His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 193

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 193 – “You’ll show me?” I asked, and he leaned down, bumping his nose against mine before brushing his lips against mine softly.

“Yeah. I think if I don’t, my Beta may quit,” Kyson laughs.

“About b****y time!” Abbie says excitedly.

“I can only use it when I’m angry,” I tell him, chewing on my lip, and he sits down, pulling me into his lap on the floor. Abbie sits on her butt across from us where she stood.

“I can explain it to you. But I know you will hate it, but I can command you to drop it. Which will be easier, and you can feel the pressure behind it,” Kyson says. “If it works, I will try anything. I would like a proper hug,” I chuckle, looking at Abbie excitedly.

“And I would like to walk toward you without having to do the one, two-step,” Gannon laughs.

“So it is similar to a command. A command you add pressure, force you will on them,” Kyson says, letting his slip out slowly, though I found it wasn’t as discomforting or maybe because he didn’t intend it to be.

“To rescind it, you pull it back into yourself. So reabsorb your aura and command,” I feel him drop it behind me, and my body, which I hadn’t realized was tense, relaxes.

“So you can try. Or if you want, I can try to command you to drop the command, though I am not sure if I actually can command you now.”

“What do you mean?” I ask, looking at him over my shoulder.

Kyson sighs and looks at Gannon, who raises an eyebrow at him. “Landeena command can k**l. Your command is more potent than mine. I just know how to use mine. You don’t,” I was shocked, Kyson told me, but I was more horrified at the fact I could have k****d them without meaning to.

“Wait! I could have hurt all of them?” I stammered, suddenly scared to use my command.

“Yes, but not before you had awoken your gifts,”

“Cedric said something about awakening my gifts,” I admit.

“You spoke to Cedric?” Kyson asks me, and I nod my head, wondering if he would be angry.

“He was showing me how to use the mind link.” Kyson presses his lips in a line but adds nothing on the subject.

“Here, feel for my aura, and I want you to push on it and force it back, okay? If you can do that, you un-command them.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to hurt you,”

“You can control it, Azzy. How much force you put behind it is something you can feel. You will know when to stop or if I am resisting it,” Kyson says. I let out a breath because I needed to do this. It was getting annoying.

We practice a few times before I finally figure it out and can lift the command. A giddy feeling fills me at doing it without being angry, and Kyson’s arms wrap tighter around my waist as I release Gannon.

“Practise enough, and you will be able to do it via a mind link without having to be in front of them,”

Just as Kyson and I were getting ready to leave, a knock was heard on the door, and a man handed Kyson the blanket, but he shook his head, pointing to Tyson, who had his hands out for it. I moved toward him, kissing his little head before hugging Abbie, who squeezed me so tight I thought she would break me.

“More than my life,”

“Always, more than my life,” she says while clutching my face between her hands. She kisses my cheek.

“Come see me tomorrow, or I can come to see you now,” she laughs, and I nod my head looking at Kyson, who nodded his head to me before talking to Gannon about where Liam and Damian went. When he is done, we say goodbye before walking back toward our quarters, yet as we take the shortcut through Kyson’s old quarters. I notice the room across from his old room open.

I could just make out a few baby things inside it. Kyson growls angrily, looking for the guard, but love move to close the door before he gets upset. Except when I do, my breath hitches in my throat, and my hand trembled as I clutched the door handle.

Tears b****d my eyes as I stared through the open door at the small toys, plushies, and a cot. It looked like a toddler’s room, and I found myself frozen with what could have been. Kyson’s hand runs down my arms from behind me as he presses his chest against my back.

“I know, Love,” he whispers beside my ear.

“We could have had a room for our baby like this,” I murmur, my lip quivering, wondering what the baby would have been or who the baby would have looked like. I s*****w and blink around at the stuff inside.

“And one day we will, I promise. When you’re ready, we can try again,” Kyson whispers, his hand gripping mine around the handle. He pulls the door shut, and my lip quivers as I turn away from the door when the guard appears. His eyes are wide as Kyson notices him.

“I’m sorry, I forgot,” Kyson shakes his head at him, and he quickly rushes off

“It’s not his fault,” I tell Kyson, feeling his anger.

“I’m sorry I made you watch Ester,” he says, and I look up at him

“Yeah, well, I may have slapped her and kicked her off castle grounds,” I tell him, and he tilts his head to the side.

“She said something. It doesn’t matter, but I don’t want her back in the castle,” I tell him. Kyson growls.

“I still don’t want her d**d, though,” I add. Ester was in pain, and I don’t know if she meant her words, but I wasn’t going to hunt her down to ask. As long as she stays away, I will get over it.

“Come on, I should feed you,” Kyson says, lifting my hand to his lips. He kisses it before draping his arm across my shoulders and pulling me along with him.

“So, where did Damian and Liam go?”

“To a b*****l, they are seeing if they can find anything out at one of Crux’s establishments,”

“About the d**d children,”

“Yes, and the woman, we found proof Crux was trafficking girls,” Kyson answers.

“And what are you going to do about it,”

“Well, take it before the council and present it. Teach you to use your command, so you can order him removed from it and punished for it if needed.”

“Why do I have to?”

“Because your command is stronger than mine for one and second, mine won’t work on them because they get yearly donations of my blood to drink to stop my command tainting the council.”

“But Crux is part Landeena,” Kyson nods.

“Yes, but you’re Landeena and Azure, you are stronger than any king or Queen Azalea, your and empress of Kings and Queens, your blood makes you deity,” Kyson says. My brow lifted at the thought of so much power, a power I wasn’t sure I wanted. It seemed to hold a lot of weight and meaning, and l felt unworthy of it. I felt not good enough. I wasn’t able to rule. I can’t even read, let alone rule, werewolf, and Lycan laws and councils.

“So, since you’re my mate, what does that make you?”

“Screwed if you turn it on me,” Kyson laughs, leaning down and kissing my head.

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