His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 157

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 157 – Azalea pestered me all night demanding to know what was going on, before eventually giving in to exhaustion. One thing I did know is she wouldn’t be leaving this castle without me again. It was Gannon’s voice in my head that had me jolt upright in bed. I looked down at my sleeping mate who had passed out in her makeshift den. Slipping my arm out from under her l try not to jostle her awake. “Finally found his files,” Gannon tells me.

“Good, you and Dustin can meet me at my office and wake up Damian. Tell him meet me there too,”

Gannon and Dustin had been digging through archives trying to find Trey’s files so we could get to the bottom of this. So when he said he had them, I wanted to know now. Opening the door, I see Liam and Trey standing guard.

“Trey, you’re coming with me,” I tell him and he moves off from the wall. Liam nods and moves closer to the door. Walking down the stairs the cool draft filtering through the castle made me shiver as it brushed against my b**e chest.

We headed down to my office. Stepping inside, I motion toward the chair on the opposite side of the desk before taking my seat. Trey sits down and folds his arms across his chest and yawns. But he doesn’t look particularly uncomfortable or anxious.

“What did you mean about her blood being in your system?” I ask him, remembering his strange excuse.

Trey sighs and leans forward rubbing a hand down his face. “I am sired to Landeena bloodline,”

“Excuse me?” I asked. Sired as in sired when you turn someone? Is that what he meant? I growl and stand up, I would not share Azalea and would k**l anyone who dared look at her that way.

“Wait, not in that way, I was born Lycan, she didn’t turn me. Landeena blood is different. Yes, King Garret sired me but it works similar to an oath. I am loyal to not just King Garret but the entire Landeena bloodline!” He quickly defends his words.

“Wait, how could you be sired to the entire bloodline?”

“Landeena blood is special, you already know this.” He answers.

“But you can only be sired one person, not an entire bloodline,” I retorted.

“Wrong! Same as if I have children they are automatically sired to the Landeena’s as well, that bear ripped me to pieces, I was carrying her, she was also bleeding. I only needed a drop of her blood to awaken the sire bond, though I could feel my sire awakening already. The stronger she gets it does. That is why I have been pestering for shifts as her guard,” Trey tries to explain.

“You wanted to awaken an old sire?” ask him.

“It’s more than that, the sire doesn’t just makes us loyal, it makes us pained when not near our sired, years lukas felt my sire pulling, I never believed she was d**d, not until years later when I could no longer feel the tugging of my sire blood thrumming in my veins, after that I gave up, then when her blood touched me when I was carrying her, it must have got in my system because I could feel my sire like an extra limb, an attachment, the stronger she gets the stronger my sire bond gets” I was about to ask more but Damian, Dustin, and Gannon walked in.

Gannon hands me his file and I skim over the pages.

“What’s your link with Marissa Talbot?” I ask him.

“She was Azalea’s nanny, I tried to warn the Queen about her,” he says.

“B******t,” Gannon bellows, tossing the diary on the desk in front of him. Trey snatches it. He looks through it briefly.

“It’s a diary,” Trey says and shrugs.

“Queen Tatiana’s diary, not once does it mention you,” Gannon snarls.

“Of course it doesn’t, you think she would leave information to Azalea’s guards for anyone to get their hands on?” He snarls, flicking through the pages.

He pauses on one holding it out. “See, a guard reported Marissa and that guard was me,” he says. I take the diary and read it.

“She didn’t believe you?” I ask incredulously.

“No, she did. Garret refused to fire her,” Trey says looking away.

“And why would he do that?” I ask, forcing my command on him.

“Maybe because she was King Garret’s mistress,” he says, shocking me. I look at Gannon.

“Impossible Tatiana,” Gannon starts and Trey holds up a hand.

“She knew he was having affairs, she always knew. Yet she wanted to save her marriage, and thought she could. Of course she knew, but where would she have gone with hunters k*****g off royal families, with the only other lycan community being yours and with a baby?” He quickly explains.

“The night of the a****k then where were you?” I command him again. He puts up no resistance but his lip quivers and he wipes a stray tear. “With my brother it was my night off, Carl was on duty that night. By the time we both got back to the castle, Azalea was gone. Tatiana was d**d and King Garret was barely alive. We tried to save him but we didn’t notice one hiding behind the bedroom door, he k****d my twin brother, shot him in the head,” Trey opens his shirt to show three bullet holes in his chest.

“A few millimetres closer I would have died, collapsed my lung, another lodged in my sternum and this one,” he points to where his heart was. “Only b****d me when the bullet lodged into my Landeena crest, pendant,” he says.

Damian clears throat and leans on my desk. “What happened afterward?” He asks.

“Spent three months in your hospital with silver p*******g, check your records,” he says, nodding to me.

“Then when I was released I went hunting with a few other Landeena warriors, we went looking for Azalea, we thought we found her at one stage, but by the time we got to the camp by the river it was empty, we picked up Jordan’s scent by accident, by the time we got there, there was no sign of them, that was either years ago,” Trey says.

“9 years ago?” I ask.

“Yes, just before your sister died. We gave up, figured it would come to the trials, and failed miserably for three years. I didn’t want the last Royal family to d*e, Tatiana wouldn’t have wanted that,” he says.

“And you didn’t recognize Marissa when she was here, not even her scent,”

“No, Marissa never had a scent so l wouldn’t have recognized her by scent anyway, Tatiana and Garret were paranoid about security, she used to make everyone in the castle use scent blockers, so our scents couldn’t be tracked,”

“Not even by sight?” I asked, shocked.

“I wasn’t here when she was here, I failed the trials three years in row, I worked at Mill in town, the year you accused me of tampering with your trial was the year I was officially made guard, I hardly entered the castle ground except to drop wood off,” Trey says and I glance at his paperwork. Everything he said made sense. He was appointed guard two years after my sister’s d***h, and it was directly after her d***h that I made my men do the blood oath.

“Then why were you a j**k to her in the stables?” Dustin asked.

“I told you, I thought she was Marissa Talbot’s daughter, do you have any idea the guilt I have lived with for not being there that night? Azalea was my charge and I left, and she vanished by the time I got back! I would never hurt her, I just need to be around her now! That is why I have been so desperate to stay on as her guard,” Trey says.

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