His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 204

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 204 – For the first time in ages, I woke feeling wide awake. Kyson was asleep beside me, his breath moving across the back of my neck where his face was buried in my hair. The room was still a little dark, though. The sun must be rising because some light filtered into the room through the gaps in the closed drapes. But it must be only early, though, because I couldn’t hear any workers tending to the stables or yards.

Moving under the blankets, Kyson’s heavy arm draped over my waist tucks me closer, rolling me over to face him. “Where are you sneaking off to?” he purred with closed eyes. He snuggles closer.

“Nowhere. I just woke,” I tell him, and he yawns, nodding his head before kissing my collarbone.

“I don’t want to get up yet,” he mumbles before skimming his nose across the column of my throat and forcing me to tilt my head back as he scented my skin, his whiskers tickling as he n*ps at my neck. His calling slips out as he kisses and s*cks the skin.

“Kyson, we have things to do today,” I tell him, and he n*ps at my jaw.

“The only thing I want to do is you,” he says, and I roll my eyes and he rubs his stubble across my skin, making me cringe.

“I thought you were going to teach me to command you,” I ask him and he hums before moving and pushing me back onto the bed and looming over me. He presses his knees between my th*ghs before climbing between them and settling his weight above me.

“Command me to stop then,” he laughs before nibbling my lips, and I chuckle at his playfulness. It reminded me of when I first met him. It also made me realize how much I missed that person, yet so much had happened since then. We had both changed. Our relationship had changed. It seemed so long ago and so much simpler back then.

“You’re meant to be commanding me,” he growls, n*****g my lips before kissing me. My lips tingle as the bond flares to life.

“No?” he purrs, nibbling on my bottom lip before his tongue pushes between them. His scent overwhelms me, and l kiss him back. Our tongues tangled as he fought for dominance, tasting every inch of my mouth.

“You’re meant to be commanding me, Azzy,” he laughs against my lips, making me realize I was getting carried away by the feelings he was invoking.

“Stop,” I laugh as he attacks my neck with lips, his stubble tickling. “Real convincing,” he chuckles while moving lower before growling when the shirt l am wearing gets in the way of his traveling lips.

Kyson rocks his hips against me, his hand moving down my side to grip the hem of my shirt. He pushes it up, his hands leaving goosebumps along my flesh as he pushes the shirt up, and sit up a little, letting him peel it off. He tosses it aside before growling when he dips his head down, s*cking my n*p*le into his mouth, and I grip his hair, tugging his head back.

“Stop!” I command, and his eyes flash black, and I smile as my command comes out, thinking it worked when he smirks. “Make me,” he purrs, and I huff.

“Why doesn’t it work on you?” I growl, knowing I used it.

“Because you don’t want to hurt me for one. Also because you don’t really want me to stop,” he laughs, biting down on the hardened bud. I hiss and grip his hair j*rking his head back.

“That hurt!” I growl at him, and he gnashes his teeth at me before pecking my lips, and my lips part as l kiss him back before biting his lip hard. He growls, j*rking back.

“See! B*oody hurts,” I chuckle before sitting up on my elbows. He watches me pulling away briefly before sighing when I run my tongue across his bottom lip, sealing the bite mark I left when he laughs, gripping the back of my neck. He kissed me harder, deeper. His tongue invades my mouth and steals my breath before he shoves me back on the bed. I wrap my legs around his waist as he rocks his hips against me and his er*ction.

His lips move south, teasing my flesh, and sl*ck dampens my th*ghs as desire courses through me, making my skin heat and my breathing grows harsher as he moves lower while unwrapping my legs from around his waist and settling between my th*ghs. His breath sweeps over my core, making me shiver, and my hips lift invitingly before his tongue flattens, moving across my wet p*ssy, making me groan and grip his hair as he runs his tongue between my folds before s*cking hard on my cl*t.

I m*an as lightning heat rushes through every nerve ending and makes my toes curl. He growls, making me look down at him to find his onyx eyes watching me when he sits up on one elbow, and I glare at him for teasing me.

“Ah, what are you doing? I didn’t say stop,” I whine at him, and in return, he gives me a seductive smile before leaning down and breathing his warm breath against my lower lips. He smiles before s*cking the inside of my th*gh, and my hips bump against his face.

“Kyson!” I growl, and he laughs before dipping his face between my legs only to let his warm breath tickle my skin. lyrics sit up on my elbows and glare down at him.

“Kyson, I swear to g*d, if you leave me like this, I will …”

“Order me!” he growls, running his tongue over my lower lips again, and l drop back onto the bed only for him to stop and his words finally register. My face heats up, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t demand such a thing! Kyson chuckles before lifting my legs over his shoulders and dragging me closer, yet his lips teased my th*ghs and everywhere else but where I wanted them.

“Kyson!” I snarled.

“Yes, my Queen,” he laughs, brushing his stubble across my th*ghs before n*****g at my cl*t with his teeth and making me groan. He s*cks on it, and sigh, melting against the soft mattress as he s*cks and l*cks my flesh, turning me into a writhing mess as I climbed higher and closer to my climax. My skin pr*ckled with heat, and I moved hips against his face.

His tongue dipped inside me before he l*cked every crease and every inch in slow, teasing strokes. My walls flutter, and my cl*t pulsates as I get lost in the feeling, only for him to stop. My eyes opened, and I could feel his amus*ment at my frustration when love growled at him, staring at the ceiling.


“Yes? What is it?” he purrs, blowing on my heated flesh.

“You know what!”

“I don’t think I do,” he laughs. I clamp my knees on either side of his head. He laughs, gripping my knees and pulling my legs apart.

“You could always command me,” he says, but I don’t think I could speak such vulgar words. It is one thing wanting something, another demanding it.

“No,” I whine, mortified when I glance down at him. His eyes glaze over when someone goes to open the door. My heart lurched in my chest, knowing what they would see, and I squirmed, yet Kyson held my th*ghs and my eyes widened in h****r. Does he not hear the door?

“Shut the door!” I command in a panic. No way did I want to get caught in this position.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Kyson chuckles, and I glare at him.

“Who was that?” I demand.

“Dustin. Though you probably would have scarred him for life if he walked in, good thing you commanded him,” Kyson chuckles, and I glare at him, but he smiles before looking down between my legs.

“Hmm, what to do?” He purrs, gripping my th*ghs and pulling my legs further apart.

“F*cking eat it, is what!” I snapped at him, becoming annoyed.

“Hmm, someone is cranky when she doesn’t get her way. Though love, l would be more careful when throwing words out like that. What if I bit you or actually ate it?” he said, and my eyes widened in h****r. He was right. Thank g*d I didn’t command that one.

“Well, there is one way to k*ll the mood,” I tell him when his calling slips out with the force of a freight train, making my hips buck against his face, and sl*ck drenches my th*ghs as l m*an as he awakens the bond, forcing it back and amplifying my desire ten- fold.

“Kyson,” I whined, my voice a breathy m*an when he still does nothing but uses his calling on me. He chuckles before his tongue returns to his teasing and draws me closer, only to stop again. I grip his hair, j*rking his head back.

“DON’T STOP!” I growl at him, feeling my aura slip out, and he smirks before I let him go, and his tongue moves back between folds before he s*cks on my cl*t, and my eyes open. Wait, I just commanded him.

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