His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 160

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 160 – As I struggle to get out of his grip, Liam pauses by the door, waiting to see if I was leaving, seeing as he was the only one besides Trey that could follow me. Kyson’s grip around my waist tightens, and he grips my wrist with his hand, prying my claws from his leg.

“Let me go,” I repeat.

“You would have to drink his blood!” Kyson snarls at me. He yanks my hand off his t***h, which was dripping blood on the floor.

“Do that again, and I will put you to sleep!” he snarls.

“Drink Trey’s blood?”

“Yes, and you’re not. His DNA would be in your system! So no, it isn’t happening!” I scrunch my face up at the thought of drinking someone’s blood. I never would have agreed to that anyway.

“Wait! Why not just say that? You make no sense!” I ponder, looking at Liam, and he shakes his head and shrugs.

“Because I am not smelling his scent on you, is WHY! And risking you bonding to him,”

“I am marked and mated!” I growl. Not that I wanted to drink Trey’s blood. I believe him, he had so many chances to k**l me and didn’t. He also could have walked off with the bear and it would have looked like a freak accident, but he stayed instead, getting ripped apart trying to save me.

“You’re Landeena!” Kyson growls.


“It doesn’t matter. Come on.” he says, tapping my leg for me to hop up. But now I wanted to know why the heck being Landeena is so important.

“No, what do you mean?” Kyson sighs. I twist in his lap, but he glared at the ceiling, refusing to answer when Trey steps just inside the door. His voice makes me turn to look at him.

“Landeena’s aren’t tied to anyone, neither are Azures,” Trey says and Kyson roared. The growl that ripped out him sounded painful, his aura hitting all of us like a shock wave, which made me feel queasy. He moved so quickly I fell off his lap onto the floor when he shoved me off his lap and grabbed Trey. He slams him against the door and Liam jumps back just as startled.

“Kyson!” I shriek, watching Trey’s face turn purple. I get to my feet and grab his arm.

“Let him go,” I tell him. Kyson’s eyes were wild with rage and his nostrils flared, and hair spread across his body as he fought the urge to shift. Trey tries to speak, his mouth opening as he tried to breathe, yet Kyson didn’t let him go. I look at Liam, who moved the moment I did and gripped Kyson’s shoulder.

Damian also steps back in next to him from outside the corridor. “Kyson, you don’t want to k**l him; he isn’t lying. I know you know that and a sire bond is stronger than an oath! Think about this! You k**l him and you k**l her biggest protection,” Damian growls, and Kyson growls, but his grip loosens and Trey gasps loudly, yet Kyson doesn’t let go completely.

“Please!” I whispered, looking at Trey, who was trying to catch his breath. Kyson shoves him, but steps back. Trey clutches his throat and hunches over. I rub his back, glaring at Kyson. Trey clutches my arms and I help him sit in the chair. Though the fingerprints around his neck were already healing.

“What did you mean?” I ask Trey. Kyson growls and glare at him.

“If you won’t tell me, I will get answers from others,” I snap at him.

“Landeenas are not tied to anyone. They can sever a bond and live afterward, though it would k**l Kyson. You would survive. That is what your mate is worried about. You could leave him and it would k**l him, but not you.” Trey answers, glancing nervously at Kyson.

“That’s what you are worried about? That I would leave my own mate?” I ask Kyson.

“Yes, because your father did, his mate was a human woman. First time a Lycan ever had a human mate. He changed her and made her Lycan. Then a treaty agreement was offered. Your uncle already had a wife and children, your father didn’t, so he rejected his mate for your mother, which in turn k****d the girl and that started the war with the Credence Kingdom. The Kingdoms took them out, or so we thought.” Kyson answers.

“So you think I would do the same thing?” I asked him, remembering the pain of being without him even briefly. I could only imagine the pain of a severed bond.

“No…Well, yes… Maybe. But also no, because it is nearly impossible to do. Plus, I have actually marked and mated you, we are destined mates! Lycan souls are tied once, marked and mated. For you to do that would not only k**l me, but k**l a part of you.”

“But my father did it?” I ask and Trey nods beside me.

“Yes, he was also having an affair with Marissa Talbot. Unfaithfulness is nearly impossible with actual mate bonds, but arranged marriages and forced bonds, they can still do those things. It causes pain to the mate. But for some reason, when your father rejected his mate, he lived and remarked another. We believed it was a backup plan for when the moon goddess created Lycans so we could procreate.” Trey answers.

“Yes, but you said the Azures were the first females?”

“They were, but there would be no guarantee they would be compatible. So everyone believed that it was the creator’s backup plan that the original Landeena could reject his mate and take another. All four royal bloodlines were created at once, but Azures and Landeena were the first and considered blessed.” Trey answers. My eyebrows raised at his words. I think I could be told this over and over and still not fully understand.

“Then after generations and Lycans breeding with humans, it created werewolves, then eventually it was generations of the bloodlines d***g out, so that is also why the royals never found mates. They were deemed to be marked and mated through alliance to keep the bloodlines strong and pure, or some c**p if you believe in all the Goddess mumbo jumbo,” Trey continued, his voice becoming clearer and by the time he finished I knew his throat was healed.

“Ok, is the history lesson done?” Kyson snaps, and Trey swallows and nods. Yet I had more questions, but with the way Kyson’s aura was rippling out, I figured it would be best not to push him.

Liam grabs Trey and hauls him out of the room quickly before Kyson goes on another strangling spree. Kyson wanders over to his bar area and pours himself a glass of whiskey and then another. Three glasses later and his aura settled some but he was still angry. I waited for him to speak, but he didn’t. After 30 minutes, he simply walks out of the room. I race to catch up to him, I slip my hand in his and he stops. He looks down at my hand in his and sighs. He lifts it to his lips and kisses it. “I’m sorry,” he whispers.

“I’m not leaving you Kyson, I am just curious about who I am. What I am, you don’t need to feel threatened by any of it,” I tell him. He nods but didn’t say anything else, yet I knew he was hiding something.

When we are nearly back to the room, we run into Peter carrying a cloth and bucket of soapy water up the steps.

Kyson takes the bucket from him and Peter sighs.

“Since when are you on cleaning duty?” Kyson asks him and Peter follows us the steps. “Since Clarice asked me to clean the steps as punishment,” Peter answers.

“What did you do?” Kyson asks.

“I forgot to feed the horses, so Clarice said. Since she had to do one of my chores, I could do one of hers,” Peter says, and Kyson chuckles.

“Well, get scrubbing,” Kyson tells him, putting the bucket on the top step. Peter g****s, but tosses his cloth in the bucket and gets to work.

“I am going to visit your old pack today. You’re coming with me,” Kyson says, leaving no room for argument.

He pushes the door open.

“Warm clothes, it is supposed to rain today, get dressed,” Kyson says, wandering off to the bathroom.

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