His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 200

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 200 – “Who is this little one?” Tandi asks while reaching out and gripping Tyson’s little fingers as Abbie holds him. I swallowed; watching as they speak of their children left me suddenly feeling out of place when l felt the heat of Kyson’s chest press against my back before feeling his breath on the back of my neck.

“One day, my love,” he says and I nod at his words and instinctively my hands went to where my hands once held my bump. Instead they held only my flat covered stomach.

His arms circle my waist, his hands sliding over the backs of my hands as he laced his fingers through mine and I let out a breath, looking up at him as he leans down and rests his chin on my shoulder. He pecks my cheek, and I turn my attention away from them to Damian, who is watching his newfound mate worriedly. I focus on him, not wanting to see them bond over their babies while my arms lay empty. I was happy for them, ecstatic that she was alive, yet my loss was too fresh to jump on board with gushing baby talk.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Damian, who snaps himself out of his thoughts, to look at me.

“Gannon, Abbie, take Tandi to my quarters and help her settle in, please. I need a word with the King and Queen,” Damian says, and Tandi’s head whips to the side to stare at me. Her eyes widen when recognition hits her at what Damian called me.

“Azalea, Queen Azalea Landeena, I knew I heard that name,” she exclaimed.

“You have heard of the Landeena’s?” I asked her, shocked, because I knew she couldn’t read like us unless she had since learned.

“Yes, of course,” she says when Kyson huffs behind me. “Everyone has. It is in every history book, love. You and Abbie were the only ones oblivious to who they were, who you are.” he purrs beside my ear when Tandi speaks up while shaking her head.

“No, I can’t read. No, I heard about it at the b*****l when hunters come in sometimes. Amazing the things you hear when you aren’t supposed to be listening,” she says blowing out a breath.

“Hunters?” Kyson asks her lifting his head to look at her.

“Yeah, the ones that work for the council, Larkin, introduced me to a couple of them, they creeped me out,”

“You know Larkin,” Kyson asks her.

“Yes, she does, and that is what I need to speak with you both about. Because I just stole his son,” Damian says behind me. Kyson straightens, and I look at Tandi’s son in her arms, knowing this was going to cause issues, yet I was still stuck on the hunters working with the council, and clearly, that was Kyson’s thoughts as well.

“You said the hunters work with the council?” Kyson asks Tandi. She nods her head and shrugs.

“Yeah, I have seen them a few times. Larkin and Crux seem pretty buddy, buddy with them. They hold meetings at the b*****l. They all wear patches and call themselves the rebels.” her brows furrow as if she is thinking hard, trying to remember some detail.

“Mr Crux holds the meetings. He has worked with them for years, and they have meetings yearly for some blood ceremony or some c**p. B****y freaks always drinking each other’s blood from a cup, and they call me diseased since I am rogue, those fuckers sitting around drinking blood as if they think they are bloodsuckers,” she says with a swift shake of her head.

“Did you say blood?” I ask a little shocked by her words. Why would the hunter be drinking blood? Tandi nods. “Yep, like clockwork. Every February 1st day of the month is the annual meeting. They talk s**t and spout changes within the council. Dawning their stupid insignia’s about how Crux will take over once the royals are d**d.” she says with a shrug as if we should know this already.

Turning my head, I lRead His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 19 On Alaniniz.Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 19 On Alaniniz.ook up at Kyson, confused, but I had a feeling they weren’t drinking each other’s blood but Kyson’s. By the look on his face, he had drawn the same conclusion.

“Dustin has some documents you will want to see, too. We got Alpha Brock and Dean. They have been trafficking rogues for years,” Damian says before turning to look at Gannon, who walks over to escort Abbie and Tandi inside the castle.

I wanted to go with them, but now I had more pressing matters that I refused to be left out of and for once, Kyson let me join him, grabbing my hand and leading us back inside toward his office. Even so, as Damian scrambled up the two measly stairs, he hissed, grasping his side, and Kyson reached out to steady him as he hissed clearly in pain.

“I’m fine, b******s shot me. Got this one out but still have a bullet lodged in my shoulder, but f**k, it still kills,” Damian g****s.

“Why didn’t you let Liam dig it out?” he asks, and Damian glares at him in response.

“No way is that fool coming near me with a knife,” Damian g****s again as Liam flies past, gripping his shoulder, causing Damian to growl as his back arches in pain.

“He is just upset I tried out his mate for him,” Liam taunts and my eyes widen. As Damian swings at him, Kyson steps in his path and absorbs the brunt of what Damian hurls at him and narrowly misses Liam.

“Liam, go!” Kyson orders and Liam quickly saunters off, chuckling to himself as he does so.

“Permission to k**l the b*****d,” Damian growls.

“Permission denied, come on let’s get you cleaned up, and I will deal with Liam later,” Kyson says, helping haul Damian toward the office.

Azzy, are you coming with us or are you going to see your friend?” Kyson asks over his shoulder. I rush ahead and open the office door.

“I’m coming with you,” I answer, and he nods and assists Damian inside.

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