His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 203

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 203 – Upon entering the room, I find him sitting on the floor at the side of his bed, holding a picture of his sister in his hands as he stares into the distance. Taking a look at the guard that followed, I shook my head before closing the door and turning around and approaching him.

His anger had forced him to shift, yet now all I felt through the bond was immense sadness. Soul-crushing pain coursed through the bond and inward pent-up rage. All my anger over our tiff left when l looked at him. His eyes are fixed on me for a moment before he looks down at the photo in his hands.

“This picture was taken a week before she was k****d,” he murmurs as I make my way over to him. I stop beside him when he opens his arms, and I move to sit on his lap.

“She was going to name her son after our father. They decided on Valor. That was my father’s name,” Kyson tells me, and I take the photo from his hands and look at it.

“You and Claire were close,” I state, and he nods, burying his face in my neck and inhaling my scent.

“She was my best friend. And I couldn’t save her,” he says, and I feel his pain ripple through my chest.

“When I returned home, Clarice asked where she was. Said she hadn’t seen her all day, and her quarters were locked. I had a master key, and I figured she was asleep when she didn’t answer the mind link.” Kyson tells me.

“You found her, didn’t you?” I ask him.

“Yes. She didn’t come down for dinner, so I used the key to get in. I wish I could erase that day from my mind, but no matter how much I try to, I can only remember how I found her,” Kyson says while wrapping his arms around my chest.

“She was only a week out from giving birth. I saw her that morning, and she insisted I go. Claire refused to come with me and refused my offer to stay. Said she had something to take care of,” Kyson tells me, and I s*****w, feeling as if a lump had formed and was caught in my throat.

“She was still in her pyjamas as if she went back to bed after I left. Her mate was d**d beside her, his throat was cut, and a dagger was in his chest.” I could feel the pain it was causing him to tell me this.

I could feel was like he wasn’t speaking the words but reliving the day that destroyed him most

“Claire, I could tell she fought. She had stab wounds on her hands, one of her fingers was sliced off. Yet it was pointless; she ultimately suffered the same fate as her mate. We found copious amounts of wolfsbane and silver in her blood work from the autopsy report. She had needle marks on her neck and t****s. The wolfsbane weakened her. Yet, it was not enough to k**l her before Valor was cut from her.

I believe she gave up after that. She didn’t care to fight once she lost him. She never even shifted. It was as if she accepted her d***h and no longer wanted to live without her son,” Kyson tells me.

“Kyson, I’m…”

“I should have saved her. I should have been here. I could have saved my nephew. I could have saved our daughter. But I am always late. Always too late.” Kyson says, and I stop.

“Our daughter?” I ask him, my brows furrow. “Another person I failed. The most important of them all, and I wasn’t here,” Kyson says before I feel him shift back to his human form beneath me. He started crying, yet I was caught by his words. Our daughter? I grip his fingers.

“No, I was too early. You don’t know that.”

“I do know that, Azzy. I had Doc check,” he says before reaching into the bedside drawer. He pulls out a leather box and sits it on my lap. I shake my head, not wanting to open it. I could feel its weight, and it was too big to be a jewellery box. My hands shook as I opened it to find a tiny, pink tedd bear urn. It was a little bigger than my hand.

“I had her cremated. I didn’t want her little body rotting in a box for the worms to eat,” Kyson tells me as I stared at the box that contained what should have been our future.

Kyson pulls it out, holding it in his hand before unwinding the chain that is wrapped around the bear’s throat. It held a crystal. He placed the teddy in my hand, and I felt my heart become crushed to smithereens all over again. Kyson sweeps my hair to the side before kissing my neck and placing the chain around my neck. I pick up the cerulean blue stone and gaze at it. “Same color as your eyes,” he whispers as he does up the clasp.

“I had some of her ashes placed inside, so she would always be with us. Wherever we went, she would always be a part of us. I wanted to give it to you when I brought her home, but I didn’t want to upset you” Kyson murmurs as I brush my thumb over the face of the teddy. I nod because it is all I can do, words failing me. Yet I could feel his heartache as if he screamed it at our loss.

“I won’t fail you again. So if you want to go home, I will take you. I’m sorry I yelled at you. You have no idea how hard it is to believe one thing for years, only to find out I was chasing a ghost all that time,” Kyson whispers while tugging me closer. Kyson buries his face in my neck and n**s at my jaw while tears p***k my eyes.

“She didn’t do it,” I whisper.

“I’m starting to believe you are right. I believe I have spent the last decade chasing a phantom,” Kyson says.

“But if I am right, Kyson. That means someone on your guard or personnel did it,” I tell him, and he nods against my shoulder.

“And if you are wrong?” he asks in return.

“Then I will drop it. But I need to be sure. I know Marrissa could have panicked and did it. I am not ruling that out, but with the evidence, it doesn’t make sense why she would wait so long.”

“Because she wasn’t in the castle. She was a gardener and a stable hand before that. She had no access to my sister or me,” Kyson says, and I chew my lip. Now I was questioning everything again, yet the pull to find answers was more vital than ever. But how did Marrissa tie into everything? Because if she was part of it, why would she sacrifice herself to save me?

I turn on his lap so I can face him, and Kyson grips my face in his hands when I stare down at the small urn in my hands. “Thank you,” I whisper when he tilts my face back up to his. He lets out a breath before pressing his forehead against mine.

“All is not lost as long as we have each other,” he says, pressing his lips to my forehead.

“Come on. We should make arrangements to leave and prepare for the council. I have no doubt that they will be on our doorstep soon. I want to be prepared for when they get here. I don’t want to be surprised again,” Kyson tells me.

“And what of Larkin? Will Damian punished?”

“No, because I am going to show you how to use that voice of yours,”

“How? They have your blood in their system, and what I just command them to accept that Tandi is to remain here and for him to forget his son?” I ask.

“Well, first you learn how to command me, then once you have mastered that, you show the council who the ruling family is, who you are,” Kyson tells me.

“You’re going to let me command you?” I laugh, trying to picture him kissing my feet or quacking like a duck.

“Well, when you say it like that, I am not so sure I want you commanding me,” he chuckles.

“I think I like the sound of making you my b***h,” I laugh and he growls, snapping his gnashing his teeth at me.

“We’ll see, but first, I want to shower, then I need to feed you. In case you are right, I don’t want you accepting help from anyone of my guard, only Trey and the Landeena guard or me.”

“And Abbie?”

“Yes, and Abbie, just until we know who can be trusted,” Kyson says, and I nod when he stands abruptly. I clutch the bear tighter, wrapping my legs around his waist and gripping his shoulder with my free hand.

“Come, my Queen. We have a kingdom to rise from the d**d,”

“And council to b**n the ground,” I tell him, and he growls.

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