His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 19

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 19 – Waking up, I look up at the ceiling only to see the bed canopy and not my dim light. Blinking, I was vaguely aware of people talking when something beside me moved. I quickly looked around, seeing Beta Damian at the end of the bed and Gannon. Turning my head, I found the King sitting beside me, and I was in his bed.

“Sleeping beauty awakes,” Beta Damian says. I jerked upright, only for a hand to land on my shoulder and push me back down. My back protesting at laying on it.

“Lay back down. I gave you quite the scare. I didn’t mean to, but you will stay in here tonight,” The King says, and I shake my head, trying to get back up.

“You stay with me tonight,” He repeats, and I look to his Beta and Gamma, and they said nothing in my defense. Are they really going to leave me in here with him? He was a beast a few seconds ago. What about what Clarice said?

“I’m sorry to get you all out of bed. Leave the rest. I will have it fixed tomorrow,” King Kyson tells them.

“You sure you can handle the mess?” His Beta asks.

“I am sure I can manage,” the King tells them, and both men’s eyes dart to me for a second before they both b**e their necks and walk out, leaving me alone with a man that just turned into a savage beast. I thought I was going to d*e for sure. The door clicks shut softly. My breathing picked up again. Despite the room’s vast size, I suddenly felt claustrophobic and caged in like a mouse trapped in a lion’s cage. I actually prayed I passed out again. Terror filled me, and I was suddenly too scared to move.

“I won’t hurt you, Ivy. I didn’t mean to lose control like that,” He says, his voice perfectly calm like nothing happened.

“You can speak freely, Ivy. It’s just us, not that Damian or Gannon would ever speak against you,” He says, and I was already very aware of the fact that they just left alone and trapped in here with a man that just looked more like a monster than a person, not too long ago.

I swing my legs over the side of the bed, wanting to go back to the safety of my room. “Lay back down now,” He orders, and I instantly do, unable to fight the command as it washed over me like a tidal wave of pure Alpha Dominance. His blankets are soft under my hands, but my back is screaming in protest, and I can’t help the whimper that escapes my lips.

“What’s wrong, answer me?” He says, leaning over me.

“My back, please, I can’t lay on it,” I tell him, and his eyes widen.

“Sorry, I forgot, you may roll on your side,” He says, turning me to face him.

“I am man, not a beast now, don’t be frightened,” He says, grabbing my hand and placing it on his chest and holding it there. All I could do was blink at the man that was becoming bizarre by the second, and what was wrong with him constantly touching me? Does he have a rogue fetish?

I had heard of strange fetishes mentioned by the adults at the orphanage. One of the gardeners Abbie and I once overheard speaking to Mrs. Daley about having a Rogue fetish, that he liked being a puppet master. He said he hoped that we would be auctioned when we came of age so he could buy Abbie to use for his fantasies.

We had no idea what he meant back then. We were only 12, and it wasn’t until we grew older that we learned what he truly meant by those words and the intentions behind them. She would become his s*x slave, dominated by some sicko. Abbie swore she would k**l herself if he brought her.

“I know you’re scared, but please don’t fear me. I don’t want you scared of me. And just for the record, Lycans don’t eat people,” he says with a soft laugh.

I was beginning to wonder if this was the same man from before. I briefly entertained the idea that he had a lobotomy while I was passed out. He seemed so carefree now, just an ordinary person with how he was talking. I could almost forget he was a king.

“You seem confused,” He states, and I nod. He still had a hold of my hand.

“You are the only person other than Gannon and Damian that have got near me in that state and lived to tell about it. In my Lycan side, I was able to recognize you when I lost control,” He says, and my brows pinch. Was that supposed to make me feel better about the situation, that he didn’t k**l me?

“You don’t speak much,” He states. What was I supposed to say? I was a filthy rogue that he ordered to lay in his bed with him for some reason, and he was rubbing my hand that was encased in his huge one like I was some pet he was trying to decide whether or not to put out of its misery. He yawns, covering his mouth and rolling on his back, yet he doesn’t let go of my hand, still holding it in his.

I wanted to tug it away from him, but I also liked the feel of his big hand covering mine, the tingles making my body relax, and I yawn too, wondering what time it is? He eventually falls asleep, soft snores filling the room, and I think I laid for about an hour before I gained the courage to reclaim my hand before carefully sitting up. I made sure not to move the bed too much. Standing up, I take a step, and the floorboard creaks under my foot, and I freeze. My heartbeat thumped in my ears frantically. I glanced over at him before taking another step when he spoke.

“I am going to give three seconds to get back in the bed with me, or you may find yourself tied to it and unable to ever leave it, Ivy. The choice is yours,” King Kyson says.


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