His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 201

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 201 – We had a serious problem on our hands. Damian had kidnapped a council elder’s child.

“Larkin will come looking for his son. Tandi told me he stops by every weekend to see him, that’s if word of us taking her hasn’t already got out,” Damian says.

“I will deal with Larkin. From the files it looks like he isn’t a part of this. Crux definitely, but I can’t find Larkin’s name on any of the documents,” Kyson tells Damian.

Yet despite that, the council now had some answering to do. What were these secret meetings held for? And now it was obvious that the council had something to do with the children and women that kept being found. Kyson now had enough reason to launch an investigation into the council elders themselves.

“So, if the council is trafficking rogues with Alpha Brock, what has that got to do with the hunters?” Damian asks, just as perplexed by this information and of all the people. Why would the council share the King’s blood with those responsible for hunting down their own kind?

“I don’t know. It makes no sense. That was the entire point of the council. To not only keep the packs in line, but so we could be united against the hunters,” Kyson answers.

“Tandi told me they k****d her daughter when she tried to run. Alpha Brock k****d his own daughter, d*****d her in front of Tandi. I want to go over the rogue children later to see if I can match any of the children to her daughter,” Damian tells us.

Kyson nods to him and I feel my heart break for Tandi. I couldn’t imagine watching something so horrific.

“So, you think that is how they kept the rogues they trafficked in line? They used their children. But how does that explain the women we have found?” I ask and my brows furrow, remembering all the trafficked rogue women Kyson had on his computer.

“Probably didn’t come quietly, so they k****d them,” Damian offers, wiping a hand down his face.

I listened to them discuss everything and Gannon came to join them along with Liam, who Damian seemed to get along with for the most part. Yet I noticed Gannon remained between them both as they went over everything they knew. Yet Tandi’s words kept replaying in my head. Talking about how ‘Crux would take over once the royals are d**d, Crux technically had Landeena blood.

Hearing a knock on the door, I glance at it to see Kyson get up and answer it. When he opens the door, I notice it’s Dustin. Before I even registered what I was doing, it was so flippant I didn’t realize how easy it had become.

“I release you from my command,” I said before waving my hand at him to come in, still lost in my troubled thoughts of Tandi’s words. Had he not crushed me in his hug, I would not have recognized I even released him.

“Thank g*d! Do you have any idea how annoying it is not being able to touch you?” Dustin growled as he crashed on top of me. I let out a breath and hushed him back when Kyson cleared his throat.

“G*y or not, get off my mate! Azzy,” Kyson growls, wiggling his fingers at me to come to him. I roll my eyes, feeling his jealousy b**n hot through the bond. Dustin chuckles but climbs off me where I was pinned beneath him on the armchair. He kisses my forehead but lets me stand, and I wander over to Kyson, who sat at his desk. He swivels in his chair before pulling me on his lap.

Dustin had moved to Liam’s side, and both had their heads bow down going over the documents Dustin bought with him that he gave to Gannon earlier.

“You’ve been quiet,” Kyson murmurs next to my ear. I had been, my mind stuck on one thing Tandi said, but there was something that didn’t make sense. The only part of the entire thing, and that was Claire, Kyson’s sister.

“What are you thinking?” Kyson purrs, tucking me closer to him as I stared at the Kingdoms on the map. More importantly, my parents’ kingdom.

“I want to go home,” I tell him and everyone in the room falls silent to look at me.

“You are home,” Kyson growls as worry bleeds into the bond, but I shake my head. Something was pulling me to go back to where it started, as if it would somehow make sense if I did.

“The answer is at home. I know we are missing something.” I told him.

“There is nothing there for you anymore, Azalea,”

“You’re wrong. My family’s history is there. My history is there.” I tell him, turning on his lap to look at him.

“It’s out of the question. Do you have any idea how much work goes into rebuilding a kingdom? Getting the security and everything sorted? I can’t leave here, Azalea,” he snaps, clearly not wanting to debate this.

“I don’t mean to live there, Kyson. But the answers are there. We are missing something, so much doesn’t make sense. Crux’s involvement doesn’t make sense.”

“Yes, and as Damian and I were discussing earlier, we will go to the council and present our case. At the very least, we need to make sure Tandi’s son is kept with her, and Brock’s pack is dismantled. At least then we can find out what Crux’s involvement with the hunters is. There has to be a reason or Tandi is wrong, and they were newer council members. The council was built to protect the werewolf and Lycan way of life. They are bound to pact they swore too,” Kyson explains.

“When did you take over the council?” I ask.

“After your parents were k****d. The council went to the next in line Kingdom, or the next kingdom of reigning power,” but see that is where I was struggling to keep up. If the council is bound to their holder, why would Marrissa k**l Claire? She worked for the hunters, or supposedly did.


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