His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 185

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 185 – I could feel her betrayal, her sadness, her anger, and her confusion. She was full of every emotion I could think of, but the biggest one was grief as she looked down at Ester clutching her leg. My hand lets him go, and he gasps for air.

“I would do anything to be able to have kept my baby. You have a chance to hold yours. I will never get that chance. Your son took it from me. However, I would never wish that on any mother even after what you have both done,” she looks at Peter.

“Go to your mother Peter,” Azalea whispers. Her command overrode mine easily, and he rushed to her, falling at her feet and Ester clutched him tightly. When Trey roared, getting to his feet.

Azalea turns to face him. His anger forced his shift as he lunged at his sister and Peter. Ester shifts taking on her brother to stop him from getting to her son. Azalea just stares at them before turning and walking off, looking defeated, and that’s all I felt through the bond too. Her defeat, pain, anguish and grief when Ester tosses Trey aside and snarls, baring her teeth at her brother before they both lunged at each other, ripping each other apart.

Peter screamed for his mother and l felt Azalea stop and glance at them while Peter sobbed on the ground. I tried to piece together what was happening and what wasn’t happening.

She was defending the boy she refused to acknowledge, fighting her own brother for him.

Trey swings at her, his claws slashing her face when she ducks, and she stumbles back before he pounces on her, intending to k**l her only for her to kick him off.

“All of this is your fault! Your f*****g fault because you kept throwing yourself at his feet! You knew you were hurting her! You f*****g knew who she was to me,” Trey snarled, getting to his feet and stalking toward her.

“And then you decide to keep his b*****d!” Trey snarls.

“I loved him!” Ester screams back at him only to receive a kick to the stomach that sent her hurdling toward the gate with a c***h.

“He used you and you nearly k****d her for it! You nearly k****d my f*****g mate!” Trey said, grabbing her throat.

He slams her Lycan form on the ground, her head crashing into the ground when Peter jumps on his back, only to be swatted away like a fly by Trey. Yet, once again, I was confused.

“She didn’t want you, you idiot! She married the p***k. Then you let him sire you to their daughter just to stay near her. You did the same thing, Trey! How is me loving him any different from you loving Tatiana?” Ester screams at him.

“I was her mate! You were his w***e!” Trey screams when Azalea’s voice reaches my ears.

“Enough,” she says softly and everyone freezes and I watch as she sways on her feet, Liam grips her arm holding her steady but her legs go out from under her. Trey tosses his sister to get to her, just as I reach her.

“You awoke it, and you b****d yourself out.” Trey tells her, clutching her face as I scoop her up in my arms.

“My head hurts,” she whispers, rubbing her temples. Trey goes to touch her again, but I snarl at him and I turn to look for Ester. But she was gone and had fled with Peter. Although now hundreds of faces peered back at us from behind the gate. I gulp. They would have felt her power, though life didn’t think they would get here so quickly. Armored up, swords in their hands, Landeena swords, they came to fight for her.

“Find them. And bring them back,” I tell Trey and Liam, as Cedric walked through the gates, his armor holding the Landeena crest.

Liam and Trey, watch him warily as he approached Trey. He holds out his hands out to Trey with the Azure sword, her mother’s sword in his hands. He kneels before Azalea in my arms and Trey looks down at Azalea in my arms. Cedric was tethered to me, the rest of the Landeena Lycans were tethered to him, and I knew what he wanted and snarled at the thought, but held her hand out anyway for him to run his blade across her palm, her eyes glowed like beacons as the steel sliced her.

“You won’t hurt them, any of them,” Azalea whispers, fighting to remain conscious in my arms.

“You do and I won’t forg…” she collapses in my arms, going completely limp and Trey grips her wrist, bringing her palm to my lips to stem her bleeding. I quickly run my tongue over the deep g**h, and Trey takes her hand, placing it against my chest.

“Bring them to the castle,” I turn to Liam, and he nods, and I curse.

“Alive!” I add. F**k! I growl, turning my attention back to Cedric and the others, all on one knee, swords in their hands, though Cedric’s sword was covered in her blood.

Cedric looks up at me, and I snarl, but his gaze holds steady. He was her father’s former Beta. Though he was far too old now to maintain that title so she would have to choose another, eventually.

“We revoke our allegiance to the Valkyrie Kingdom and pledge our allegiance to the Landeena Kingdom!” They all say in unison.

Cedric stands lifting the sword, all the others doing the same as they lifted their swords above their heads, one hand on the hilt while the other hand grabs the blade. They all wipe their hands down the blade, blood drenching them before they pledge simultaneously.

“We pledge our allegiance to Azalea Ivy Landeena, the Landeena Empress, the true Empress of the Kingdoms. I bleed for Landeena, I fight for Landeena, I d*e for Landeena, we are Landeena and our Empress has risen and so has the Landeena Guard. We pledge to serve and protect the rightful heir of Landeena.” they drop their arms and fall to one knee, swords at their front before continuing.

“The Empress rises, we rise with her, and when she falls, we too shall fall,” they committed their lives to protect her, and I jolt as their tethers to me snapped and Azalea inhales deeply as they tether to her.

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