His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 189

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 189 – “No. No, I never saw her shift,” I answer him.

“And Jordan?” I shake my head again. Tears b****d my eyes, and lay swallowed down the emotion that made a lump form in my throat and threatened to choke me. How could I still love the monster who raised me? Maybe because to me, she was never a monster but a mother, it was hard to differentiate between the two sorts of people she could be. But after what she did? How?

Some logical part of me knew she was the reason my real mother was d**d, yet the memories I hold closest were always her. She may not have been my real mother, but she raised me as her own. She loved and cared for me. Or at least I thought she did. And yet the woman who was my mother I had no memories of and my family were the strangers to me, or maybe she just overshadowed any memory I did share with them?

Kyson’s calling slips out. Only then did I realize I was shaking, and his hands slid up my arms softly. My entire body was trembling, and I gave in to the noise, letting the calling soothe me as l calmed my nerves.

“Why do you ask?” I murmured, knowing he must have a reason.

“Ester told us Marrissa was your father’s mate and was a Lycan. Just like Trey was your mother’s.” I sat back up, startled by the news and confused.

“What?” I asked and sighed. I didn’t know what to think. Everything was so confusing and still made little sense to me. Titles and bloodlines and kingdoms were so new to me yet I was expected to be able to follow the rules of a world I wasn’t taught to live in, the expectations and weight of that were finally sinking.

I knew nothing of this world, or any world for that matter. Or mate bonds and alliance’s and I thought this life was difficult. I couldn’t imagine watching from the sidelines as my mate was with someone else. What would that do for the soul? Your heart? Four broken souls and four broken hearts are doomed to watch each other try to be happy with another. I couldn’t imagine the torment that would cause the bond.

So much to figure out.

But first, I needed to focus on what punishment that was bestowed on Peter and Ester right now.

“What punishment did you give my… brother?” I force the word out. It tasted bitter on my tongue.

“500 lashes…” Kyson answers.

“What!” I shrieked, and Kyson gripped my arms.

“Not Peter. So wait and let me explain,” he says, clasping my arms tightly. I quickly nod, deciding to hear him out before losing my mind at him.

“Ester. She knew who Marrissa was and could have prevented my sister’s d***h. She needs to be punished for that.”

“Peter can’t heal. He hasn’t shifted yet,” I tell him, knowing there was no way he could survive that many lashes. “Ester is receiving the lashes.

Peter will administer half of them. The other half, I will.” I shake my head. He expected Peter to whip his own mother? It sounded barbaric and cruel.

Kyson growls at me when I glare at him. “You won’t let me k**l him, and l can’t without breaking the laws! You will go along and agree Azalea. You don’t have to like the ruling, but you will stand by it, or I will k**l Ester. If you don’t want me to k**l them, you will agree.” he snaps at me.

“You can’t k**l Peter,” I tell him.

“No. By law, I can’t. But, that won’t stop me from breaking that law if you disagree. So either you agree to their punishment or…” I growl at him, I won’t let him k**l him. Peter is a child!

“He k****d our baby!” Kyson snaps.

“Ester could have prevented my sister’s d***h! They need to be punished. And if you won’t let me k**l them, then this is it. What they did is punishable by d***h. And I will not be seen as weak because my mate is too soft,” he growls.

“Soft? You are the only one who sees mercy as soft, My King. Mercy is not soft, there is a strength within it. It takes a stronger person to forgive than it does to punish another.”

Kyson laughs, pushing me off his lap and standing. I turn on the bed and watch him walk over to his bar.

“They don’t deserve forgiveness. Not even this is enough. Mercy is for the weak. Forgiveness? They will find none from me,” he snarls, tipping the bottle to his lips and chugging half the bottle. I hated when he drank.

“Then you truly are the weak one then.” I sneered, getting to my feet when the bottle smashed into the wall making me jump. He moved so quickly, that look barely found my feet when his hands gripped my arms tightly as he growled.

“You are weak! Falling to your knees to save an enemy. Forgiveness gets you k****d. It gets you nothing!” Kyson roared.

“No! You’re wrong,” I growled back, gripping his wrists. Anger coursed through me, and he let go, glaring down at me.

“You know nothing!” he growled turning away from me.

“I know I forgave you!”

“Forgave me? I never did anything to warrant needing forgiveness!”

“No? You just nearly k****d me when you destroyed our bond!” I spit at him.

“Yet I forgave you for it. I forgave you for using the d**n calling on me to get your way. I forgave your stupid punishments. I forgave you! So if that makes me weak, then what does it make you for accepting it?” he growls but adds nothing.

“I am not changing the punishment, and you will not ask me to. They need to be punished for what they did.” He snaps.

“I agree, but you won’t k**l them,” I tell him, and he seems shocked.

“As you said, I don’t have to like the punishment, but one must be given. But once it’s done, it is done Kyson. I won’t allow you to continue punishing him.” I tell him.

“And you won’t interfere?” He asks, and I s*****w but shake my head. I understood he needed vengeance, yet vengeance was never my thing. I couldn’t harbor the sort of hate he does. It sounded exhausting, but I understood his need for it.

“Afterward, you let them go,” I tell him, and he growls and clenches his jaw.

“Only if you stand by your word and don’t interfere or try to stop it,” he answers. I swallowed.

“Just don’t k**l them, and you let them go after,” I tell him before storming past him and out the door.

“Where are you going?”

“To find Abbie,” I snap not bothering to turn around yet I knew he was following. Liam falls in line with me but remains quiet while I looked for my friend.

“Azalea!” Kyson calls.


“You said you would stand by it, that means you come with me, and do just that!” Kyson says grabbing my arm.

“You want me to watch as you whip someone, no!” I tell him. I didn’t want to see that, I knew exactly what kind of pain that was and I sure as h**l didn’t want to witness it.

“You said you would stand by my decision,” Kyson says and I press my lips in a line and glare at him. Now l was wondering if he was also punishing me for challenging him.

“Fine, then lead the way, my King.” I motion and he growls but grips my hand tugging me after him.

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