His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 187

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 187 – F**k! I wasn’t even sure I knew the stranger sitting across from me now.

“Okay, wait. First, explain your sire bond. Then we will get to Ester,” I tell them, starting to lose track of what was going on.

“When Garret found out about me, he wanted me d**d. Tatiana used his infidelity against him. Said if he k****d me, she would divorce him and move back home. This was after Azure fell, but it was a bluff. There was no one left in Azure, but she would have walked. Azure held control over the council, meaning Tatiana now held control over the council. Garret wanted to overthrow all the Kingdoms and Garret needed an heir, so they compromised. Tatiana would carry his child, and she would turn a blind eye to his infidelity,” Trey explains.

“And he to hers?” I asked, trying to figure out the dynamic of their relationship. Trey shakes his head.

“No. Once Azalea came along, Garret was paranoid that I would k**l his only heir, so he sired me to Azalea. Not that I would have hurt her. She was Tatiana’s daughter. Therefore, I would never harm her, knowing it would hurt my mate. I would never do that. I loved Azalea like she was my own. For almost four years, I watched her grow.

There was no way I would hurt her.” Trey answered.

“And then what?” I asked, and Trey swallowed and looked away, leaning back in his chair. I watch as he folds his arms across his chest.

“You don’t want me to answer that, my King,” Trey says, and I growl.

“You will, though. I am not in the mood to play games with Trey. So f*****g answer and truthfully. I need to establish if you are a risk to my mate despite the sire bond,” I snarled at him.

“Tatiana was off-limits,” Trey answers, and I look at Ester, but she was watching her brother just as curious.

“Yet Garret let you remain, after finding out and after his child was born?” Damian asked, just as confused.

“Part of the sire agreement made by Garret was that Azalea was promised to me when she came of age,” Trey answers, and my inner beast rushes forward at his words. The desk flies toward the ceiling. Trey moves just in time before it c*****s against him and Damian rips Ester away as it was upturned. In seconds, my hands were wrapped around his throat, and Trey glared at me. His jaw clenched as my Lycan side came forward and I shifted, my claws slicing his skin, and I flexed my fingers, strengthening my grip.

“I said you didn’t want to know!” Trey snarls. “It’s why Garret cheated in the games! He needed his daughter’s hand back.” Trey snarled, his nostrils flaring with his own anger, yet he remained unflinching, undefensive, as I squeezed his throat. His face turned purple when Damian’s hand gripped my shoulders.

Peter whimpers in the room’s corner, hiding behind Clarice, who was now on her feet.

“Kyson, let him go,” Damian whispers behind me. Yet he was trying to take my mate from me. That’s all my mind could register. Azalea is mine, and I wouldn’t allow him to have her.

“Kyson, think. We need answers. The ones that only he has,” Damian says, as his grip tightened on my shoulder. A shudder runs through me, yet I let him go with a growl, shoving him away.

Ester was picking up spilled papers with Clarice while Trey went to set the desk back upright as I tried to force myself to shift back. Damian passes me a bottle of whiskey, and I snatch it from him, gulping it down, and trying to stifle the raging anger that threatened to consume me.

“I will send for more coffee, Clarice says.

“And I will grab a mop,” Ester says, and I growl.

“Peter stays! I want to make sure you return. If you try to run and I will have Liam drag you back and force you to watch as I k**l your son!” I snarl at her, and her eyes dart to Peter, who was about to follow her. She points back to the chaise, and he looks at me but quickly obeys his mother, taking his seat.

“I’ll wait with him until you return,” Clarice tells Ester, and she quickly rushes off. Gannon shows up, and l knew Damian must have called him because he came in with some clothes just as I shifted back.

I pull them on while glaring at Trey, who takes his seat. When Ester returns with a mop and broom, my office becomes crowded, and Clarice leaves quickly to retrieve coffee.

“Peter can do it! Sit!” I snap at Ester, and she nods quickly, passing them to her son, who Gannon watched with eagle eyes.

Damian clears his throat, and I nod for him to take over. I wasn’t in the right headspace now knowing that information.

“So you were promised Azalea?” Damian says, and Trey turns his attention to Damian.

“Yes, but I won’t act on it. I don’t think I could even look at her that way, knowing she was Tatiana’s daughter.

And I am not sired in that way if the King had let me explain. Azalea would have had the ultimate choice in the end. But that is why Garret tried to cheat you out of the games for years before Tatiana conceived Azalea,” Trey explained.

“And what did Garret get out of this deal?” Damian asked.

“I wouldn’t pursue Tatiana, and I could remain by her side. I had no intention of being with Azalea. I was waiting for her to leave Garret, and I would take my rightful place by her side,” Trey says.

“So your loyalty was never to Garret?” Trey shakes his head.

“No, it was to my mate and Azalea. Garret wanted to ensure his heir lived, so Tatiana suggested the sire to save me when he said he would k**l me once he became paranoid again after she was born.”

“So, how do you come into the picture?” Damian asks Ester.

“Mum let it slip once that I had brothers. When I asked about them, Dad and I had a fight. He kicked me out and said mum’s past should remain in the past, and that they weren’t my brothers,” Ester says, and Trey’s lip pulls back over his teeth at the sound of her voice.

“So you went looking for them?” l asked her, and she nodded.

“Yes. When dad disowned me, I lived with my grandparents,” Ester says.

“My grandmother helped me locate them, so I went looking for them,”

“And why did your father disown you?”

“He found out I was secretly looking for them. We were already fighting. My father could be very strict. He kicked me out and said I was destroying his relationship with mum. So I moved in with my grandparents. They helped me get a hold of Trey.” she explains.

“Ester wanted to meet us, and we knew that financially, she was a burden on our grandparents. So my father took her in and I got her a job as a cleaner at the castle,” Trey answers flatly, sending her a glare.

Ester drops her head. “You knew she was my mate,” Trey growls, and she purses her lips.

“So you and Garret became involved?” Damian asks her.

“Yes. Ivy was nearly 4 when I left after Tatiana learned I was sleeping with her husband. I was one of his personal servants,”

“How did she find out it was you?” I asked. Besides the obvious pain, it made no sense.

“Marissa caught us. She tried to k**l me. Marissa told Garret to get rid of me, or she was going to tell Tatiana.

Said she understood the alliance, but besides Tatiana, she wouldn’t share,” Ester says, and my mind was blown.

Leaning back in my chair, I looked at Damian, trying to figure it out.

“Wait. Marissa told her? That’s how she found out?” Trey asked her, clearly shocked by that information.

“You weren’t the only one sired to Azalea,” Ester says.

“What, b******t! You aren’t sired to Azalea!” Trey snarls at her.

“No, but Marissa was. Why do you think she took her?” Ester sneers at her brother just as Clarice returns with coffee.

“Wait, what?” I asked.

“Marissa was Garret’s human mate. Tatiana got to keep you. Do you really think Garret would k**l his mate and let her keep you?” Ester asked.

“Wait. Hold up! Marissa was a werewolf,” I tell them, and Ester shakes her head.

“No, she was the hunter’s daughter. Garret took her and turned her. That is what caused the war. Her father didn’t want his daughter with a Lycan. So Garret kidnapped her, changed her, and faked her d***h. After he got married to Tatiana and conceived Azalea, he had Jordan introduce Marissa to Tatiana as a servant looking for a job,” Ester said.

“Marissa’s husband?” Damian asked.

“Jordan wasn’t Marissa’s husband. He was her guard assigned by Garret to keep tabs on her. He was a werewolf from the pack Garret had hidden her in.”

“You’re wrong. Marrissa was a werewolf,” Damian says, shaking his head. We should know we had looked right into her background.

“Wrong. Did any of your reports ever say she was seen shifted? Garret covered it up. Marissa wanted me gone when she learned I was a side w***e,” Ester says bitterly.

“Wait, Marissa was Garret’s mate?” I asked. Ester nods.

“It’s why Garret refused to get rid of her when Tatiana complained about her,” Ester explains.

“So, you knew who Marissa was when she came here?” I demanded, and her shoulders slump, and she nods.

“And you didn’t say anything?” I snarled.

“She threatened to tell everyone about Peter. When she found out I was pregnant, I was forced to leave.

Marissa became jealous and contacted the hunters. They were supposed to k**l Tatiana and me, but l had already left by the time they decided to try to take them and Marissa couldn’t stop them, so she went along with it and kidnapped Azalea to keep her safe, said Azalea was all she had left of Garret. I didn’t think she would go after your sister when she came here,” Ester says. My hands shook with rage and I clenched them to stop from punching something or jumping across the desk to k**l her.

My sister died all because she refused to speak up, and I blamed Azalea for it when the woman who sat across from me could have prevented the entire thing.

“My King, Azalea has awoken,” Liam mind links.

“Do you want me to bring her to you?” he asks. I press my lips in a line.

“No, I will come to her,” I reply before looking over at Damian.

“Azzy is awake, I tell him and he nods.

“So, what do you want to do?” he asks while looking at Peter and Azalea.

“I am going to see my mate,”

“And them?” Damian asks.

“I can’t k**l Peter,” I growl not now he has been openly claimed as a Landeena. I stand about to walk out the door when I pause.

“Your mother will take your punishment,” I say turning back to the room. Peter whimpers and Clarice gasps.

“You want me to k**l her?” Gannon offers and Peter screams rushing toward his mother only for Gannon to rip backward and knock his feet out from under him. He lands on his a*s and sobs while Ester looked resigned to her fate.

“No, 500 lashes,” I tell Gannon, only to pause and my eyes fall on Peter.

“And you will do 250 of them. I see one piece of her back unmarred when l return. Not only will you receive the same, but I will also then make you k**l her by the time I am done with her,” I tell Peter. Peter whimpers, and tears brim in Ester’s eyes. Her lips quiver but she only speaks when Peter begs not to do it.

She looks over her shoulder at him. “A punishment must be served,”

“Mum please, I can’t,”

“But you will or the king kills me, so choose Peter, which is it you prefer?” she snaps at him. He drops his head.

“Count everyone, and call me down when he is done. I will deliver the last 250, which will be silver and wolfsbane dipped.” I tell her, and she s***s in a shuddering breath before s********g and looking away. She bobs her head once, accepting her punishment. Trey just stared with eyes ahead at the wall.

“You will watch her receive her punishment. If you make a move to stop it, you will be pulled from my guard and Azalea’s,” I warn him.

“No issue, my King. I told you that already. My loyalty is with Azalea,” Trey answers, and I nod before walking out and heading up to find my mate.

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