His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 196

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 196 – And a challenge they were not. One kick to the head and the first one went t**s up and the second a throat punch and a love tap had him sprawled over his buddy. This was their security? A child would put up more of a fight, take a hit better, too. These men had glass jaws, that is for sure.

Shaking my head, I stalk up the steps, following her peaches and cream scent through the halls. Yet the more I walked, the more pent-up rage filled me that she was making me hunt her down.

“I’m fine Stacey, just go. He will reject me and be gone once he hunts me down.” I hear her voice reach me through the thin walls.

Up here, this level wasn’t as dressy as the floor below, showing this may be where the women lived. The paint on the walls flaked and was peeling. The floors were in need of a good polish. Above my head, the lights flickered and were old-style, not like the led one’s downstairs. These were hanging lights that swayed and blinked the more I moved down the corridor.

Hearing a door up head I lift my gaze to see a woman step out of a room and she quickly closes it before spinning and spotting me, she drops her gaze hurrying to the neighboring room. Yet that brief opening of the door was enough for me to locate a strong whiff of my mate’s scent emanating out of the room she came out of.

Approaching the door, I grip the locked door handle and twist it until the entire thing crumbles in my hand and disintegrates. I stare at the broken brass doorknob.

Some security systems they have, s**t security officers and locks on doors that snap under the slightest pressure. Shoving the door inward, I hear shuffling and my eyes scan the sparsely furnished room before finding her in the corner by the tiny bathroom standing next to a crib.

“I told you, you don’t want me. Just let me set my son down so I don’t drop him when you reject me,” she says, stunning me.

Yet I couldn’t tear my gaze from the bundle wrapped in her arms. I blink in shock. A toddler was squirming, s*****g his formula down. She sets him in his crib which had few toys. She messes his dark black hair before turning her focus back to me.

“I’m ready now. Get it over with?” She says s********g yet I stared at her kid in the crib. He would only be about two years old.

“The boy is yours?” I wondered how my luck could get any worse. My mate is a w***e and now she has a kid?

“As I said. Get it over with,” she says, smiling sadly at her son.

“I’m Lycan. I can’t reject you unless you want it to risk k*****g one of us,” I tell her, stepping closer, yet she moves protectively in front of the crib where her son stared through the wooden bars up at his mother.

She curses, clearly not understanding but taking my word for it. “Well, I can’t leave with you. I already lost my daughter. I won’t risk my son, so you need to leave before they catch you here,” she says and love hear her sharp intake of breath and the way her heart rate increases.

“You have another kid?” I demand. Her lip quivers, and she looks up at the ceiling, blinking back tears before looking at me.

“Had. They k****d her when she was four when I tried to escape with her. I won’t make that mistake again,” she says with a trembling voice, her eyes burning with unshed tears.

“Who k****d her?” I ask disgusted someone would k**l an innocent child.

“Her father did,” she says sniffling as she played with her son’s hair.

I look at the crib and nod once. “Pack your stuff. We are leaving,” I tell her.

“Did you not hear what I said? I am not risking my son,” she growls.

“You can bring him, he will be safe at the castle, you’ll be safe with me, and so will your son,” she laughs, wiping a stray tear while shaking her head.

“Nowhere is safe,” she mutters.

“What is safer than being with a Lycan?” I snap at her idiocy.

“His father is one!” she growls back and I blink at her, a little shocked. My eyes go to the crib where the boy is. Yet he was too young to distinguish yet because his scent was dominated by hers.

“Who is the father?” she shakes her head and takes a step closer to the crib.

“Who is the father, Tandi?” I asked.

“Council Elder Larkin, Elder Larkin is Hunter’s father,” she says, and my brows almost shot into my hairline.

“He k****d his own daughter,” I asked. If he did, that was a sure way to take down the council.

“No, Alpha Brock k****d her. Paige was Alpha Brocks from–“

“I’m aware of who Alpha Brock is. He is half the reason I am here. We are investigating the Rogue murders and looking for trafficked rogues,”

“Well, you’re looking at one. I was from Alpha Brock’s pack. I lived in the orphanage, run by that Mrs. Daley,” she says, shocking me further.

“You were from the orphanage?”

“Yes, I was sold to Crux when I was 16 and worked here ever since,” she says s********g, yet she appeared to be in her mid-twenties, all that time my mate had suffered here in this place since she was a child herself?

“I know you’re scared, but grab your son. I will keep you and your son safe. Larkin won’t get near him once the King handles the council,”

“You know the King?” she asks.

“I’m his Beta, and yes. He is a good King. He won’t let harm come to you. But you may just be the piece we need to take down the council and the Alphas.”

“He will stop Larkin from taking my son? He can do that?” she whispers, looking at him where he was pulling himself up to stand.


“But the council holds power over the King,” she murmurs, looking at me.

“They don’t hold power over the Empress though, the King, yes, they can resist him. But no one can resist the Landeena Empress,” I tell her, and her brows furrow.

“Landeena? I have heard that name before,” she ponders.

“Well, you should. They are in every history book,”

“No, I mean here. Mr. Crux, he is Landeena,”

“Yes, but he doesn’t hold the name, nor is he an heir to the throne. He was an illegitimate child to Garret’s brother,”

“But a Landeena Nonetheless,” she states.

“Yes, but Garret’s brother was never blessed the way Garret was. Only the firstborn of each bloodline. Crux doesn’t carry the name because he didn’t inherit the power that came with it,” I explain, not that I had time. We needed to leave and preferably before the goons, they call security downstairs to wake up.

Unable to wait for her to choose, I walk over to her, pushing her aside and grabbing her kid. She shrieks before attacking me as if she thought I was going to hurt him.

“You want your son, you get dressed and follow. I’m leaving for the castle, so come or don’t, but your son is coming with me,” I tell her, knowing she would follow if not for herself but for him. She glances around the room, reaching for her son, but I pull away before leaning into his crib and grabbing his bottle and blanket.

“Just get changed, everything else you need I can have arranged,” I tell her, and she makes haste, throwing on a jumper and jeans before stuffing a bag full of Baby stuff.

“Please,” she says, holding her hands out for her son. I pass him to her.

“Stick close,” I tell her, opening the door and walking when I feel her little hands grip the back of my shirt. I reach down, grabbing her hand and holding it before hurrying to the stairs leading down.

The moment we step onto them, gunfire rings out and I shove her back behind the wall when I am hit in the back of the shoulder.

“Stay! And keep down,” I growl before my clothes shred as I shift, jumping the down the steps and attacking when the Mind link opens up.

“We heard shots,” Dustin says.

“Get Liam’s crazy a*s in here,” I tell him, slashing my claws across the throat of one man. Blood sprays across the walls when I am shot from behind in the hip and I rush through the closest door.

“Liam!” I scream, knowing I can’t take all of them when I can’t see them all, and they were armed.

I ducked out of the way when the wall was suddenly blasted with gunshots just as I ducked down behind the bed. Bullets rip through the walls, whistling above my head as I ducked down and spray the bed. I growled when I heard him.

“Yoo-hoo, Ladies,” Liam calls from the hallway and I lift my head. Half the wall was blown out and I could see around four or five men in the hall holding guns through the gaps.

“Get out of here, you’ll be refunded,” one of the security guards says.

“But I’m not here for the girls,” I hear him tell them. It almost sounded as if he was pouting and they point their guns in his direction. I get to my hands and knees, waiting for the one I could see closest to the door to turn all the way. What the f**k was Liam doing?

“State your business, why are you here?” a gruff voice replies.

“For you of course,” Liam laughs when I see the man closest to the door suddenly fall, a knife embedded in his throat and all h**l breaks loose, despite that Liam cackled while I rushed at them crashing through the wall and tackling another one.

“She’s upstairs, Dustin,” I call, punching the man as Dustin blurs past me as he jumped clean over me. Gripping the man’s head between my hands, I twist, snapping his neck before turning and pouncing on another one.

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