His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 162

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 162 – Azalea POV

When Kyson got out of the shower, he seemed to be in a better mood as he walked out in just a towel that was draped low on his hips, and I was pulling my socks on. I had put on a loose-fitting off-shoulder top and jeans I only just squeezed into.

Yet my skin itched and b****d, the fabric irritating my skin. The clothes felt like static on my skin, and l couldn’t stop scratching. Kyson eyed me, clearly happy to see me doing what Kyson asked, instead of arguing with him. The truth was, I was excited to leave the castle grounds. I didn’t care where we were going, I just wanted out of this place.

Kyson walks into the closet before returning with some black suit pants and an undone grey button-down shirt. He tosses a jacket beside me on the bed. “It’s going to rain. Put it on,” he says before pulling his belt through the belt loops.

“Where are we going?” I ask him.

“Well, we were going to Kade’s pack, but now we are going to your old one,” he says, and I look up at him, tugging on my shirt, the seam rubbing against my skin.

“Why the change?” I asked.

“Cassandra told Abbie she was bought off Alpha Dean’s son by Kade.”

“So?” I asked.

“She was thirteen when she was sold to Kade, so I want to find out what deals they had on the side. With Kade now d**d, only Alpha Dean will be able to answer those questions. Cassandra is apparently helpful now Abbie has decided to let her go.”

“What?” I asked, sitting up, my tone coming out harsher than intended. “You’re not letting her go,” I tell him. My skin felt tight under my clothes, and l scratched at my bump and sighed.

“It is what Abbie requested. We decided she could choose Cassandra’s fate,” he says, and I sighed but still didn’t agree that she should just get off so easily.

“Did Clarice change washing powder?” I muttered. My skin was burning fiercely.

“Hurry, I want to leave, and we need to stop by the dungeons on the way,” Kyson says.

I pulled my shoes on, but my feet ached the moment I pulled them on. My toes felt squashed, and my feet felt puffy. Kyson watches me before bending down, tugging my shoe off, and looking at my feet. He presses his thumb down on it, and my skin indents. His brows furrow, but then my skin itches like crazy.

Kyson scratches his chest, raking his nails over his skin before his eyes widen, and he grips the front of my shirt and yanks me to him. He sniffs it before I am shoved back on the bed, and my clothes shredded to pieces instantly. I shrieked, wondering what he was doing, but I didn’t have time to ask when he scooped me up and stuffed me into the shower. The rush of cold water stole my breath when he started scrubbing my skin furiously. Yet the cold water soothed my burning skin.

Trey and Liam rushed in moments later, and I squealed, hiding behind Kyson’s body, using him as a shield.

“Find out who brought the laundry up yesterday!” Kyson growls, not even looking at them, solely focused on scrubbing my flesh raw.

“Ah, I did.” Liam answers.

“Who gave it to you?” Kyson asks.

“Clarice, why?” he asks, looking frantically at me.

“Her clothes were washed in wolfsbane,” Kyson snarls, and I gasp. Trey wanders off and returns with a handful of my clothes and sniffs them. He held it out to Liam, who sniffed it.

“I can’t smell it,” Trey whispers, and Liam agrees.

“It’s faint, but it’s wolfsbane,” Kyson growls, and I look down at my reddened skin, and Kyson’s hands are just as red from my scrubbing soap on my skin. My t****s and stomach were red and angry, looking swollen.

“Get me the laundry roster,” Liam snaps at Trey, who rushes off.

“Liam, go to my sister’s storage room and find her some clothes and ask Clarice to wash Azalea’s clothes by hand, and someone needs to sit by the dryer,” Kyson snarls furiously.

Liam rushes off, and I shake my head, and tears b**n my eyes. Why does someone keep doing this? What did l do that someone keeps trying to k**l me? “Shh, Azzy, it’s alright. We will figure out who it is. I promise, even if I have to kick every person out of the castle until we do,” Kyson murmurs, and I look down at him.

Goosebumps covered my flesh as the cold water rinsed over me. He kisses my t***h before turning me to scrub the rest of me. Kyson’s fresh clothes were now ruined and sopping wet and my teeth chattered from the cold.

Once done, we hope out, and Kyson goes through the drawers and rips all my clothes out, chucking them by the door and checking his own, but his clothes were fine. He pulls on new clothes when Liam knocks on the door. I tuck the towel tighter around me when he cracks the door but doesn’t enter.

“I found some of her maternity clothes. They might be comfier,” Liam tells him, handing them to Kyson. Kyson shuts the door and comes over to me.

“You kept her clothes,” I ask, and he nods. “Yes, everything was suctioned down and packed away. I couldn’t bring myself to throw them out,” he says, handing me some tights. He sniffs the shirts.

“They smell clean. Put those on,” he says, pecking my cheek. Once dressed, Kyson gives me an antihistamine to bring the reaction down. Though my skin was no longer burning, I think washing it off quickly had saved me from any permanent reaction.

“Come on,” he says, offering me his hand. I take it, and we walk out of the room.

“Liam, have the cleaners come pick up the laundry and strip the linens, even the drapes. Anything fabric needs to be cleaned while I’m gone. Check every person in and out as they come into this room. And don’t let anyone in by themselves remain with them. No one in or out of my room without you knowing,” Kyson tells him, and Liam nods. His cheeky mood was gone, and one of Kyson’s loyal soldiers was in its place.

“Find out who had access to her clothes, and I want every staff member questioned and check the cameras,” Kyson adds and Liam nods.

Kyson leads me downstairs, and we pass Trey with a notepad in his hand.

“Give it to Liam, and you’re on guard with me today and Damian. Meet us in the dungeons,” Kyson tells him.

“Yep, I will be down soon. Clarice washed the clothes and hung them on the line. Says they were on clothes line for most of the day,” Trey says, showing him.

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