His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 173

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 173 – “Shh, love. I will fix it,” I purred, nuzzling her neck, and she moaned. My teeth n*p at her mark, and her legs fall open, allowing me to press between her t****s. Her body was languid beneath me as she gave in to the calling. I ran my tongue over her neck and jaw, across her cheek, where she cut her face with her claws, healing it.

She lifted her hips, brushing against my boxers, and my c**k strained in my pants when her desire perfumed the room, an aroma so sweet it had pre-c*m leaking out of me and ruining the silk of my boxers as I became hard. Azalea g****s when I hear the door.

“Leave them just inside, don’t enter,” I tell Clarice through the link, and I hear the door open and quickly close.

Azalea mewls and rolls her hips against me while my lips travel down her neck, and I remove what is left of her clothes, using the calling to subdue her enough that she doesn’t harm herself. Soon enough, the nest will smell the same, tamping down her anger and instincts.

Azalea panted and gazed up at me as l slipped her pants down her milky t****s before removing them and tossing them aside. I growl when her knees close; the sound vibrating through her, and her legs fall open as she watches me with her lust-filled gaze, breathing heavily.

I run my hands up her t****s, spreading her wider before settling myself between them. I s**k on the inside of her t***h, and her back arches off the bed as I l**k and n*p my way to the apex of her t****s. Her sweet arousal made my c**k throb in my boxer shorts. I watched as she shivered when my breath swept over her glistening wet lips, s***k spilling from her, and she moaned loudly when I flattened my tongue and ran it across her wet p***y lips.

A m**n escapes me as I tasted her sweet nectar on my tongue. My tongue delved between her folds as I parted them with my tongue and l****d my way to her c**t. It pulsed against my tongue as I s****d it into my mouth, making her cry out.

Her skin flushed, and I loved how she moved her hips against my mouth, seeking her release. I pin her t****s to the bed, relishing and tasting every inch of her giving her no reprieve as she came apart on my tongue. I knew what she needed and wanted and knew she wouldn’t calm until our scents were mingled through every piece of fabric on the bed, making her nest complete. Azalea whined, clawing at my shoulders and tugging on my hair.

Growling at her, she let go, and her whines turned to cries as I brought her to the edge again, only to make her c***h over it. The sheets beneath became soaked as I sat up between her legs.

The heat of her gaze made my c**k twitch as I slipped out of my boxers and tossed them aside. Her breathing was harsh as she watched me. Gripping her hips, I tugged her down the bed before lining my c**k up at her entrance.

Her hands reached for me and I lean down, kissing her, and her arms locked around my neck, kissing me deeper while her tongue invaded my mouth hungrily. I thrust into her, making her bounce on the bed and gasp into my mouth as her warm, smooth insides squeezed around me.

I growl, dragging my c**k out and thrusting back into her while gripping her hip to hold her in place. Azalea turns to a puddle of writhing m***s and cries as I pick up my rhythm and pound into her heated flesh, her inner walls quivering, coating my c**k in her s***k.

“Harder,” she rasped while rocking her hips trying to meet my thrusts and growling when she can’t. My grip on her hip was pinning her beneath me and forcing her to take what I gave her.

Her skin glistened with sweat as I pounded into her, my lips moving to her mark and her lips going to my jaw, her warm tongue rolled down my neck and made me shiver as she s****d on it, her teeth grazing and I feel my knot swelling, stretching her further. Her head falls back as I work it inside her tight confines.

Her walls gripping me and her breathing heavy when I feel it push through the barrier, and I groan when I feel her c*m, her walls clenching down on me and locking me inside her. I exploded inside her, my c*m coating her womb as she moaned, her p***y milking my c**k as her walls spasmed around me, her body arching and I kiss her, pushing her back down as invade her mouth with my tongue. Her heart rate settles as I become locked inside her, and I roll, dragging her on top of me. Azalea buries her face in my chest, licking my pectoral muscle, and I purr for her until she falls flat against me, pressing her ear to the center of my chest while I caught my breath.

I smooth her hair down as she relaxes on top of me. The room smelled of s*x, and our mingled scents which soothed and calmed her. Lulling her out of her panicked state, I sighed, trailing my fingers up her spine. Yet lyrics knew I had to get rid of the smell of bleach from the bathroom, but for now, she was calm, and I would wait until she slept. My thoughts ran rampant as she moaned and wiggled, trying to get comfortable while locked to me.

“Who was watching the room?” I asked them through the mind link. Everyone knows how Lycan women are, and to remove every scent from the room baffled me. She could have hurt herself or someone else. It was stupid on their part. I cringe, thinking of what would have happened if she had brought Abbie here while she was like that. She would never forgive herself if she hurt her.

“Us, the only time we left was to help set the ballroom when you asked.” Gannon’s mind links back.

“And you saw no one else up here,”

“No, everyone was helping, then Dustin and I went and got something to eat quickly, and I checked Abbie,” Gannon answered.

“Clarice?” I asked her, knowing she was listening in.

“Same with me. After I finished eating, I checked the door and it was still shut, and I smelt no scents up there,”

“Where did Peter go?” I asked.

“He was with me until just before dinner and then slipped out the back to feed the horses, returned the same way 20 minutes later when we were finishing up,” Clarice answers.

“Can anyone verify he was down there?”

“Yes, because he came back with the gardener who helped him,” Clarice tells me. I sigh and shake my head.

“This is getting ridiculous,” I mutter.

“And nothing else happened that was odd?” I asked them.

“No, Abbie went into town and picked up fruit and veg with Clarice,” Gannon said.


“This morning, and Abbie wouldn’t have done that. She loves Azalea,” Gannon defends his future mate.

“I know that. I’m just trying to think of who had access to the room.”

“Just us, no one has been up here without signing in and out, and the only time we left, we ensured the floor was clear, and I just checked the cameras in the hall and nothing. Peter came up to clean the steps. He hadn’t finished his punishment from Clarice, but he never went near the room,” Gannon tells me.

“Peter would never. He is just a boy, but we must be missing something,” I tell them.

“I will ask around,” Dustin says, and I cut the link.


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