His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 180

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 180 – “Liar! You are not that w***e’s son!” Trey growled, and Peter flinched as Trey went to get up. I grabbed his arm and it rippled under my hand when Liam moved so quickly. He knocked the air out of my lungs when Trey shifted. Liam shoved me out the cell door, the guard grabbing me before l could fall, and Liam shifted, pinning Trey to the wall.

“Calm down!” Liam snarled while Trey’s eyes were on Peter, who whimpered in the corner, cowering away from him. I swallowed, petrified, and my heart raced as I watched Trey’s nostrils flare, his face savage, and a deep reverberating growl ripped from him, challenging Liam, who returned it with a deafening one. Their aura is both potent and deadly, the testosterone in the room making me dizzy and I had to fight the urge to run to my mate, not liking the charged energy after days of only being under Kyson’s calming calling.

“Choose wisely, Trey. I was coming around to not hating you. Challenge me, and you go back on my s**t list.” Liam warns, his tone ice cold and threatening.

“Trey?” I plead, and he looks at me. He puffs out his massive furry chest before shoving Liam who barely moves but Liam releases him and Trey storms out of the cell and down the corridor.

Liam shifts back, standing in his n***d glory before glancing around at Peter.

“What the f**k was that about?” Liam says while I stare at the roof.

“Liam! Pants!” I squeaked, not knowing where to avert my gaze without seeing that monstrosity between his legs.

“Oh! Sorry, my Queen, forgot you have only seen the King’s twinkie,” Liam says, clicking his fingers at the guard who chucks him a hessian bag. Liam holds it up and looks at it.

“F*****g pants, moron! What will I do with this? Have a potato sack race?” Liam asks. The guard rushed off, returning minutes later with shorts, while I stood awkwardly staring down the corridor. Once he had pants on, I turned to look at him. He was standing over Peter, who looked up at him.

“Now you’ll tell me why Trey just fled,” Liam says.

Peter looks at me before looking up at Liam. “I… I don’t know, I barely know him,” Peter stutters.

“You’re asking the wrong person. Let’s find Trey, but first, I want to go to town,” I say, and Liam turns to face me, but my eyes go to Peter.

“I want to speak to your grandparents,” I tell him.

“They didn’t do anything! I swear! They aren’t part of this,” Peter begs, his eyes widening as fear graced his face; like wasn’t sure if he was scared for them or of them.

“I just want to speak to them,” I assured him, though he didn’t deserve the reassurance, yet it was hard for me to comprehend Peter the boy in front of me, and the Peter that stabbed me as the same person.

“What? Why?” He says, looking at me petrified.

“Because if I am going to convince Kyson not to k**l you, I need the information to back my reasoning.”

“My Queen, Kyson won’t let him live after what he did, and I wouldn’t recommend telling him otherwise,” Liam says. I chew my lip.

“Would you let him live?” He asks, and his aura slips out with his outrage.

“He is a child. I don’t forgive what he did, and he will be punished, but I won’t let Kyson k**l him. That is for the moon goddess to decide. If I choose it,” I tell him. Liam growls, clearly not agreeing, but I turn my gaze to Peter.

“Address, now,” I tell Peter. He rattles it off, and I nod. I went to leave, only to pause and turn back to him.

“If you’re lying to me, I will let Kyson decide your fate. I never made your mother leave. Kyson did. After he woke up to her trying to touch him in his sleep,” I tell Peter. He gasps, clearly shocked. Obviously, not all news gets around the castle.

“Mum always had a thing for him,” Peter admitted and I nodded, not knowing what to reply.

“She shouldn’t have done that knowing you were his mate,” he adds.

“No. She shouldn’t have but this is your chance, Peter. If you are lying, tell me now because if I leave here and find out you lied, I won’t stop my mate from k*****g you,” I tell him.

“I’m not lying. You can command me, though sometimes it doesn’t work,” Peter says, glancing nervously at Liam, and I look at Liam, who turns and looks at him.

“Pardon?” Liam asks.

“Your command, it hurts but doesn’t affect me as badly as the King’s,” he shrugs.

“So you lied when I commanded you? Faked it?” Liam growls but Peter nods his head.

“I thought you would let me go, but you didn’t,” Peter says, yet Peter has not shifted yet, so how could he resist it?

“We will figure that out later. For now, we should go. I just felt Kyson wake up, and I want to go before he comes looking for me. Kyson won’t ask for answers. He will demand blood,” I tell Liam.

“And Trey?” Liam asks.

“When we get back,” I tell Liam before turning on my heel and walking out.

The mind link stirs as Kyson wakes, but I could feel he was pretty hungover.

“Azalea!” He says frantically through the mind link.

“I’m fine. I am with Liam,” I assure him.

I feel the tension leave him through the bond, relief flooding through me from him.

“Where are you? I will come to you,” he tells me as Liam holds me steady as l climb the stairs leading back into the kitchen. I stop just outside the pantry doors, waiting for Liam to lock the cellar door.

“I’m in the kitchen, but shower and wake up. Clarice will send up something for you to eat and get rid of the hangover,” I told him while looking at Clarice, who nodded to me. She seemed surprised to see me but didn’t comment on it, which I appreciated.

“That can wait. I’ll be down soon,” Kyson says.

“Kyson, I’m fine. I just want to go into town. Liam is with me. I promise I will come to see you when I get back,” I tell him.

“Azalea,” He said my name like an order daring me to challenge his word again and I sighed, knowing he was already on his way to me. I could feel him getting closer when he appeared in the doorway leading into the kitchen after a few minutes, there was no point running he would chase me down.

Yet as he appeared, the sigh that left him and how he rolled his shoulders told me he needed to see me to ensure I was alright. His smell overrode my senses and was more potent than the robe I was wearing, which had me moving to go to him. He met me halfway, pulling me into his arms, his hand going to my head while he wrapped his arm around my body, his lips in my hair.

“You shouldn’t have left without telling me. I woke up and thought…” he doesn’t finish, and I don’t question, not wanting to know where his mind just took him.

He sniffs me before burying his nose in my hair and then pressing it to my neck. A low thrumming growl leaves him, making goosebumps rise on my arms and his grip tightens but not painfully more like he was trying to remove the scent on me and replace it with his.

“Where were you?” I knew he knew, so there was no point lying.

“I went to see Peter. Liam and Trey went with me because I asked, and there were also two other guards down there,” I tell him knowing Peter’s scent was heavy down there, he growls, grabbing my face in his hands and turning my face up to look at him.

“Out!” He growls, watching me. The room was evacuated under his order within seconds. Yet he didn’t let me go. Instead, he rested his forehead against mine and let out a breath. I waited for the wrath, his fury. I could feel it through the bond as he fought the urge to break something, or maybe me. I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t push him.

“Explain… Please,” he growls.

“You wouldn’t have let me go,” I told him. He pulls his forehead from mine, looks away, and nods because I am right.

“I may have,” he breathes out.

“You don’t seem so sure of that,” I told him. I struggled to read him through the bond yet I pressed my face to his chest. He purrs, a sound I relished, calming and relaxing me.


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