His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 159

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 159 – “So the trials?” I asked, looking around at everyone. Damian sighs, and Kyson leans forward and opens a drawer, his hand on my belly, stopping me from slipping off his lap as he moves. He pulls out a scroll and hands it to Damian. Damian unrolls it on the desk, and I lean forward. Trey then grabbed a paperweight and placed it on the end to hold it out while Damian did the other side. I lean forward to find it is a map. It looked ancient, the paper yellowing around the edges.

Trey points to a vast kingdom by the river, which I knew had to be this one or the Landeena’s. “There are four Kingdoms. This one is the Valkyrie Kingdom, Kyson’s Kingdom,” Trey says, pointing to Kyson behind me.

“Your last name is Valkyrie?” I ask, looking at Kyson over my shoulder.

“Yes,” Kyson chuckles. Trey looked at me like I was absurd.

“She didn’t even know her own Kingdom. You expect her to know his last name? She can’t read.” Damian defends me.

“Plus, I never bothered to ask, which I probably should have,” I answer, my cheeks burning.

“Kyson Keller Valkyrie, Valkyrie Kingdom,” Kyson whispers next to my ear. He kisses my shoulder, and I nod, turning back to Trey.

“This is your Kingdom, the Landeena Kingdom,” Trey says while pointing to another along the river but high in the mountains.

“So all the Kingdoms are named after the reigning King?” I ask, and Trey nods.

“Now, this one is the mountains. This was the Azure Kingdom. Which was your mother’s original Kingdom. It was also the first Kingdom to fall when she married into the Landeena Kingdom. About six months later, the Kingdom was raided. Not a single person survived. The Azure Kingdom was the largest Kingdom.”

“Azure was my mother’s maiden name?” I ask. Trey nods sadly.

“Your mother was one of twelve daughters and the only one that survived that bloodline and only because she married your father,” Damian explains.

“But how does that lead to the trials?” I asked.

“Because your parents weren’t mates. Their marriage was part of a treaty. The Landeena and Azures were constantly at war, a treaty between the oldest daughter and oldest son. Your parents brought the two Lycan packs together. They wanted to strengthen the bloodlines. Both the Azures and Landeena’s were said to have certain gifts,” Trey says, and Kyson growls at him.

“She has a right to know!” Trey exclaims.

“Not that, and not now.” Trey curses, but turns back to the map.

“Azures owned the council. They were the founding family of it after all, but when the Kingdom fell, none of the three remaining kingdoms could decide who to run it. So they made the trials, but then it turned into some sort of Olympics every year, and since it brought the kingdoms together, they ended up making it annually.”

“When I was a teenager, your father competed. My father wanted an alliance with the Landeenas. The only way to guarantee an alliance was through marriage. So when my father won, he asked for the hand of any Landeena daughter they had in the future,” Kyson explains.

“So, who were the other two kingdoms?”

“The Cyprus Kingdom, my mother’s family Kingdom, fell a few decades after the Azure Kingdom. They weren’t far apart and also part of an alliance with my Kingdom. Though a few survived and are within my pack now however, none of the royals survived.” Kyson tells me.

“And your parents were an arranged marriage, too?” I asked him.

“Yes, it is rare for royals to find their mates. Most of us are promised before we even exist, just like you were promised to me many years before you were ever a thought in your parent’s minds,”

“And what of this Kingdom?” I ask, looking at a fifth one that was crossed out with what looked like charcoal.

“That was the Credence Kingdom. They were as old as the Landeena Kingdom.” Kyson tells me.

“So Landeena’s and Azures are the two oldest kingdoms?”

“Yes. The Azure Kingdom. The first royal was a woman, and Landeena was a man. Legend says they were basically like the Adam and Eve of Lycan bloodlines. They argued for centuries over who the real OG Lycan was, hence the treaty being made. So many people were k****d over such a foolish argument,” Kyson says, shaking his head.

“So what about your Kingdom?” I asked him.

“My Kingdom was the second largest,”

“And the Credence Kingdom?”

“They weren’t Lycan. They were a human Kingdom. The four Lycan Kingdoms took them down, or so we thought, but they rebuilt and remained in the shadows and slowly, one Kingdom at a time, they started taking us out,”

“So, what is there now?” I ask.

“That is where the council is,” Kyson tells me.

“So what is with the trials?”

“Well, when Kyson’s father beat yours, your parents refused to have children. Your father competed every year after that, trying to win your hand back. Then there were claims your father cheated, which he did. Once Kyson came of age he then started competing against your father and that is when it got really out of hand,” Trey admits.

“How did he cheat?” I asked.

“Your father put silver in the water fountains, made all Kyson’s men sick.” Damian says.

“And me, yet I still beat him,” Kyson chuckles.

“So you agreed to the marriage, you wanted it?” I ask Kyson, and he shrugs.

“Yes, I wanted the marriage. But I also wanted to maintain control over the council. Your father cheated four years in a row, then once Cyprus fell, your family went into hiding, but even after all the kingdoms fell, I kept up with the trials for the men; instead, they competed for a position on my personal guard,”

“So, only four kingdoms and a human kingdom initially existed here?”

“No, there were others, but they were minor players. These four, plus the human ones, were the most powerful kingdoms in the era, but now mine is the only one left. The entire Lycan population now lives in my Kingdom, including those left from Cyprus and Landeena,” I nod.

Dustin sighs. “So you thought Trey was a cheat, like my father?” I ask, and Trey sits back and smiles smugly.

“He never cheated,” Kyson says behind me.

“No, I won my place fair and square. Also, they are wrong in thinking I would poison my sire,” Trey snarls, and my brows furrow.


“Like a blood oath, only stronger. When you were a baby, I was your personal guard, but there is one way to be a hundred percent sure to clear this up.” Trey says.

“No!” Kyson snarls behind me, making me jump.

“You want proof what I claim is true. That will prove my innocence,” Trey growls.

“She is pregnant, definitely not! I won’t have my unborn child or mate put at risk!” Kyson spits at him.

“My blood is clean, I am not tainted, she can’t sire me when I am already sired to her, and it will only strengthen my sire to her, not affect her, or your bond.” Trey argues.

“Wait, what is he talking about?” I asked, but Kyson shook with rage, and Trey glared at him.

“Meeting dismissed, everyone out, now!” Kyson orders, and they jump to their feet to leave.

“What? No!” I growl, twisting in his arms.

“Enough, we can talk about it later,” Kyson snarls.

“What are you so f*****g afraid of me finding out?” I yell at him.

“I’m not afraid of anything, so stop causing a scene. As I said, we can talk about this later!” Kyson growls. A scene? I was causing a scene!

“Yeah, you keep saying that but later never comes, does it Kyson!” I snap and try to climb off his lap, but he refuses to let go and n**s at my mark in warning, which only angers me further. My claws slip out and I stab them in his t****s.

“Let me go!” I snarl.

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