His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 171

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 171 – We met up with the bus at the first service station on the way out of town, which was waiting parked on the side of the road for our convoy. The bus followed us back to the castle. I felt terrible for all the children being cooped up on the bus that long.

Although we did stop twice to let them b**n off some energy, and at the last stop, the children were becoming too rowdy, so Liam climbed on the bus with them. When we finally reached the castle, it was early morning. We had arrived and were pulling into the castle when Kyson shook my arm to wake me.

“We are home, Love,” Kyson whispers, and I yawn. It was still dark outside, but the castle was lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Clarice and everyone set up the ballroom as a sleeping quarter for the children,” Kyson tells me, and I was glad he thought ahead I was too busy sleeping and forgot they would need somewhere to sleep. Kyson, however, seems to think of everything.

I climb out of the limo, and Kyson grips my arm to steady me since I was still half asleep. The bus door opens, and Liam stumbles out, nearly getting knocked over as the kids rush out behind him. He stumbles past us. “I need a f*****g drink,” he growls, looking worse for wear as he makes his way inside.

Clarice comes out the front doors, and I cover my ears to all the noise, trying to wake up as kids rush around everywhere, moments later I hear Abbie’s voice reach my ears.

“What the heck is going on out here?” she yells out. The kids, not hearing her, continue to rush around, and the castle staff look overwhelmed when Abbie sticks her fingers in her mouth and whistles loudly.

The kids freeze and glance in her direction before rushing at her. Abbie smiles and is nearly knocked over when they spot her, all trying to hug and touch her. Abbie beams, reaching for them, grabbing them, and hugging them before picking up Tyson. She buries her face in his hair with tears in her eyes while I make my way over to her.

“I missed you, mister,” she says, and he makes his grunting noises, bouncing in her arms. Gannon comes out behind her and leans in the doorway, watching her as she says hello to all the kids.

Abbie, finally noticing me, pulls me into a hug with one arm. “You got them out,” she whispers, wiping her tears. I nodded sadly but now we had to find homes for them all.

“Katrina?” she asks.

“Now, Alpha,” I tell her, and her green eyes widen. She glances at Kyson behind me. He places his hand on my hip and pecks my cheek. The heat of his body seeps into my back before he reaches over and messes with Tyson’s hair. Tyson stares up at him before s*****g on his thumb. I chuckle as the small boy stares at him like he is a giant.

“They never have to go back?” Abbie asks worriedly as she glances at all the kids rushing around.

“Nothing to go back to,” I tell her, looking at the kids. Abbie looks at me, confused, and I answer her questioning look.

“I made them b**n it to the ground. It’s gone, Abbie. All of it,” I assure her, and she sniffles and nods.

“We are never going back,” she chokes on emotion, tears slipping down her cheeks.

“Never, we are home now,” I tell her, and she clutches me, pulling me into a hug with one arm.

“More than my life,” she whispers.

“Forever more than my life. We have a home now, Abbie and we have set them free,”

“We are free,” she chokes.

“Free,” I repeat, and she sniffles and lets me go. She wipes her face before clearing her throat. She glances at the children who Clarice was trying to get their attention. Abbie and I both stick our fingers in our mouths simultaneously and whistle. They stop all freezing.

“Line up and settle down. You will wake the entire town,” I yell out at them. They all immediately line up into four rows. Abbie shakes her head and sighs, yet the kids listen and when Clarice claps her hands loudly, they straighten up.

“Now we have breakfast cooked and ready for you in your new room, but everyone has to be quiet and use your inside voices,” Clarice says. The kids all remain quiet before she turns on her heel.

“Now follow me, quietly!” She calls out to the kids and they file in after her. Abbie and I follow behind them, and Gannon stops Abbie as she goes to pass him with a hand on her arm.

“Who is this?” he asks, shucking Tyson under the chin to look up at him. Tyson sniffs the air, and he must be able to smell Abbie’s scent on him because he then waves and grins at him.

“This is Tyson, and Tyson, this is Gannon,” Abbie says, smiling fondly down at Tyson. Tyson makes one of his noises, and Gannon smirks.

“Hello, Tyson,” Gannon tells him softly before placing his hand on Abbie’s lower back. Abbie starts to follow after Clarice when she looks at Gannon before looking ahead. However, instead of heading toward the ballroom. I stopped at the stairs because I was heading toward our quarters when Abbie stopped also before turning for the stairs while loop waited for Kyson to catch up, but he was talking to a guard.

“Abbie?” Gannon asks as she climbs the stairs. She doesn’t answer. She just keeps climbing the stairs, and landing follow up behind her. Thinking she was coming to my room, I waited, but she turned down the opposite corridor toward hers and Gannon’s rooms.

Gannon races up the steps behind her and passes me. He stops, staring after her before calling out to her.

“Abbie, where are you going?” he calls out.

“Tyson is mine. I want him,” is all she says, not bothering to turn around or ask permission. Gannon scoffs and looks at me.

“Is she being serious?” he whispers.

“Now she got him back, she won’t let him go, and if you make her choose, you won’t win,” I tell him, and his lips part. Gannon glances down the corridor where she disappeared.

“What do you mean now she has him back?”

“Abbie was his primary carer. She raised him since he was newborn,” I tell Gannon. He sighs, and Kyson comes up the steps.

“What’s wrong?” Kyson asks him, and Gannon looks at him.

“Looks like I have a son,” Gannon says before turning on his heel and jogging after her.

“Abbie is pregnant?” Kyson asks, and l roll my eyes and click my tongue.

“No, Tyson!” I tell him.

“Ah, wait. You both know we can’t keep them all, right? Clarice has the two boys already, and now Abbie has Tyson. You’re pregnant. I am not running boarding school here,” Kyson tells me.

“I know that, but they stay until they all have homes,” I tell him before grabbing his hand and tugging him back to our room.

“I need a bath,” I groan, and Kyson growls.

“Am I invited to this bath?” he asks.

“Only if you wash my back,” I laugh, and he growls.

“I’ll wash more than your back,” he says, tugging me closer and purring.

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