His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 169

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 169 – When we arrived back at the town square, I could see the Alpha still loading the trailer. Alpha Brock glanced over, noticing the children. He snarls and stomps over to them.

“What are you all doing here?” he snarls, and Liam growls at him, making him jump, having not seen him. Alpha Brock backs up with his hands up while the minute’s all stand frozen in fear. It angered me that they feared him.

“Seeing as you are still stacking boxes, I am assuming you didn’t make the 18 minutes time frame?” I ask him, walking through the crowd of children.

He backs up further. “No. Um… we got delayed,” he mutters. “See, the last box. Everything is there,” he says, pointing to his father, who was placing a tarp over the trailer.

“That wasn’t what I asked. I asked if you did it in 18 minutes?” his lips part, and he glances at his father when one of the guards steps forward.

“That is the last box, my Queen. But no, they didn’t get it done in the timeframe,” he answers, and I nod, turning to look at Alpha Brock.

“Hmm… On the stage, both of you!” I ordered, my voice coming out strong along with my aura, which I was finding more effortless and easier to use. They both rushed up the steps and stood at the top of them.

“My King, is this really necessary? We did what she asked.” Alpha Dean says.

“But you didn’t. Your Queen gave you 18 minutes, and you didn’t complete the task in that time frame.” Kyson answers him as I wander over to the fruit stall that was just closing its shutters.

“How much for all of it?” I ask the elderly woman. She jumps, not seeing me come up behind her.

“You!” she sneers, pointing her withered old finger at me.

“Excuse me?” I ask her.

“You! The rogue girl!”

“My name is Azalea Landeena! You will address me as so unless you want to join your Alpha!” I snarled. She stutters out an apology.

“Now I asked you a question. How much for the lot of it?”

“You want the entire shop?” she asks. I shake my head.

“No, just the fruit and vegetables,”

“I um… just take what you want.”

“I don’t want to send you broke, ma’am. Despite your lack of manners,”

Kyson comes up behind me and touches my shoulder. “We have fruit at home,” he whispers, and I nod, picking up a tomato.

“I know,” I tell him, turning around, tossing it in the air, and catching it as walk and stop in front of the stage.

“Kids,” I call out, and they all turn to face me.

“Grab some fruit,” they rush off, taking fruit from the shelves.

They all return as the buses pull up. “Now, to show you the same dignity you showed me, Alpha,” I tell them.

Some of the children are eating their fruit while I chuck my tomato at the Alphas. My tomato hit Alpha Brock square in the face, splatting with an audible sound and covering him in tomato j****s. Alpha Brock growls when Trey laughs before screaming.

“Food fight!” Like a mini-army, the kids turn. Their eyes light up with mischief as they toss their fruit and vegetables at the Alphas. Who try to dodge their attacks but can’t step off the small stage. When they are finished, I tell the children to grab more fruit to eat as a snack on the way before helping load them onto the buses. Once that is done, I wander back over to the Alphas covered in bits of fruits and vegetables and j****s.

“You will both step down as Alpha until a new one is appointed. And I…” I looked at Kyson, needing his help; line wasn’t sure how to strip someone of their title.

Kyson’s aura rushes out, bringing them both to their knees. “I King Kyson of the Valkyrie Kingdom, hereby strip you Alpha Dean and Alpha Brock of your Alpha titles! I declare you both the very thing you despise so much. I declare rogue until you are accepted into another pack or your new Alpha declares you pack!” Kyson says, stripping both of them of their titles.

“Wait! Wait! I will do better!” Brock begs, wanting to step off the stage, but he is stuck under my command.

“You may approach,” I tell him, and he jumps down and falls to his knees in front of me.

“Please! Please! I will do as you ask! Anything!” he begs, and I look at Kyson, who shrugs and tells me it is up to me. I bite my lip. Yet he had a point. They needed an Alpha. Glancing around, Katrina held up her hand behind Liam.

She was technically Beta blood, and she was studying accounting. I smirk, knowing there was nothing more that Alpha Brock would hate more than having to answer to a woman.

“You answer to Katrina now. And until she deems you fit, you remain as rogues. You will also make sure she has time to finish her course and help her any way she asks.” I tell him.

“She is a woman!” Alpha Brock snaps at me.

“Yes! But she now so much more than that. She is your Alpha!” I tell him, and Katrina smirks and folds her arms, and I look at Kyson, knowing he was the only one right now that could make this happen. He would have to teach me to give someone their titles because I had a funny feeling it wasn’t the same as stripping them of their mate bond. And I was right.

Kyson waves Katrina forward and gets her to kneel, and he slices his palm, letting his claws slip out on his other hand.

“Open your mouth,” Kyson tells her, and she obeys.

He squeezes his fist, letting his blood drip into her mouth. Before he says a pledge, she repeats it before declaring Katrina as the new Alpha. She gasps, clutching her chest, and falls backward on her bottom, and I could feel her aura slip out stronger than before, showing she was now in charge.

Alpha Brock roars, getting to his feet, and he charges at her, and she glares at him, rising to her feet calmly.

“Sit!” she orders, and he freezes, falling on his a*s. Alpha Dean hung his head, looking ashamed of his son’s behavior. I was shocked at how easy it was for Katrina to command him. I hoped it got easy for me like that, and I would be able to have complete control of my aura and command as she did. He fell to his knees in front of her, doing as she commanded.

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