us. I smile down at them, while Gannon went over to help Oliver use a butter knife to cut his pancakes up that he was sawing at. Azalea looks in the fridge before pulling out some orange juice. She grabs some glasses when Dustin clears his throat. She looks at him over the fridge door.

“Your smoothie,” Dustin says.

“I got juice,” She says holding it up and Dustin points to the blender. Azalea rolls her eyes walking over to it. She grabs the jug before pouring the contents down the sink.

“My Queen, you know he commanded me to let him know what you are eating,” she pours her juice uncaring.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Tell him I am happily eating the lies he feeds me” she says holding up the juice to him before drinking it. She places some cups on the counter in front of the boys with juice and hands me one. She offers one to Gannon and Dustin but they both shake their heads when Clarice walks in from out the back.

Gannon looks over at her from feeding Oliver some pancake on his little fork, before straightening up when she glares at him.

“He needs to learn to hold the fork properly himself, Gannon,” Clarice says, she clicks her tongue before leaning down and kissing Oliver’s little head.

“He was struggling ma, let me feed him,” Gannon says, sending him a wink. Clarice swats Gannon’s a*s with her tea towel before flicking the kettle on.

“Have you girls had breakfast?” Clarice asks.

“Yep. I had some home truths for breakfast,” Azalea says bitterly and Clarice gives her a look.

“And how did they taste?” she asks.

“Bitter, like the King,” Azalea mutters, sipping her juice. I snicker, she was indeed in a mood, making me wonder if it was the pregnancy hormones. You could just make out the slightest bump if you looked hard enough. Her belly no longer looked s****d in from malnourishment, instead her belly was flat with the slightest hint of a bump. It was trippy to see how fast Lycan baby’s grew.

“I heard you and the King had an argument,” Clarice says.

“You did?” she asks skeptical,

“Pretty sure everyone heard you both fighting on the stairs before you went to get Abbie,” Clarice chuckles. Azalea cheeks turn slightly pink.

“Well, if everyone stopped keeping things that involve me from me, we wouldn’t be arguing,” she says while looking around at everyone who averts their gaze as she says it.

She bites the corner of her lip. “You all know what he is hiding.” she states.

Clarice busies herself with cleaning the sink. Dustin found a spot on the roof to stare at, and Gannon was shoveling food in Oliver’s mouth so fast the kid looked like a cartoon character, as he chewed fast before s********g and opening his mouth again.

Azalea growls. “Of course everyone knows but us!” she says, motioning toward me and Gannon looks at me and gives a soft shake of his head. That movement does not go unnoticed by her either when her eyes go to mine.

I could never lie to her, and the knowing look on her face that I knew had me blurt it out like word vomit.

“Mr. Crux is your illegitimate cousin on your father’s side. The council are suspected to be in with the hunters and your blood is special because you can change humans into Lycans” I blurted.

Gannon drops the fork he was holding and Dustin and Clarice gape at me while Azalea blinks at me clearly shocked. Gannon growls before pressing his lips in a line. I had never intentionally lied to her and I wasn’t about to start now.

“How hard was that? Geez!” Azalea says, sipping her juice and I let out a breath.

“Wait! Crux is my cousin?” she asks like that information she found the most shocking.

“Is that why he freaked out when he learned who I was?” she asks me, but I had no idea what she was talking about this time. I look at Gannon who growls.

“No. Because of your parents’ gifts, they were probably worried you inherited them,” Gannon answers and Clarice hangs her head.

“What sort of gifts?” Azalea asks.

“I am sorry, I can’t tell you that. And Abbie wasn’t even supposed to tell you what she did,” he says, shooting me a look. Azalea looks at Dustin for an answer but not even he was willing to speak up about it. She puts her cup down and shakes her head. Tears burning her eyes. I wished I knew so I could tell her.

“I am over this c**p! They’re supposed to be my family and no one tells me anything about them. Yet all of you had no issues telling me what a s**t mother Marissa was too me!” she says storming off out the back door. Gannon and Dustin go after her but she spins around with a furious look on her face.

“Don’t follow me! And don’t come near me!” she snarled and I nearly staggered back at the command and Gannon rocked on his heels. She was gone before she even realized what she had done. None of us thought we could move an inch to go after her.

“B****y h**l!” Dusitn says.

“You b****y mindlink him! Because until she undoes it, neither of us can go b****y near her,” Gannon growls then rubs a hand down his face.

“Wait! Even me?” I ask, trying to go toward the door she walked out of. However, my feet wouldn’t let me go in that direction. At that same moment, Trey walks in completely oblivious to all us frozen. He was cupping his nose that was bleeding and walks over to the sink.

“I thought you were with the King?” Dustin asks.

“I was. Until Liam called me a ferret face f****r, so I hit him,” Trey mumbles.

“Idiot. You don’t hit crazy,” Gannon says and Trey glares at him before looking around the room after cleaning his b****y face.

“Anyway, I was left behind,” he says shaking his head.

“Where is the Queen?” Trey asks glancing around for Azalea. Gannon and Dustin look at each other.

“Did you get hold of the King?” Gannon asks. Dustin shakes his head. “He is blocking me out,” Dustin answers.

“Ah, hello? Where is the Queen?” Trey says, waving his hands. Gannon shakes his head.

“She commanded us and none of us can follow her,” Dustin answers.

“She figured it out?” Trey asks, making me realize Azalea was right, everything about her was kept from us.

“Where did she go?” Trey said. Gannon growls and looks at the door. Trey snarls stalking off toward it when Gannon grips his arm.

“You aren’t trusted to be around her,” Gannon says.

“I am the last person that would hurt her,” Trey spat back at him.

“B******t! You’re not under the King’s oath,” Gannon snaps.

“Yes, not under oath to the King. But to the Landeena’s I am,” Trey snarls, shoving Gannon.

“B******t! You were a d**k to her when Kyson chucked her to the stables! And always interfering with my shifts,” Dustin exclaims.

“I thought she k****d my charge is why. I didn’t know she wasn’t Marissa’s daughter. The King said she was. I believed him. If someone k****d the King would you like them or their family?” Trey demands. Dustin looks at Gannon and Gannon tilts his head to the side watching him.

“Whose charge were you?” Gannon asks.

“Baby Azalea’s. I was the one that reported Marissa. About her getting Azalea to call her mummy,” Trey says.

“Those reports didn’t have your name on them,” Gannon accuses.

“I had to fill out the same paperwork as everyone else did. You all know l come from the Landeena Kingdom! F**k! I helped search for her for years!” Trey snapped. “I would never f*****g hurt her,” he growled before stomping off out the door.

“Did you know that?” Gannon asked Clarice who shrugged.

“I knew he was from the Landeena Kingdom and was in the castle. But I thought he was guard,” she answers.

“I’m finding his documents. Mind link the King and get him back here,” Gannon growls.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Because, if Trey is indeed pact oathed to the Landeena’s, that means someone else in the castle was p*******g her. And we have been looking at the wrong person all this time,” Gannon says, storming out.

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