His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 205

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 205 – Kyson chuckles, pushing my leg higher before forcing his tongue inside me before trailing it back up and fl*cking over my cl*t, making me m*an. I roll my hips against this face, and he growls, pinning my legs to the bed while his tongue swirls around my cl*t and my stomach tenses. My back arches as he continues his *ssault on my cl*t, s*cking it hard into his mouth, and shoving me into bliss as I peaked and fell blindly. My vision goes white as I ride out my org*sm, my stomach fluttering and my inner walls clenching. I fall against the bed in a breathless heap.

Yet he doesn’t stop. I squirm as he laps at my oversensitive cl*t, the sensations were becoming too much when I realized I told him not to stop. My eyes widen, and I push up the bed, only for him to grip my hips and drag me back.

“Kyson!” I hiss before m*aning when he s*cks on my lower lips. He laughs yet doesn’t stop because he couldn’t.

“Kyson!” I m*an, my hips j*rking away from him, only to drag me back.

“Stop. Stop. Stop.” I pleaded, unable to take anymore. I wanted to go back to sleep. “Kyson, Stop!” I m*aned, clenching my eyes shut, and he did and I let out a breath.

“That is why I said be careful with your words, though I would have happily stayed down there forever” he laughs before kissing my sensitive skin.

I laid back on the bed, and Kyson crawled up the bed towards me. He hovered above me for a second, dipping his head and kissing me. He forces his tongue into my mouth, making me taste myself on his lips.

I felt the way that my skin came alive under his kiss, and I wanted more. Those kisses trailed down towards my br*asts, circling around my n*pples.

My br*asts had never felt so sensitive before. The fl*ck of his tongue against my n*pple made me shudder. His teasing kisses moved higher to my collarbone and neck, and he s*cked on my mark making tingles spread all over as he settled his weight between my legs.

I saw the desire that was flaring up in them. I saw how much he wanted me and wondered if he could see how much I wanted him. The soft way that his lips touched me made me shudder and long for more. Yet fear also lingered, though I had nothing to fear with Kyson.

It started with a kiss. Then another, leaving me breathless when he pulled back and looked down at me. “What’s wrong?” He asks but I shake my head. Nothing was I was being silly, yet last time s*x led to a baby. A baby we lost.

Kyson kisses me gently before I watch him sit up on his elbows, and he sighs. “Azalea?” he murmurs and I knew he could feel my indecision through the bond and my hand trembled as I tried to push his shorts down, knowing he wanted this which made me feel guilty that I thought to deny him.

I could feel the outline of his hard c*ck straining against the fabric. I knew what to expect, yet his hand gripped mine, stopping me.

“No. Not unless you tell me why your mood shifted?” He said.

“It’s fine,” I replied, hearing how small my voice sounded when I spoke.

“I want you to be sure,” he said, cupping my face in his hand.

“I’m sure,” I said.

“And I don’t believe you,” he growls, leaning down and n*pping at my lips.

He leaned forward, looming over me and looking at me, concern etched into his face. He watched me then looked down his body to where his c*ck was inches away from my p*ssy. I felt how my p*ssy twitched with the need for him as the bond flared, feeling his body pressed against mine. It was frightening to have my body control me like that, but there was something very freeing about it, too.

He kissed my cheek, though, attentive to how I was feeling.

“We don’t have to, Azzy,” He said softly, feeling my worry, but he had it wrong. I wasn’t worried about having s*x with him. I was worried about getting pregnant. I knew I wasn’t ready for that again.

“No, I want to,” I tell him before pulling my lip between my teeth.

“You don’t want me to knot you?” he says. My face heats, and I look away but also nod. Yet Kyson doesn’t seem mad. The feeling through the bond was understanding.

“We can use protection, or we can wait. It’s up to you,” he says, kissing my cheek.

I nodded, surprised a little by how gentle and understanding he was. He rocked his hips against me, and l gasped. Gosh, how I wanted him, and I could feel he needed this, needed some connection.

My hand moves to his hip, and I push down on the waistband of his pants.

“Azzy?” He purrs.

“We can use protection,” I tell him, and he smiled playfully, his eyes flashing black with excitement. “Really?” I nod, biting my lip and he pecks my lips before moving and reaching into the drawer beside the bed. I watch as he tears the condom between his teeth before pushing his pants down and slips it on before he settles back between my legs.

I wrap my arms around his neck, tugging him closer so I can kiss him, and he obliges, smiling against my lips as he kisses me back. I wanted this, wanted him.

When the tip of his c*ck first touched my entrance, I felt a shudder of pleasure return through my body, removing the tension I felt moments ago.

I felt his shaft slip inside me, inch after inch, moving inside and filling me, stretching me around his thick girth. Every little movement that he made sent shudders of pleasure through me.

My body had never felt that sensitive before, and it was overwhelming.

I relaxed and let my body take the lead kissing his chest; Kyson let his calling slip out, knowing what I wanted. I felt a kind of euphoria wash over me, and a calmness at his tenderness.

He rocked his hips back and forth. He started out so slowly and so gently at first, but every time that he picked up the pace and went a little harder, I started to m*an louder and cry out. I think he could tell that I was ready to take more, and he f*cked me harder and faster.

With every little increase in pace, I felt my body shudder with pleasure as gave myself over to my senses, gave myself over to him.

Before I knew it, my inner walls clenched tight as an almost violent org*smic eruption rolled through me. I saw stars and m*aned. Still, he kept thrusting in and out of me while kissing me, his lips devouring mine.

His thrusts became harder, brutal as he pounded into me, pushing me through wave after wave.

His movements were hard and fast as he chased his own org*sm. Leaning up, I kissed him harder, m*aning into his mouth while my walls gripped him.

He groaned into my mouth, and I felt him losing control; his eyes darkening impossibly more.

His body trembled as he thrust deep into me a few more times with a jagged and desperate rhythm when l felt his c*ck twitch inside and the base of his c*ck swelled as he came. In m*aned as his knot forced its way inside me before becoming lodged and he stilled, falling heavily on me. I shuddered with aftershocks trying to catch my breath when he rolled, pulling me on top of him. My body was alive in a way it hadn’t been before.

“I love you,” Kyson whispered, kissing my temple as his fingers trailed up my side.

“I love you too,” I told him while turning my face and kissing his chest. For once, it seemed we were in the same place, not separated by command or tension or either of us fighting the bond. Both present and just enjoying each other’s embrace instead of being at war and ruled by angered emotion.

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