His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 198

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 198 – “Nope! Every drink you drink, I drink then,” I tell him, and he snarls, his canines slipping out.

“And according to my calculations, it will take your entire bar for me to catch up with what you’ve drunk in the last week,” I tell him.

“Azalea Ivy-Rose Landeena, give me the d**n bottle!” Kyson scolded me like I was a d**n child.

“Make me!” I tell him, s********g more, only to find it didn’t b**n this time. Maybe I scorched my throat and tongue so badly that it k****d the nerves? Nevertheless, the more I drank of it, the easier it went down until it was like drinking water. Hitting the quarter mark as Kyson said, the room swayed a little. My belly felt queasy, and I felt ridiculously hot. Moving toward the window, I had to open it. The fire made me feel like I was overheating.

Only the movement wasn’t in my best interest, as I stumbled, feeling like my body was weighed down by lead metal.

“What is this stuff?” I tried to ask, but even my words slurred.

“Sunset Rum, and it is 85% alcohol. You usually mix it. You’re lucky to be standing still with how much you have drunk. If you weren’t Lycan, you would be on the floor,” Kyson growls at me, reaching for the bottle. I pulled it back.

“Well, on the floor I go,” I tell him while drinking some more when he snatches it from me as I sway backward. I hadn’t even realized I was falling until he caught me around the waist.

“No more!” he growls, n*****g at my neck.

“I don’t like it when you drink!” I slurred.

“And I don’t like you drinking!” he snaps back before sighing. “Fine, I won’t drink, but you don’t either. That was stupid,” he says, placing the bottle on the bar before scooping me up. I couldn’t feel my face or my tongue as I tried to feel it between my teeth.

“Azalea, you’ll bite your tongue off!” Kyson snaps, jamming his fingers in my mouth.

“What?” I tried to speak around his finger invading my mouth, and he growled before he jumped.

Kyson hisses and s***s on his index finger that was bleeding, and I wondered what happened to him until I saw my teeth marks.

“I did that?”

“You think,” he says, shaking his head before moving toward the bed. He laid me down, and I felt so heavy. How could anyone like feeling like this? It was so off-putting. Kyson moves away.

“Kyson,” I slurred, trying to roll my head, which felt like a bowling ball.

“I’m chucking another log on fire,” I watched him, waiting for him to sneak to his bar. Surprisingly, he doesn’t, instead climbs back in bed, and I retrieve the book. He drags my d**d-weight body on top of him before opening it.

“Don’t do that again,” he whispers, kissing my head. My eyeballs felt heavy as I tried to stay awake while he read, but darkness swallowed me after a few minutes.

The following morning, I was woken by the mind-link. Damian was trying to wake Kyson, and my head pounded. Groggily sitting up, I find Kyson d**d to the world when I hear a knock on the door. Dragging myself from bed, I answer the door.

Trey stood on the other side, and I blinked up at him.

“What’s wrong?” I asked before mind-linking Damian.

“Damian, stop; I am up. I will wake him but stop yelling,” I tell him.

“I’m not yelling, wake him, I am downstairs, and we have an issue,” he mind-links back. I focus back on Trey.

He sniffs me. “You’ve been drinking?” he asks.

“Stupidly, yes, help me wake Kyson. Damian was mind-linking.” I tell him, pushing the door open wider and letting him in. Trey moves to the bed and shakes Kyson while I retrieve my robe when Trey shrieks.

Glancing at him, my eyes widen when Kyson hugs him, crushing Trey against him before Trey pushes off him.

“Stop, Azzy,” Kyson mumbles. I laugh when Kyson suddenly sniffs his hair and growls. His eyes fly open, and Trey goes flying as panic courses through the bond as he lurches upright. His eyes go to me, and he lets out a breath, noticing I am fine, before glaring at Trey.

“Why the f**k were you in my bed?” Kyson snapped, rubbing his eyes.

“I was waking you, not climbing in the b****y bed with you,” Trey growls, getting to his feet. He shakes his head, muttering about Alpha King’s being idiots. Kyson glares at his retreating body.

“What’s going on?”

“Damian needs you downstairs,” I tell him.

“He is back?” Kyson asks, scrubbing a hand down his face.

“You were drinking?” Kyson shakes his head.

“No, you did enough of that to affect my d**n bond, so thanks for the headache,” Kyson says. Getting to his feet. He grabs a shirt, pulling it on before walking over to me. He kisses my head before grabbing the rope and tying it together.

“Are you coming?”

“I’m allowed? I thought I would have to fight you to go down there.”

“You wouldn’t win,” he chuckles.


“Mm,” he says, grabbing my hand.

“I reckon I could take you,”

“I reckon you could try,” he laughs, leading me out of the room. He kisses the back of my hand before leading me downstairs.

He yawns before shaking his head. “I was actually having a good sleep until Trey climbed in my d**n bed to snuggle with me,” he growls at the last part.

“I did no such thing, and you’re a terrible hugger,”

“Azalea doesn’t mind,”

“Yeah, probably because you didn’t crush her in your armpit as you did to me,” Trey retorts. I chuckle as they bicker when we hear a commotion outside.

I could see cars lined up when I heard Damian arguing with someone to get out of the car.

Stepping outside, I saw Damian arguing with someone, yet the door was blocking my view of them.

“B****y h**l, woman, how many times do I gotta tell you, I am the King’s beta. I live here. What do you think? I would bring you here if I didn’t?” Damian snaps when I hear a child start crying.

“Great, now you woke him,” Damian says, standing upright, and I notice the toddler in his arms.

“Give him here. Give me my son!”

“No, you want him. Get out of the d**n car!”

“Man, they have done nothing but b***h and fight the entire way back,” Liam g****s.

“Fine, but if your King abuses me for trespassing. You bet your d**n a*s I will whoop his,” the feisty woman snaps.

“Good, whoop his a*s. He is right behind you. Let’s see what you got, short stuff!” Damian says. “I would love to see it,” Damian snaps at her. The woman turned around so fast I was surprised she didn’t get whiplash, though I did as I gasped and rocked back on my heels.

“What is going on?” Kyson growls. Damian scrubs a hand down his face, looking exhausted or defeated. I wasn’t sure.

“Kyson, this Tandi, Tandi, his royal highness the King Kyson, you know the one you want to beat?” Damian mocks. Yet my eyes were pinned to the woman, and her eyes were also on me, her mouth opening and closing like a fish.

“Taylor?” I choked.

“Ivy?” she stammers.

“Taylor?” Damian says, taken aback, but my feet were already moving as I raced to her.

“Oh, my gosh, it’s really you,” I shriek, throwing my arms around her.

“What are you doing here?” Taylor cries, clutching me. She started crying, and I couldn’t contain my tears either.

“Wait, what about Abbie?” she says, holding me at arm’s length.

“She is here; I can’t believe you’re alive,” I cried, clutching her face in my hands.

“Hang on, what is going on? Who is Taylor?” Damian says, and I look at Taylor.

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