His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 179

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 179 – Peter, a boy I trusted and despite what he had done, some part of me hung on to the hope he would tell me it was all a joke and it wasn’t him, that he hadn’t taken my child from me. He himself was a child and he k****d mine and seeing him so broken only made it so much more obvious that he was a child too.

Peter looks up and I move to the bars and his head snaps up to look at me and hangs his head. His knees were pressed to his chest, he looked small and meek. Though looks could be deceiving, was all of it a lie? Everything? I liked Peter, I liked his energy, his carefree personality, his bubbliness but now I see a monster in a child’s body, yet monsters hurt too.

That became abundantly clear when he looked up, tears in his eyes that etched down his face and dripped off his chin.

“I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean… I panicked,” he sobbed and I looked at Liam who was glaring at him.

“Panicked, you drove a knife into her, that isn’t panicking that is calculated,” Trey snarls, hitting the bars and making him jump. The guards I noticed stepped away from Trey, backing away from him as his body shook violently. I place my hand on his arm and he calms some, glancing down at me.

Turning to the guard I asked for the keys, Liam quickly grabbed my hand to stop me and Trey pressed closer to me like he would toss me over his shoulder for even thinking of going near Peter. But he was detained, shackled with chains around his neck, ankles, and wrists; he wasn’t going anywhere.

“He can’t hurt me,” I told them.

“He already has,” Liam replies. I look at him and press my lips in a line. Yes, he has more than he will ever know.

“I want the keys, I am not talking to him through the bars,” I tell Liam who looks at Trey. They hold some secret conversation. And Trey growls but Liam lets my wrist go. Yet when the guard went to hand the keys over Trey took them.

“I’m coming in with you and you remain by my side and Liam by his,” Trey says. I don’t fight him on it, I knew he wouldn’t budge unless I ordered him and I didn’t have the fight in me to debate it. Conceding I nodded my head and he unlocked the door. Liam walked in first and stood near the wall beside Peter and Peter flinched at his closeness. Liam however just offered him a glare.

Trey refuses to step aside to let me in, and he grabs my arm when I try before pulling me to the opposite side; however, he didn’t close the door, probably in case something happened I could run out. I go to sit on the steel bed but apparently that is too close because Trey grabs my arm, steering me to the far wall. Liam leans over and tosses the pillow over from off the bed to him and he catches it dropping it at his feet.

“If you want to sit you can but not near him,” Trey says and I sigh but sit on the pillow and lean against the wall.

Though Trey remains standing, his leg brushing against my arm and I look up at him.

“Can you at least sit, it feels awkward with you standing,” I tell him and he looks down at me before looking at Liam.

“He moves, I will break his neck,” Liam says in more of a warning to Peter, but Trey sits beside me, though his entire body was tense.

Peter stares at the floor, he sniffles and wipes his nose with the back of his hand and for a few minutes l couldn’t bring myself to speak. The air is thick with tension but eventually l find my voice.

“Why?” I asked him and his head lifted and his eyes snapped to mine.

“I didn’t mean to, I,” he moved his hands and Liam had him by his throat instantly and my shriek made him pause.

“He can’t hurt me, he won’t, will you Peter?” I asked him. Peter chokes and sputters, his eyes bulging but shakes his head as best he could and Liam lets him go, he falls to the ground gasping.

Peter pushes further into the corner away from him but his eyes return to mine after a moment.

“It was you that p******d the fruit?” I tell him and he chews his lip and nods his head.

“You bleached my room?” he nods again,

“He also unbolted the stairs banister, that’s why he was cleaning them,” Liam growls, and Peter flinches, cowering away.

“How did you get past the guards to get in the room,” Trey asks him.

“I offered to clean the roof’s gutters, the window was cracked,” Peter answers and I press my lips in a line.

“Was it you that morning in the room? The window was open,” I tell him and he hangs his head and nods.

Trey snarls at him and he visibly makes himself smaller.

“I just wanted you to go back to Landeena, to leave the castle, I didn’t mean to k**l your…” he looks at my stomach and a tear rolls down his face and he glances away.

“Liam figured it out, and I knew they would remove me from the castle, In panicked and I went to take you hostage but then he lunged at me, so l stabbed you. I swear I didn’t mean it, command me please, ask anything. I will answer whatever you like. It wasn’t my intention to k**l you but I freaked out,”

“If you didn’t intend to hurt her, why did you have a knife?” Liam asks.

“I always have it, it was my father’s,” Peter says.

“I thought you didn’t know your father,” I asked and he shrugs.

“I’ve heard of him, apparently he wasn’t worth knowing,”

“So you know who he is?” I asked. Peter shakes his head.

“No, not even my grandparents know, just said he was a deadbeat,” Peter answers.

“You don’t believe that?” I asked, curiously. I don’t know why I was asking him, I shouldn’t care, for some reason I did.

“I don’t know, but then you came along and the King made her leave, I just wanted to scare you, make you leave so she could come back, it was the only time I got to see her,” Peter says.

“See who?” Trey asks. And Peter looks at the ground.

“She never comes to see me, she pretends I don’t exist,” Peter says before clearing his throat and wiping his face.

“At least here she had to speak to me, I would ask Clarice to let me help her, sometimes she let me help her,” Peter says, wiping his face and rubbing his bloodshot eyes.

“Then you ruined it, you made her leave. I just wanted her to stay,” Peter says.

“Who are you talking about?” I asked. I hadn’t made anyone leave that I was aware of.

“My mother,” Peter answers.

“Grandpa said one day she would come around, that she would see me and come get me but she didn’t, so l got a job here to be near her,” he says.

Liam and Trey looked at each other clearly confused and so was l.

“Peter, who is your mother?” I asked, trying to figure out who he was talking about.

“Ester, and you made her leave me again. I was going to make her see, see that I could be good, that I wasn’t like my father, that she could love me, and I wouldn’t leave her,” Peter says, but I was shocked by the thunderous growl that left Trey. I jumped at the sound, not expecting it.

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